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  1. Well to some it doesn't seem as bad, which everyone has tastes, outlooks, opinions and that's fair. Bungie has been caught being deceitful about it. Exploiting FOMO, not being clear on what's going to be and whats not going to be for bright dust. Over 2 seasons ago, back in April, they promised to fix this by May, and haven't. They also removed a lot of the more consumer friendly stuff about Eververse. Coupled with the fact Shadowkeep has very little new stuff to earn, 2 story missions, no vendor refreshes, Iron Banner is old armor, yet Eververse has a full new stock, of unclear earnables. Add on to this Bungie says they don't have the resources, bc armor designers are busy creating seasonal activities and story for some reason? It really bothers ppl.. you can't charge for dlc, and be manipulative with your mtx.. it just really rubs wrong. Which is why many in the playerbase is up in arms about Eververse.
  2. Engrams are limited to battle pass, and there's not many in there. Also, Bungie has removed all armor sets from them, and also won't be selling many items from eververse for bright dust. The rotations have already been datamined.. the eververse store is actually a huge topic of debate with many D2 players specifically against it. Not to mention the lack of content included with Shadowkeep, has made it blow up huge.
  3. So basically all the world's will be playable, you can do the activities, get that planets gear, etc.. all PvP, Gambit, strikes, the seasonal content, all the year 1 dlc is free.. The only things you gotta pay for is Forsaken story content and exotics, but they dropped the price from $40 to $25 and threw in the $35 year 2 stuff free with it. So a drop in price of $50 Shadowkeep story and exotics are $35 and it includes the premium $10 battle pass free. Going forward, the only content they'll be charging for is the premium $10 battle pass, which is a set of cosmetics, and a few exotic guns/armor every 4 months. The rest will just be cosmetics in eververse. So basically kindve like Warframe, but we have pay for the cinematic quests, and any weapons, attached to it. Which honestly, anytime DE releases one, I usually throw them some money anyways. I spend $60 a year on Warframe to support, and $60 on Destiny, so for me they're basically the same in cost. You have pros and cons in both games.
  4. Yep, happens to me once in awhile on PS4, not common but does happen enough to annoy me. Especially on Eidolons, I've had hosts quit, and immediately go to migration, and it fail and I get nothing. There's honestly not much they can do beyond adding dedicated servers, and that comes with issues as well. No great answer here, that doesn't come with a cost. Get your venting out and move on I suppose.
  5. But see that's the issue.. ppl already hate having to use sigils to even get rep, bc it messes up their fashion, or ppl just plain find them ugly. It's why ppl have wanted to get rid of them for awhile and make them purely cosmetic.
  6. Don't really watch CC, but as long time player, I usually give these a watch. Tbh, WF's greatest strength is it's greatest weakness.. we're so OP, and it's a blast.. but it's also a drag. We've reached a point to that honestly vets aren't going to get the challenging content they want, it's not possible, scaling is broke, there's no reward that I actually need, and ppl really should start branching out to other games. Fans of CC also need to be more understanding of these ppl branching out, and not take every person not playing it as some great offense to them personally. That's ok to do, all these ppl both defenders and attackers I see, thinking Warframe needs to be everything. No.. WF is now my casual, for fun game. I hop on occasionally for a stretch, have some fun, wreck stuff like a Dynasty Warriors game, don't take it serious, then play other stuff. Like for fun I got WF, for endgame I have stuff like Destiny, for challenge I have Soulsbourne games. Ppl putting too much focus on one game.
  7. Well technically indie is used for studio's that self-publish or don't have owners. Like Bungie now that they've broken from Activision are technically independent now. Again just depends on your use of the term, some it's size and budget, some it's the original meaning. Either way DE don't fall into either of those anymore. But because they love to talk about their struggles, years ago, ppl still tend to think of them like that. They're not anymore though, and I start to wonder if now they throw it out constantly as a way of PR, so ppl still see them as "the little guy".
  8. I wouldn't say Warframe is an indie studio anymore.. they were, years ago, but then they sold the company to Leyou 3 yrs ago iirc(fun fact: theyre behind the new LotR MMO) who then gave 30% of Warframe to a mobile app company in a partnership. These days though, the term indie is pretty muddled, but I'm bored, so whatever.
  9. Have you tried Warframe clan recruit Reddit? The clans page here on the forums? Many offer detailed descriptions of who they are. Tbh, many clans also use discord over game chat.. did you try joining that? Discord has just made game chat not as useful, especially on console. Ours rarely talk in game, but we enjoy talking on discord a lot. It's just easier. That aside, there's just really not many clan activities.. for most things, especially relics, it's usually much quicker to just go to recruiting.
  10. I mean the Warframe's themselves are very carefully designed. Each one has a specific theme and character, with lore and reasons behind it. DE are very strict, which has even caused issues between the artists and DE. Like Ignis Dei and his Ember deluxe skin, or other Tennogen artists I won't get into. DE didn't even like Nova Tennogen skin having that hat, and buckles. They went on a big thing about buckles not being something that should be on a Warframe, and cracked down after that. Opening up the models completely, would require a ton of oversight, and a lot of artists put months into skins, and get really depressed when not allowed in or are asked for changes to be made. Then the community gets mad, bc they want it in, despite DE's vision. It just creates a ton of issues, and DE is already pretty overwhelmed right now, without adding even more to their plate. Not saying it isn't possible, but it would require a lot of work, and oversight, and Warframe has way more pressing issues that needs dealt with. The game already has a ton of options available, more than most games out there.
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