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  1. Whisper quest was hard for a bit.. then it became easily done. Sleeper was easy to get period. Lord of Wolves was pretty easy to get from bounties. Exotic armors is RNG, so some may have taken awhile. Ppl are seriously blowing it out proportion. Whisper with raid flags, and 14 mag size is still a top weapon. Sleeper will still be good, even if its not meta, it was meta for a year, metas need to cycle. A lot of class stuff was buffed so not having constant supers isn't a big deal imo if they're more deadly.
  2. Some of the partners don't even post videos period, so the entire guidelines things is actually pointless. Some are partners purely for their following. On top of that, what you see as whining may not be whining. Many complaint videos I've seen, are from ppl who have delved many times into the subject. Just bc you see it as whining or bad content, does not mean it is. As far as the slapping, DE already posted they don't interfere in their partners channels. One could argue DE drinking on streams and events, making all the risque jokes they do is inappropriate. Should we police them as well? This whole thread is pointless. Ppl don't share the same opinions, so they shouldn't be partners.. get over it. I'd much rather have DE's great partners than other games butt kissing affiliates, who the second they say a complaint are booted.
  3. I'm not even going to touch the whining about whining. Fact is, the game has a huge playerbase, all with different tastes, and ppl have opinions. What I will touch upon is ppl acting like Partners need to be kissing DE's butt, and being a shill like some EA Game Changer. Partners are ppl, ppl with opinions, they aren't reps of DE, reps of Warframe, they aren't paid by DE, some given free PA, but that's it, they're just WF content creators who've met criteria. I keep seeing this crap brought up, like on Reddit when someone tried getting Life of Rio in trouble bc he makes slap sounds. How he represents DE.. no he doesn't. Shy doesn't represent DE, Brozime doesn't rep DE. DE listens to partners about as much as they listen to the Design Council.. which isn't much. I for one applaud DE for not having a shill Game Changer program. There's more positive streamers of WF out there, that are partners. Go watch them, they need the views as typically positive ppl don't get as many.
  4. You said casually play, and limited time, yet you're clearly playing way more than most do already.. Many have not even reached rank 20 in Night wave. The primes will be unvaulted for awhile, there's no rush..
  5. I mean I'm all for constructive criticism over whining, except DE rarely utilizes most stuff. They have a design council thats pretty much abandoned, partners are making vids about not being listened to. So there's very little point to most feedback, so when players feel unheard, this is what you get. You gotta basically get lucky on someone's Twitter to get an opinion heard. I'll also say, you don't have to know how to fix a problem, to know there is a problem. I don't know how to fix my roof, but I can tell when it has a leak.
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