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  1. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Enemy repellent for Poe

    They have scuba gear Uranus.
  2. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Chat Bans

    I don't chat in region chat, avoids the issue completely.
  3. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Chat Bans

    I must have missed the memo for "chat ban complaints day".
  4. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Chat Bans

    3... 2... 1...
  5. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    WARFRAME is no longer in my library

    I would just reinstall in that case all your data is on DE's servers anyway.
  6. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    WARFRAME is no longer in my library

    Try reinstalling or running the file integrity checker. perhaps that will help?
  7. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    PvP missions. And co-op improvements

    No PVP thanks we have enough PVP games already. Also imagine the lag on PoE?
  8. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Enemy repellent for Poe

    Grineer fishing, new mini game? 😁
  9. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Enemy repellent for Poe

    Another upvote from me! I hate being disturbed while fishing!
  10. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Equinox Skirt bulge?

    Yeah this annoys me...
  11. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Just my thoughts

    So many things that are correct in this post thumbs up. people need to calm down lol
  12. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    How Long Are You Just Gonna' Let Ember Rot?

    I can't remember the last time I used Ember... Sad really.
  13. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Archwing tile set changes

    They should also remove the Pandora mission from Saturn 😜
  14. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    Need some advice on becoming more stable

    Not really sure how to answer this? Spend less join a new clan? Not sure sorry.
  15. (PS4)TheRealTommo

    1st person

    It would make melee combat and bullet jumping impossible. It's just not that sort of game, what about fashion frame?