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  1. First things first. glad you guys added this now. But I have to speak out about it now too, since it's one of the major reasons I am over WarFrame. New players are absolutely LOST. Info like this (qouted) is IMPORTANT. Whenever a new player arrives, it is incredibly clear how lost they are, how few they know about basics, and whats ahead of them. (and how to get ahead/there) At this point I dont care anymore about endgame, tempestarii, corpus liches (that was the last hype train I boarded.) or even duviri. This game needs its early game FIXED. yes, FIXED, not changed. An introd
  2. try restrained movement ([R] by default), and low sensitivity, for fine adjustments. Switch the axis if required, from global, to local. ([Y] by default) Its not a fix, but it's the best thing I found for very small adjustments.
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