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  1. Great, thanks for the silly (cheap) fish trophy from everyone whom already ranked up.
  2. I have experienced this bug as well. Only difference is that I was using trinity.
  3. This is not exclusive for fortune but can happen in all open worlds.
  4. I was wondering about that as well. Either they should be "removed" like when in aw - or the benefits should apply.
  5. Appears to affect certain frames/skins. I don't have this issue with Trinity, but impossible to play with Xaku since it tanks my FPS.
  6. Correct, for a creature to be in this state it has to have been in a fight with the infested and it has a glow to it and its name now includes "weakened". This usually happen for wild spawns (not tested with actual tracked and lured creatures - but I guess they can get weakened as well). You can find incapacitated creatures (wild spawns) as a result of a fight - which can be collected right away If they are not incapacitated by the fight (e.i. they won) you have to sedate it before collecting it
  7. I have the same bug. I have the new fishing spear I catch the fish in a cave - those that yield the spinal core segment I cut the fish - where it clearly states I will be getting the spinal core segment The spinal core segment is not given to me - so cant rank up
  8. Nice update. Would be even nicer if the void fissures wasn't broken 🙂
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