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  1. Through some brief skimming of some articles it seems like they're general all purpose evil spirit
  2. It's crazy how skinny base nekros is when you no armor on him
  3. Guarantee top 3 color schemes when he releases Shrek Pumpkin Kuva guard
  4. Im mostly farm frames but I'll buy if I really want it like Revenant or the buy this frame get a free riven from the quest(harrow, gara etc.). Although i did buy the baruuk bundle for the ship decoration, if that wasn't there I would of farmed baruuk.
  5. I hope the fragaments do become a decoration, and this title set looks so fun to explore hope that console build doesn't take too long to get here.
  6. From the de steve stream, they might do a filler thing if series 2 takes to long to get out.
  7. Never listen to YouTubers about the state of the game. Youtube for warframe is useful for how do I do blank, builds, and shy's memes Youtuber's opinions on the game are heavily biased and usually only line up with small amount of others opinions(excluding the people who parrot their views). If you want partner who lines up more with the average player go to any of the twitch partners, they're more representive of the general playerbase.
  8. Now we can see the stats of the event weapons and i can see if my rivens are right for them.
  9. I can't wait to place these into the dojo, I still wonder if i can place a floof on top of it and have it ride it
  10. Another example to add that i encountered recently, only using the first letters of insults toward somone example : ds, db, ft.
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