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  1. Not sure, it not like people used it as a status or anything it just kinda help tell whose been around the fourms for a bit
  2. Everyone is talking as if it's store which makes sense since the rotation drops table is already crowded enough in arbis. But can't find a point of reference of store or rotation drop in the DE post
  3. Oh they moved them to arbis? Are they in the store or drop from rotations? Either way it's annoying cause ut means sisters my attention is split across waay too much with new frame, liches,steel path and now arbis
  4. Yeah the ranks look the same but everyone got resetted which is BS. I'm not sure if this DE or the service they use to host the fourms
  5. The blue rocket bugs me, i dont like how it's covering our glyphs and no green numbers makes the like button kinda pointless since we don't have the other buttons anymore
  6. What the? Where our green numbers go why do we have rocket ships on our icons? What happened
  7. People complaining about the mods being tenshins shop? Wait but why? The steel path store is extremely small it's a good thing there's more stuff to get from there and i have clear way to get them so many essence instead of dealing with rng. I'm going to get plenty of essence to buy them with farming acolytes and incursions
  8. Surprised this thread is still going. I'm surprised so many people are freaking over honestly an okay workshop. People having raging fits over miniscule changes and screaming DE doesn't listen to the community, its not a surprise DE doesn't wonder around GD
  9. Why do people do this white box crap, it impossible to read without an eyesore
  10. I remember i watch alot of warframe creators on youtube when i started out but now i watch quitteshy and maybe a build by annoying killah when i have no idea for a weapon build. Quiteshy is the only WF youtuber i actively watch cause they actually play other games and don't fall into the trap other creators get in to which is do nothing but WF and never branch out then get burn out on the game and make vid where they claim the game is dying or going in wrong direction when in reality they didn't expand their content range and now suffering for it.
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