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  1. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Is there a way to check temp on the Vallis while in Fortuna?

    Open the map, there's a timer on the lower right
  2. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    warframe jokes

    How does hydroid travel the plains? Hydroplaning
  3. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Themes for Warframes you like to see

    So what are some themes you like to see a future warframe take after and set their powers around? I really want to see a Mimic frame in the game and take the form of the various enemies in the game like turning into a grineer manic and teleporting around and mauling people faces off.
  4. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    DE,More nerfs?

    Maybe baby rage? Bondage Rope Bad Ravioli Battered Roadkill Boring Risks And that's all i can come up with
  5. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    I'm slightly dissapointed with Jupiter's tileset rework...

    It's.....not......even.....out. what's with people giving feedback and impressions on stuff that hasn't been released? We've seen a total of 3(maybe 4) rooms reworked from devstream really hard tobtell what the whole tile set looks like from that.
  6. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Trading & Communication

    Real easy to explain why bazaar has a trade. Maroo runs the the bazaar and is openly greedy person. I don't see why giving away already completed weapons and bundles of resources to New players is a good idea, they need to learn where resources drop and how to build new equipment. The game isn't fun when everything is just given to you without working for it
  7. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    LifeofRio appreciation thread

    I was trying to remember who Rio is since I pay more attention tobthe partners who stream, but what i mainly remember is a lot of clickbait
  8. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Game Awards 2018

    They don't seem to know what the #*!% ongoing game means
  9. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Please DE, get rid of stasis for kubrows and kavats

    Stasis prevents me from really wanting to use my other pets. With how clunky it is just to swap one pet i just use sentinels since i can swap them instantly while i have to go and take 5 steps to change a pet
  10. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    The Prime Vault is Open!

    Edo prime YES always wanted this set. I forgot how much these packs cost from last time though, $20 for the accessories right?
  11. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Glass fish Equivalent for Fortuna?

    Has anyone found any type of secret collectible like glass fish/kuria for fortuna yet? I always like hunting down those collectibles and was hoping fortuna has more to grab
  12. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Fishing issue

    Yeah im getting the same thing and it's the only fish like that. Even the small goopolla in my fish tank turn into large. So far only small are affect you can still catch mediums. Was going to post a thread about this bug myself but i can't start a thread in the bugs section of the fourms for some reason.
  13. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Fortuna consoles - good news?

    All depends on the bugs and how long it takes to fix the pc version
  14. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Please don't repeat the same mistake

    Ugh my clan is just barely done with mortar bombards and we still have 3 left to do for poe pigments. Please the new ones are less BS this time and maybe reduce to the poe pigments sometime
  15. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Anyone else miss Draco for leveling up stuff?

    Dark times when we were limited by the fiendish stamina bar