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  1. It's a 100 standing do a bounty, trade some some gems, capture an animal or just use you eyes to fish. This is a non issue.
  2. Only real option is to boost with someone as conclave is an ugly sore that everyone avoids
  3. But you could argue that DE is trying to put some of the games grind into the casual reach in recent years.
  4. Another edition of ignoring the issues brought up in this thread. Im not going to be a slave driver to my friends to get this bs farm done cause DE refuses to acknowledge terrible design and hide behind the flismy "other people did it before" excuse. Guess what I did the farm before when it came out and it was terrible then still terrible now. Sorry if i want terrible farms in this game fix so everyone can enjoy this game cause casual players are going to keep the game alive more then gatekeeping vets that screech at mere thought of these massive issues being fixed.
  5. Oh god you keep using your experience as a shield for terrble grinds. I don't get this gatekeeping mentality. You no lifed a grind isn't a excuse for objectively bad design. Whoop dee doo you did it still not an excuse no matter many times you say it. 5k mutagen samples is a terrible farm especially for the clan teir that used by solo players. This is a resource that drops one at a time only available on 2 planets where one of those is end game and its a rare drop compared to the other uncommon drop. And even with it being an uncommon drop your going to see barely any in any normal missions runs, like 1-3 at most and endless you might see 10 by 20 mins. Then you have to get a loot frame, bunch of boosters and you realise there's too many band-aids to apply just to make this seem on the edge of bearable. The hema cost needs be fixed either the cost needs to better reflect the resource availability or samples drop in greater quantities. This is bad design problem given an excuse not related to its core issue. People did farm before is not an excuse. If we take this same Mentality for other things then we can't take vaccines for deadly diseases cause people before us suffered and that unfairs, it's a flimsy shield.
  6. Did you miss the fact that i have 7900 hours ingame? You kinda can't say i don't play the game when im on the cusp of a year of total playtime. You keep repeating this gatekeeping mentality and ignoring the the point of this thread that terrble grinds shouldn't be excused cause someone already suffer through it. I did the grind back in the day and now due to circumstances i have to repeat it and my previous experience is being used as a sheild to not fix a terrible grind. I'm not an excuse and you're not an excuse to keep an objectively terrible grind in the game. I do not care that you did in it 3 days it still not an excuse.
  7. I Have a life and job, i can't no life farms in this game. Gotta sleep so i have energy to get a paycheck I have friends who came over and donated what they had to hema and that's going to be most i ask of them cause like me they have lives and jobs to do and im not going to forced them to do this bs grind. I can criticize the game no matter my play time if a new player started a clan came to the same conclusion that hema is a bs grind its still a vaild criticism. Player with a 100 hours or me with 7900 hours it doesn't matter the playtime a problem still a problem
  8. Like how you keep the same terrible mentality that DE has about this. You farm hema for ghost clan? I farm for a storm clan when it first came as well, does that immediately excuse the terrible grind and DE's terrible excuses? Spoiler warning it does not, it is an excuse to avoid adressing a bad design choice. You and DE need to stop hiding behind excuses. I farmed hema too that doesn't mean everyone endures the same bs farm i had too. Devs should've learn that hey alot people felt this was a terrible farm maybe we should fix this. But instead people who hated the farm are being used as an excuse to keep the farm in.
  9. Keeping clan at ghost level for now so i can get everything done quicker, so i don't wanna invite and go up in tiers and cause the cost to go to stupid levels. I do have friends who came with me to this new clan and are willing to help but i just don't wanna force them to grind out so much mutagen since they're play alot more casually and are saving energy for new war.
  10. I want the research done for people who i invite into my clan when i get everything back up to to where my previous one was before it was wreaked, should i just tell them to go screw themselves if they want the weapon? Also you're doing what i DE is doing, ignoring the problem and using an excuse to not adress it
  11. Hey warframe veteran here i did the hema grind for a storm clan way back when it was first introduced. We got it done in an okay amount of time being on console so we had info before we got the update. But due to circumstances of one terrible person i recently had to make new clan with my friends and hema cost for a ghost clan is terrible. DE has said in the past they want to respect the grind we vets went through sonthey wont decrease hema cost. Im sorry but im not an excuse to keep terrible farms in game just cause i did it. I want these stupud mass resource dumps removed so new players don't get turn off from the farming. It's like if i had an abusive farher that means i need to be abusive to my kids cause i went through it as well, it's stupid. I have 2 jobs now and i don't want to do matainance in morning then go do homecare for the afternoon and get home and do another job getting 5k mutagen samples for hema. If players had a terrible time with what is an objectively terrible choice of research cost you should of looke at it as wow everyone hated that we should fix this not use thise people as an excuse to keep in the game. I don't care what snooty elitism gatekeeping player says "respecting the grind" is ignoring the problem and using vets like me as a excuse. I don't care, let new players have better time enjoying the game
  12. Could alway be a legendary 1 like me and have to start a clan from scratch cause you clan leader who hasn't played in 4 years gets on and basically destroys 4 years of work in a hour. Then you'll have plenty to do. God screw respecting the grind for hema lower the cost cause im willing to grind to get this clan to tip performance right away but im not grinding those mutagen samples i have a life now
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