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  1. modded

    Hotfix 12.2.1

    I got my cores, yay! :D
  2. modded

    Steel Charge Update

    Please increase the ranks of Speed Holster, I would use it if it would give me as much energy as the others.
  3. When are we getting Derf?
  4. modded

    Fan Concepts Index

    Fate; the corrupted suicidal warframe:
  5. modded

    Last Post Wins

  6. modded

    Last Post Wins

    I win.
  7. modded

    Let's Make A Deal, Tenno

    In the livestream, the battlepay shows the infested can NEVER be sided with. Alas, it is not to be.
  8. modded

    Entry 2 – Oct 15, 2013

    So, Volt's still on the back burner? :( *cries*
  9. modded

    Hotfix 10.3.2

    FML, now I can't use Loki, how the eff am I supposed to get the new mods when I have Strict NAT issues that prevent organized play?
  10. modded

    Coming Soon: Livestream #14!

    1. Can we please have the current mods balanced? For example, melee crit mods, pistol/rifle/shotgun puncture, and Warframe armor mods all need buffs. 2. When will we get more specific info on which mods drop from which enemies, and at which levels? I REALLY want mods like quick thinking/retribution/sure footed. :/ 3. Can y'all please tell us what your base is for balancing warframes? Which one do y'all consider most balanced?
  11. How about pictures of a Warframe using one of its powers usefully? Examples: Invisible Ash/Loki backstabbing a heavy grineer who is about to finish off a downed Tenno. Frost finishing the casting animation for snowglobe (snow globe exists, frost not yet wielding a weapon) over an artifact, with lots of emphasis on the tracers from ricocheting rounds. Banshee just after casting Sonic Boom, with a dozen enemies (rollers and scorpions perhaps) flying back (still midair). An Iron-skinned Rhino kicking a toxic ancient with Kogake (charge attack) so ancient is being ragdolled (still midair). A picture of Vauban from behind, and seeing a line of floating enemies (front facing the camera) under the effect of Bastille.
  12. Sweet! So Alliances can be used to have different tags in the same group?