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  1. Oh boi, am I excited to have 15mins per run, and therefore a chance to get the ephermia now. 60+ Runs, didnt get Shocking Step Ephermia. But hey, that squad that brought a Mr3 by accident? Oh yea, thats a sign of SKILL, and therefore a fully deserved drop for the Mr3 The way Ephermia are currently obtainable isn't "skill locked", or "an achievement that shows a players competence." It just shows that you were lucky enough. I know, its just a cosmetic and all that counter-argument people keep saying.. but hear me out. My problem isnt the fact that I didnt get it. My problem is the fact that its not an "achievement". Its just luck. And considering DE said "it will be a sign of having achieved certain things. showing your skill in the game". Make it actually have a certain "requirement".. instead of pure luck.. Its incredibly frustrating to see people just drop it on their 2-3rd run. And then there are people like my Clanmate and I, that did 90-ish runs to get the ephermia.
  2. Still cannot equip Firestorm on Synoid Simulor. 😞
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