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  1. It's actually pretty easy - I have done it before and it goes smoothly. DPS, criticals are easy to deal with (damn easy) so 70% of the weapons can be balanced at the snap of your finger. Only status effects can cause some complexity but even that isn't so bad. Already detailed it in another post so I'm not going to write a complete version here (most likely people aren't exactly interested in it either) but for clarity: If you take the damage on one shot, add the crit dmg and it's probabilty, mutliply it with fire rate, you get a basic dps (yes, status effects come in here too). Now see how m
  2. You are right and wrong. As someone who did game programming, I can assure you, there are tons of things in the game that can be fixed relatively fast - like weapon balance and even a ton of abilities that don't need all that much tweaking. Yes, there are a lot of ideas and assumptions floating around the forums and no way they can do all of those without wasting a ton of time and causing other issues. But things like mentioned balancing (so that not only the newest weapons can be properly used... remember stuff like Spectra, Flux, Acrid and a ton others?) are easy to fix (just statistics, how
  3. People's opinions and what they consider fun obviously differ. I can't speak for others and I'm not trying to, I never said "everyone thinks that:" etc. On the other hand, I can't tear apart myself from the fact that supposedly we are not lab-monkeys... press blue for food huh? I need more than that. Of course you are free to explain how fun that is... all I can do is ask since for me, doing nothing but pressing the same button over and over again is just... that: pressing a single button.
  4. It's not about weakening the player's stuff - it's just about making your abilities truly valuable. Right now you spam them like nothing without any negative effect. That makes the whole thing pretty boring, pressing the same button over and over again without anything else to do. It's fine if your ultimate is so cheap you can spam it - but then it should be weak. You should be able to make it strong enough to clear out rooms even later on - but then it should be costly as hell. Balance is missing from the game and for those (like me) that find it important in a game to provide more entertain
  5. Difficulty Problem is that the idea of challenge seems to be stuck on making an enemy a bag of hp, resistance, high damage attack, possessing annoying abilities you cannot defend against. That is kinda off. The mentioned prosecutors is a "good" example. They are not a challenge at all - they are just annoying since you have to choose a specific weapon. No thinking required. If they were using shields that are immune to a single specific damage type or even shields that are immune to everything except one thing but have a duration (thus you can hurt them properly when it's off) is already
  6. This was taken on Xini and it wasn't a single thing (I have quite a few screenshots but after a time it was less of a fun activity and more of a hussle to "unstuck" them manually - with my pistols). 1 or 2 enemies get all fidgety at the door and can't go through (even if I kill all the other enemies, these won't move, though the door should be clearly enough for them to go through) holding up the others somehow. Doing this every wave wasn't particularly entertaining - especially that I wished for them to die near pod where our nekros resided ready to desecrate. So much for the AI being good a
  7. Well, this is when you feel how powerless we really are. You might have paid a sh*tload of money on the game, be the highest ranking founder but even then, you watch horrified as a company, legendary of it's disaster of a history in this area of games is coming in for your treasure. And Warframe even started as a "lovechild", independent from other companies because DE wanted it to be the way they wanted it to be. It's sad that people that can't see further than their nose hold the most money and power in the world and those with a real brain in their heads can only watch and pray that the
  8. I'm still on the "change the globe" track: along with making frost a frost based frame that actually freezes. I mean his only power that actually freezes enemies is hard to use, overall inefficient, which is bad even in situations where single target freeze would be otherwise nice. Mostly because a frozen enemy does not aquire debuffs (like being brittle thus having a % incoming damage bonus on it from every source, ice breaking on too much damage, shattering, aoe damage, knockdown...) it's more of a hindrance (though the bug element is also strong in this one, enemies becoming invuln
  9. "Frost’s Snowglobe now indicates brief invulnerability window." I'm still find this a bit awkward as this shows that the Snowglobe is considered to be "in-need-of-invulneriblity" to some extent, by DE and by players too. It's easy to see since if it's "just health and armor", you either get a globe that is too powerful on lower levels or one that breaks right away on higher ones. Why not make it into something like this (I know I have written this numerous times but since they haven't said anything about it I'm holding on to that thin hope :D): Winterhail Description: "Frost summons
  10. I'm still kind of surprised that the weapon says "level X venka malicious raptor" even if you don't have that stance on (or in your inventory even). Minor stuff but so basic that it's weird to even see such a thing.
  11. No. Also synapse and mutalist (the new gun) has this issue too.
  12. Most frames do have at least one useful skill but that isn't really good enough - all their skills should be useful. DE mentioned that they are thinking that giving some form of utility use to every skill, damage ones even might be the way to make those useful later on... well, this direction would overall wash all skills together where it wouldn't really matter what u use since it has both damage and utility. On the other hand it's nice for a frame to have different kinds of skills, specialized to damage or utility. Much like Excalibur, as he has: 1st skill, decent damage for a while and
  13. Though it is more than understandable that you need to dish out new content to keep the game going but I must admit I partially agree with the OP title - if nothing else, we have already seen what the results usually are when something truly elemental is neglected for too long. - The weapon balance is a joke, numerous older (and even newer) weapons are weak and inefficient compared to a select few. Balancing them isn't a particularly hard or time consuming job, it is the duty of beta testers to cry when something is obviously out of balance, we did but what pains people is that weapons are
  14. Well, as title says, friend used his boltor prime to shoot my globe but his shots passed right through, me, globe, center, edge, didn't matter, no sound or light effect, no absorbed damage. His pistol and sword had no such trouble though. Notice the lack of shiny golden lights in the path where you can see the tiny little flachette flying towards me (or the missing absorb text since no damage was absorbed). Okay, not the best pic, but you get it.
  15. Latter, Warframe hates you. This happens a ton, with a ton of people. Your best bet is to not rush it, when the next bunch of primes come out, it will be relatively easy to get your stuff. Eventually... I feel for you though, in the past I could barely get the last part of ember prime after nearly a hundred runs (friend got it well over a hundred)... after that I've lost all enthusiasm. I play void missions, if stuff drops I'm happy but otherwise I just don't care anymore. Again, if the current system results such things, it might be high time to open the eyes and fix it. They know about the
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