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  1. Just happened to me, Eidolon 1/2 way done bam lost everything. Gettin close to a rage quit for awhile.
  2. Exactly, I agree with both of you!
  3. Host Migration is a nightmare. Three times today in Void Fissures once the host migrates, game basically locks up, you sit looking at the choose a Void Relic screen, and you can't choose, and can't move on. Then you lose everything you have picked up. Mentioned it in subsequent runs, and one player had it happen 8 times, and another mentioned they had same issue. Of course we are all beating our heads against the wall for the Nightwave quest. But this has been RAGE inducing.
  4. beol I nominate you for the optimist of the month! 😄
  5. See Topic from last night.
  6. Similar problem, fish are not spawning at night in the sea. None, zero zilch. Used Both Twilight & Glappid Bait as well as Luminous dye. Tried several locations. And logged in and out 3 times.
  7. Tried seven (7) times between 3:00-3:15 Pacific Standard Time on 2/16/19 Same thing. Also left Fortune and went into different instances.
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