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  1. Bringing back a pile of garbage system? No it be terrible
  2. The fight is going to be permanent, they probably need a update to cement it in the game fully
  3. Yep, it's even better when op is getting super defensive.
  4. Seems more salt coming from op if he's on the fourms complaining about people complaining about him.
  5. Maybe help out the quest instead of ignoring the mission
  6. I'll just do speed runs of it to get rep since the hemocyst are only there for the trophy materials and hunter mods. So UM still pretty useless
  7. I say ditch the item, the syndicates that it can be used for have so many methods of rep grind that it comes off as a golden turd of a reward. Oh yay a UM i rather have axi relics, kuva or gauss parts than this waste if inventory space. 5% for a 1000 rep is weak when i can get 15 of the medallions for my syndicates a day. Conclave was the only use i have for these and now they waste away in my inventory and i can't even sell them for credits to get any type of value from them.
  8. Conservation is easy, this is like asking for the bullet jump challenge to be removed. If you have anything with invis the 6 cap will take the whole of 5 mins to do. Hark an activity that takes 5 minutes to do truly you suffer ar such an impossible feat if only there where frames with aoe sleep abilities making it even easier to beat this impossible challenge
  9. And 48 hours is a big deal because............? It's called patience use it. You know you could just build the adapters now and not worry about this when it arrives
  10. Forma are abundant through out the game, a simple day of relics is impossible with out tripping over them. Also it's not like you need the exilus slot on the weapon
  11. Is this the room where there are 4 pillars that you can raise up and shoot parts off that give out oxium, also there an orange in?
  12. Thought this was about the DE glenn stuff going on over at reddit for a sec
  13. It will largely depend on what mods are exilus. But i'll probably only do it for weapons i absolutely love and not try for every weapon inown
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