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  1. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Make Mesa Ultimate interesting

    Seems unnecessary to can the last ability cause you find it boring. Also https://forums.warframe.com/forum/34-warframes/ Don't why your posting feedback in General and not the feedback forum
  2. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    What happened to the kingpin system and clan perks. Last mention of the kingpin system was that it was almost done and there hasn't been any news over half a year now.
  3. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Rival to Warframe?

    It's EA. I know alot of people want anthem to succeed so bioware can get some support and make another dragon age but with EA losing stock in the millions as soon as anthem under performs for a sec EA is just going to strangle it to death to squeeze everything out of it's corpse.
  4. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Should Bursas drop Credit Caches?

    Maybe if they brought back credit offerings, and you can use them to active the old event where you defend the bursa for a limited time to get a credit cache back
  5. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Rival to Warframe?

    Why is that when there's something in a similar stlye to warframe people are like "Omg ThIs tHe EnD of WaRfRaMe" you do realise that there can be multiple games in the same genre right?
  6. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Is That Illegal?

    What are you referring to?
  7. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Weapons you hope to get primed next

    Latron is a tenno weapon
  8. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    DE Pablo says he would rework Vauban the next time he eats tacos!

    lets hope DE has taco Tuesdays
  9. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    Go play something that has a pvp mode, waste of time to force a game and player base to have pvp in warframe, if pvp is dead in this game it means we don't want it and want it to die.
  10. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Fix PVP By Implementing MOBA Mode

    That sounds like alot of dev time wasted. No
  11. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    DE now has Serious Competition

    Gonna kinda take forever for destiny to get players to trust it again since half of they stuff they pulled can still be bungie's fault. Also games can share the same genre still exist, your making it seem like if warframe doesn't hold this imaginary title that you just made up it's going to disappear. Another game exist, I think warframe is fine
  12. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    When raids come back, what rewards should they have?

    Regular law was when everyone was starting out but became easy, the night version required attention with everthing at a higher level, nullifer drones covering the map and a instant fail state on stage to that will consume your raid key. The jordas raid was difficult cause it was very buggy, 50% of was in archwing which was bad for people who didn't forma their archwings, and last stage had these puzzles that had to do in a confusing layout that was hard to navigate.
  13. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    When raids come back, what rewards should they have?

    They were big 3 mega missions on unique tile sets and objectives. Law of retribution had you chasing after vay hek for revenge after destroying the relays in eyes of blight and the The jordas verdict had you trying to stop another jordas golem from being created. They were fun
  14. Since has now confirmed they are working on bring raids back I've been thinking. What should they give as rewards? Should they have all new arcane set to grind out or something new to grab from them or a something similar to the sortie drop table? What do you hope they reward? I would like to a few new arcanes, large bundle of kuva and other resources, maybe a unique vandal/wraith weapon for each raid, and maybe something new that's exclusive to the raids.
  15. (XB1)The Neko Otaku

    Warframe 2019 (your hopes?)

    I hope for plans and fortuna get tweaks to refine them more. The new war to show up soon and hopefully a solar map to come along with it. Expansion on the sentient enemies More clan functions. Still waiting (for a year now) for that kingpin system and those clan perks