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  1. Tier 5 Bounty rewards 124 Mother Token, while Steel Path still rewards 113 Mother Token. Are the Mother Tokens supposed to scale with level? If so, what will happen to the Steel Path number in the future?
  2. personally I find the token system to be alright. Yes, some tokens exchange rates are god awful. Examples: Daughter Tokens. Its usually worth getting the bigger packs, because the smaller packs still require a lot of single parts in way too high stack count. Same applies to Son, but even more extreme. (1 token cost me 8 common 5 uncommon/rare tags. yet the 4 tokens sometimes just cost 1 rare, and 2 common tag) With Father its totally worth buying all. but with recent changes to residue spawn-count, it has become less worth/even affordable to buy bigger token packs. The problem is
  3. I very highly believe, this should be higher than MR8.
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