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  1. It's a 7 year old game and we're transitioning to a new console generation best time to up the graphics. Also DE can't get into their office so big content that we're waiting for is in limbo
  2. They showed part of what to do in the last devstream At 25:00 they demonstrate the first part of the puzzle
  3. Not seeing the big deal here you can buy multiple bps when it shows up so
  4. Oh god that's a pain to get to spawn, you think with it being a dead end room it would be uncommon.
  5. There might of been 2 in that room, was it a large room with a large wall under construction on one side?
  6. 4 years since lunaro's failed attempt to revitalize a well i would say dead horse, maggots? Pile of dust?
  7. Wow conclave players are tryhards when it comes to sound cool, it's like someone bragging about really cool car then you find out it's micro machine, sad. also replace """high skilled"""" with the sweat that you smell thru the screen. Also bragging about being good in conclave is sad like you suck at other pvps that much that you pick one that's know for being empty so you can brag cause no one gonna bother checking
  8. So far an umbra forma bp and now a shotgun riven have appeared i wonder what other things tenshin gets in his shop
  9. What's with your mindset? Coming off as the type of person who freaks out over someone playing a character that's the opposite and proceeds to play back alley therapist. Also adding weapons isn't and update, slapping guns into conclave probably takes no effort to do and those are guns made for pve. Also dedicated servers? For conclave? okay first we there's no dedicated server in warframe, if there was I'm pretty sure the creeping horror host migration would be myth, second if they had dedicated servers why would you waste that on *&$%ing conclave?! first place for dedicated serv
  10. And echoes were alot better than what we got which was ruined by conclave players
  11. I doubt it, there hasn't been any updates to conclave in years it's abandoned
  12. A few conclave threads have popped up over the days of what to do with the mode and the most suggested thing is deleting the mode and that got me wondering what's the reason to have conclave anymore? Conclave is the barren wasteland of the game and everyone knows this so why is it still here? DE has already demonstrated they'll take out content due to low engagement with raids and conclave is a thrilling simulation of what's it's like to stare at a empty lobby. And conclave never was popular to begin with which should be expected cause warframe is a PVE game. Most of the rewards in c
  13. So how many of you are actively using the relay blessings? And how often? I been doing it every day so far and now im announcing it in recruiting and relay chat what blessing and relay im doing to try to give to as many people.
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