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  1. Would be nice, if we could opt-out on this. I seriously think, that the lvling process in itself, unlocking the abilities one after one and adding extra stages to them, is the best way to learn about any frame ingame. To get to know the frame and learn to appreciate it. I'm someone, that takes new stuff with me in any kind of mission for this matter and don't rush lvling. To me (MR31) this would be a terrible change, which would make it totally meaningless to lvl or improve any frame or weapon. Too many things in game are already just purely MR fodder and with this change, I think this would just increase. To a lvl, where a lot of players loose interest in the game.
  2. Can still remember the old way, where you rly had to start all over from 0 again, with no mod capacity at all.. only points you got were the aura ones or with the stance. I personaly can't see the benefit of this, since everyone + big tech is using things like ESO and whatnot to get the lvling process done asap. But hey.. if there would be no other, more pressing things that need to be done, put some effort into this.. maybe this will bring us some NEW WAR improvements or something
  3. Oh.. was there a case for Bubonico or Shedo to work as intended ? ;)
  4. It's a matter of fact, that they can't release stuff in a way, that pleases everyone in the community. Never. When a new release is announced, everyone has different expectations. Like with Yareli release for example.. I thought to myself : nice! A frame that owns a K-drive and I can do the races or anything else K-drive related with it.. better and faster. She could have gotten a nice niche to perfectly fit in.. but NOPE. Same thing with new weapon releases.. they're either overpowered or underwhelming. But everyone is expecting them to be super broken.. or to be able to break them with enough effort ;) Nobody sticking to the game more than 4 weeks is probably still in need of a decent weapon. The Ghoulsaw could have been a weapon with nice features to play around with and have some fun. All you guys noticed until now, that this is not going to happen.. even after all the announcements made to buff it, you're still not pleased and it'll probably need 1-2 more.. like Yareli. And the community is still not happy about her xD Maybe it would be best, to let the team figure out some balancing about new war stuff, thats about to come, instead of complaining about things, that everybody knows is just some MR fodder..
  5. First of all : good work @team for adjusting almost all issued spawn locations in this tileset. Today I've had a collectable spawn out of bounds at the rescue mission. Luckily it's been FF thing, and no Syndicate collectable. Unfortunately, I'm too stupid to edit the screenshots and can't upload them anywhere to get them in here xD Look at Minimap 🠗 Slightly above my Scanner, on top/between the last two cells. Highlighted Framefighter scannable. Guess this one works better ;) Tried to get a picture from outside the room with prisoner in it, but the Scanner couldn't pick it up.
  6. It's possible to be affiliated with 4 Syndicates, which would grant 12 possible missions every day. Depending on how badly you need to finish this Nightwave task, you could even do it in 1 day. Searching collectables for every Syndicate doesn't make sense anyways, trading in some of them at the wrong Syndicate grants +-0 standing. I'm in boat with Meridian, Suda, Veil and Hexis. Doing only Meridian and Suda on daily basis, if needed 1-2 Hexis as well.. but Veil like never. As you may have suggested, I'm not going for collectables with Hexis or Veil, since I can't trade them in anyways ^^ Best way to do those missions is solo. So you do it at your own pace, look for stuff to collect, explore the map a bit further than usual, to maybe find a new place for collectables.. or you can just rush it and don't have to wait for anybody else. Since doing 10 Syndicate missions for NW is a weekly task, which could be done in 1 day if needed, there is no need to change anything about it. Most of us prepare for the next prime release anyway I guess and don't neglect Syndicates.
  7. I guess I don't exactly get the point here.. if you're into speedruns, how does the timer have any effect on that ? If you go fast and know you did everything possible.. there is kinda like no room for improvement anyways, right ? If you KNOW, you did it fast, why do you need someone or something to tell you so ? And btw. this only happens, when you're idleing in the orbiter or idk where you start your missions from.. if you play consecutive runs, which is kinda the point in speedruns, the timer is accurate-ish. To my knowledge, it's at least known by the team, that the issue exists. And since it's something affecting everyone, they're surely going to straighten it out again at some point. At least no one gets punished for staying too long in any mission ;)
  8. Shedu had a lot of very nice features when it was released and has easily become my favourite primary. To see, that the team is still altering stuff about it but no one seems to care about the broken status of arm canons in general just feels very bad, I have to admit.. it is still a nice primary, but shouldn't be called armcanon for that matter. One feature, that made it somewhat special to me, is the pulse, when you empty your mag. Because it's just convenient in many situations. Recently I got a nice riven for it after almost 400 rolls, so I've decided to maybe try something different and noticed, that I could get 100,9% crit chance, when using Critical Delay in it. But on the other hand it's firerate dropped so hard, that after firing a shot the mag got refilled instantly again and you never could empty your mag to pop the pulse. So I had to choose and decided to go for both options depending on the situation. This new change feels somewhat like a buff to me, because I can have the pulse and reach beyond 100% crit. But I guess for many other people just the cheesy fact of infinite ammo mattered, for science and fun ofcourse ;)
  9. Every frame has a certain niche. Yareli is no different in this matter. She got buffed a few times already and if you can't see a niche for her.. maybe it's time to move on ? Would be great to imagine her as the one and only K-drive specialist. If Merulina would be modable and certain mods would double dip. But since this is not the case.. wait until then maybe ? And if it never happens, she's just some MR fodder, like many other things in game.. Cheer up, we're about to get another frame soon, when the new war arrives =)
  10. Thank you, for taking away more and more possible good ways to make use of this weapon, beside all its flaws and boken "arm-canons" in general. Can we get at least some riven changes ? Can't imagine it being one of top10 used weapons anymore.. not after all the downgrade, you did to it.. and mentioned broken arm canons in general
  11. We should be able to mod Merulina. And it should grant mastery. Just like Khoras Venari.
  12. Few weeks ago, I've seen a squadmember use the Bubonico, while carrying keys in Disruption. So I guess it works as intended. Would be nice to have Shedu treated the same way.
  13. Now the only thing needed would be consistent murmur gain by defeating hounds. Right now if you start a new sister, the range filling the first murmur cycle is like 6-8 hounds, depending on your luck it seems. Sometimes it varies drastically in the first mission already and you think to yourself :"wait a minute.. this feels like I'd be filling 3rd circle already" Overall, thanks to Oull and the possibility to force lich or sister spawn, it goes way faster now to get this stuff done. But since many first sister encounters are happening in 3rd mission already, it would be very convenient to have one of the needed mods revealed by then.. which is the case sometimes, if you only need 6 hounds for the first circle- which you can defeat in 2 missions.
  14. But this doesn't count in the unique Ayatans I guess ?
  15. I've noticed some inconsistencies regarding murmur gain by sister hounds/thralls. ( all while filling first circle ) I think it is intended to have the first circle filled after defeating 6 hounds. However this doesn't happen 100% of the time for me. It once happened to me, that I was able to perform a regular mercy kill on one of the hounds, before it got downed to the ground. This resulted in murmur gain like half the normal value. And I'm not quite sure, if a different bug gets triggered, if you perform the secret mercy on the hounds, while they are still affected by status procs (radiation maybe). But sometimes, after playing 2 missions and defeating 6 hounds, you still need more murmur for the first circle. It's not much and you would think, the circle would be filled with the 6th hound.. but it doesn't. Since I know of both issues, I down them and wait for any procs to wear off, before performing mercy. Since doing this, I only need 6 hounds
  16. wow.. nobody complaining about the name of topic as being baity or whatever ? I'm impressed xD and even gets staff reply like it is.. interesting
  17. Yeah, new gunblade and some free slots are always welcome, true ;) and loki coming back in some form : about damn time to rock the market :D (hope to see him in some raid action again, if it's ever going to happen) But in like 90% of cases, which I can't possibly keep track off, because there is some streaming or whatnot going on almost every day.. you just get rewarded with some random stuff, you sometimes could farm by playing the game like 10 minutes. And many many times I'm just asking myself : why would I waste so much more time with something "game related", rather than just play the game ? You know.. why would I watch someone play a game.. while I could play it myself instead ? Devstreams (or tennocon) are worth watching, to get a glimpse of things to come and hope everytime, that it's something archwing related :D .. but hey, my dreams will never die! At some point I'm gonna get my modular AW ^^
  18. question would be : is it even worth it ? unless you give out umbra forma or other items, that I can't obtain any time I want them.. well.. it's not worth it.
  19. Is it just me or do the hounds only grant 6k mastery in total with the weapon? Have to admit, that it's a bit sad, how the team sets the priorities in terms of what stuff needs to be improved or fixed first, after new release. Sure.. I get it, that people that actually pay for ingame stuff and keep everything up and running need to be pleased. Back in the days when I started to play the game, founders had the previlege to enter new mastery stages at least one update sooner™, then the rest of community for example. There are many things wrong with the update. And you decide to release a hotfix containing like 75% stuff, most of the community can't even access yet, for probably at least 2 more days ? Some performance fixes would be nice.. or trying to get rid of bugs for good and not reintroducing them time and time again with almost every update
  20. Very nice to see, that you're adressing many years of abusive behaviour and fix it. Does this go only for melee or does this go for primary and the secondary companion weapons too ? This is surely another reason to look forward to the next update. Feels like I'm getting rewarded for not relying on bug abuse =)
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