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  1. Why would I sacrifice the ones i put forma and potatoes when i can just farm a new set and feed that one instead?
  2. the mystery decoration was a statue of one the mechs from the open infested world
  3. I feel like stupid drama will be brought up when the prime comes out
  4. So got to thinking and what if open world is alot more vertical than a big plain? We got aerial bosses in the leaks and every open world has a modular system so modular archwings are probably going to show up.
  5. You're not going to miss out on much tho, a gylph and a mystery decoration(that could just be a random thing that's already in the game), the new weapon which will be available via baro or the deimos content later, hydroid prime which shouldn't be hard to get your hands on in game right now.
  6. Are your pets full blown dying in missions you take them in?
  7. Well these leaks that are being mentioned in this thread popped up on reddit and now it looks likely to be infested world, at least the from what the gylphs show we got interesting world bosses, lets hope they have good rewards
  8. Warframe hub is by the Warframe Community Developers and they're description : Tenno who provide developed tools that people can use for their own projects or gameplay without infringing on aspects of Warframe. Not affiliated with DE.
  9. The worldstate traker thing is from a datamine and alot of stuff can show up in the datamines that never come to fruition, remember when warframe rivens were discovered. Although i haven't heard anything about glyphs and ores tho
  10. seeing a quite a few theories and vids that suggest that Deimos will be a infested open world. Who actually believes this to be the case? I find highly unlikely since well what evidence supporting it is the most flimsy I've seen and it just doesn't fit in with what has happened for this with other projects that happened and transition to work at home makes another open world releasing next week impossible
  11. Always bet the Tuesday next week everytime time there's a cert that starts early in the week
  12. Just realised the op is the same guy who made the excat same thread before. I'll just put down what i said last time. "Okay saw this thread and was curious what is the MR 9 even is as I didn't remember. So I went over to simaris a dove right into the test. Oh it's the stealth test, alot different from what i remember. Melee only, no abilities okay. Rush to stealth kill the guy in the left and got spotted and failed, well i did rush like an ido- 2 attempts left. Oh, OH that's extremely forgiving most test give one shot at it. So I just laid back for few seconds let the enemies run through their path and kill. Also they're LV 1 so don't even need to risk the stealth kill animation. And bullet jump let's you close the distance in a instance." The test has 3 tries to learn the patterns, you don't even need to do the stealth animation cause everything is lv1 one swipe and they're dead. This test has nothing wrong with it, what's wrong are people who fail and immediately complain on fourms on how "it's broken" before attempting to actually learn what went wrong and adapt
  13. Omg this crap again, op i think you and others just suck at stealth you have 3 freaking tries to do this test, it's warframe stealth not really complicated
  14. Corrupted are suffering the same issue as the infested, not enough units. They both are a mix others and there's alot to pull from grineer & corpus to expand their roster
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