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  1. Out of curiosity i wonder what did everyone go with for elements on kuva weapons? What I did Radiation: Ayanga, Drakgoon, Seer, Shildeg, Bramma Fire: Chakkurr, Ogris, Quartakk, Tonkor Electric: Kraken Cold: Brakk, karak, Twin Stubbas Impact: Hind Magnetic: Nukor Toxin: kohm
  2. A new salt lord has entered the thread by the looks of it, going off on how primed chamber is the downfall of warframe etc etc stereotypical doom and gloomer spiel that pops up every few months
  3. Was there an accurate number of prime chambers on the console?
  4. Nope, but on console so there's like what 2 on xbox and ps4. But had someone who would pay a 1000 just to see it but it never happened
  5. Woah this thread got cut down. What was last night 49 pages, and looks like most of faders post are gone Ha
  6. With all this sentient stuff happening and new war creeping up i gotta ask where's hunhow? He played quit a big part for Natah and the second dream but has been kinda missing from the narrative. Is he still going to be a character in the new war or did DE forgot about him and are busy focusing on other sentient characters?
  7. Coming from the guy who has no debate skills and can't muster anything else than a subjective view point You'll get there in mastery of snark one day
  8. Wow he still has no proof of it being exclusive. Besides it took a long time to come back. We got Dev quotes of it not being exlusive and well it's in baro's inventory now and forever. Prime chamber was never exclusive that's the objective fact.
  9. Care to provide proof that it was exclusive cause And this quote from DE rebecca: Ah, we did not say the Primed Chamber mod is Exclusive to the Drone weekend event, it was just the first time it was introduced. Sorry for the confusion there! I imagine it will appear again in future events which can be found in this thread : it was NEVER exclusive to begin with, and you have yet and will never bring proof that it was suppose to be exclusive.
  10. Primed chamber was never exclusive and has always intended to come back as DE stated multiple times. There's tons of ground for prime chamber coming back as multiple people have sited devs saying it will come back provided by many in this thread, there has been nothing for it remaining exclusive besides people's pathetic entitlement. Only one thing is exclusive in warframe bound by legal contract and that is the founder's pack, everything else is free game.
  11. Never seen a event sigil or emblem come back aside plague star
  12. So for the few people who are mad that primed chamber isn't exclusive anymore please try to provide proof that it was intended to be exclusive cause if there's no proff of that it falls under the same category of event rewards, it will come back on way or another. So far the only exclusive things in warframe are platform cosmetics, event sigils and emblems and founders pack.
  13. So that prime chamber is now obtainable in the game what's left for DE to reintroduce back to the game? Can't think of anything
  14. Yeah and i really don't feel like fiddling with a vectis build for it, it's only for snipers and i think i'll have to sacrifice something important to use this mod where the trade in damage is bad especially when snipers are go to eidolon killers. This mod has always been "special" cause of supply not cause you it was a great mod
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