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  1. Was hoping to see the list of command intrinsics, wanna to be sure of lich crewmates
  2. Yeah so far the most confusing aspect, honestly since i don't need the bulk of my railjack resources for anything right now I'll juat fill up my inventory with built wreckage as a precaution and something to keep me busy till tempestarii
  3. For the early adaopter stuff how do we figure out how many wreakage you had built?
  4. Ummm....this is about things people overreacted about and in the end it was a overreaction. Hell people are bringing up overreactions that i remember vaguely cause the thing they're reacting to didn't have the big impact as they claimed.
  5. I think venari change was before scarlet spear, if it was around that then maybe i understand the outrage but i remember limbo stasis have diminish returns on sentients and that's it. The uni medallion was one dude on Twitter saying its a "spit on the face" and DE changed it. Which one salty conclave player outweighing the rest of the player base is insulting. Also conclave players complaining its spit in the face is hilarious when they're cover in so much spit for the years of conclave abandoment they look like they just walk out of a bukkake shoot.
  6. What even was that again? I can't remember what changed but i still have condition overload builds and they still wreak things but people were angry
  7. The playerbase can be very reactionary to alot of things that are coming to the game and take it at face value. So what has been the biggest overreaction that people had to an upcoming change or something introduce in the games past in your opinions? Now to me primed chamber coming to baro was entertaining seeing gatekeepers breakdown cause their elitism was crumbling. And the venari heal change was a big overreaction for something that i never saw people use and hell no one i knew had knowledge of venari healing objectives.
  8. Well railjack 3.0 is being beta test by pc first and consoles get it later
  9. So another same day update is happening like with deimos and wondering hiw many people are excited about this or worried I'm mixed it's great that console doesn't have to wait for the update but we hace to experience the wonderful day one bugs and wait for troublesome grinds to fix....like scintillant farming. But then consoles player actually feel like their feedback helps shape the update as well.
  10. I prefer little duck. But honestly surprised we haven't gotten the ability to choose our mission directors yet. Been so long since lotus left and people been asking to let us replace the hologram with someone else for a while now. I can understand if it's cause they can't do alot with sound recording with not be able to access their office and that new sound studio they recently got.
  11. We can buy extra appearance slots for warframes so why not let us for our operators?
  12. Level octavia still and trade chat to prep for zephyr deluxe, unfortunately in a crash due to octavia prime farming and playing syndicate missions for a month straight and couldn't do that as much as i wanted cause i was recovering from surgery so the new prime farm was brutal for me
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