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  1. Thank you for the updates [DE]Bear. I really hope DE is taking a hard look at the balance of railjack. As released, it was WAY off the mark. It feels like it was balanced around Earth and not the Veil. I hope DE makes a big move rather than small incremental moves considering how far off the mark the initial release was. It would be nice if there was some substantial changes in weapon damage,vacuum range, etc. as a goodwill gesture to the community.
  2. The problem isn't difficulty. It's horrible drop rates given how long it takes to complete. Each lich takes between 2-3 hours depending on how lucky you are guessing the requiem mods. I have done 50 liches. I do not have a single ephemera to show for it. That is approximately 150 hours with no ephemera. This is one of biggest problems with liches. The other major problem is that liches are separated from general content. You cannot do other things and farm your lich.
  3. I'd start by resetting your controller to the default settings in the options menu. Any time DE makes changes to the controller it seems necessary to reset to default to get those changes to work properly. You can rebind after you reset to default.
  4. Here are some bugs with controllers in railjack on PC using an xbox controller while piloting: 1. Default binding for Move Up (A) does not work. Move Up works when bound to another key. 2. Related to the issue above you cannot bind an action to button "A". When you try to bind an action to button "A" you get an error message that an action can't be bound to a button with a "Melee Stance Action" bound to it. 2. By default, both Bank Left and Move Down/Dodge/Blink are bound to the left shoulder button. This means that dodge will not work unless you explicitly bind Bank Left to another button. Bank Left should not be bound to any button by default. 3. Having Move Down and Dodge on the same button is not working properly. Any time you dodge you also get downward movement. This is most obvious when strafing and hitting dodge. Using the Keyboard you simply move in the direction of the strafe. With a controller, you move to the side and down. 4. The deadzone for the right stick has been configured incorrectly. While piloting, the cursor does not return to the center with no pressure on the right stick. There's enough play that the railjack can be moving in a direction with no pressure on the right stick. This is only an issue in Railjack. There is no drift in regular play. This is not a hardware issue on my end. I am using a brand new controller and have checked the controller in windows for drift. The deadzone should be increased slightly or there should be an addition to the binding menu to set controller sensitivity deadzones for the left and right sticks. 5. There is no option to bind the tactical menu in the Railjack bindings menu. Tactical Menu can only be bound in the general controller bindings section. You should be able to bind Tactical Menu in the Railjack Section. I don't need to lose a button during regular play so I can bind an action that is only relevant in railjack. 6. Move Down and Dodge should be bindable to different buttons. Or there should be 0 downside to having them on the same button (see #3 above). In railjack, there are at least two free buttons to place move down or dodge on: buttons B and Y (one could also use the directional buttons as well). 7. This is request and not a bug. Please enable more actions in the ability keybinding. Specifically, we should be able to bind actions to the d-pad while holding the right shoulder button. This would create 4 more actions to be bound.
  5. It’s become increasingly clear that someone at DE hates the players. The balance of Railjack is garbage. The drop rates for long missions are garbage. The RNG on RNG is garbage. The salvage rolls not being shared across the entire squad is garbage. The RNG/loot chance trend since Exploiter has been piss poor and is only getting worse. While I’m sure there are some people who find this type of abusive relationship appealing, DE is going to quickly burn out everyone else with this nonsense. Who would have thought that DE would spend the last year turning Warframe into Anthem? Not me.
  6. DE has limited resources. They prioritize those resources how they see fit. It may be they didn’t have time to make the changes for consoles, test them, and push it out. Sucks, but that’s how it is when you get the early release. The reality is that both PC and console players are playing worse versions of rail jack because DE decided to assign resources to releasing on console now rather than waiting for the new year.
  7. You are confused. You get updates when DE releases them. Sometimes there are bugs or balance changes that take time to fix. That’s what it means to get stuff earlier.
  8. Console players kept asking for quicker updates. Please enjoy your stay as a beta tester.
  9. There is no binding for Boost or Maneuver for controllers on PC. According to the PS4 patch notes, Left Stick, which I presume means L3, is bound to boost/maneuer. On PC, pressing the Left Stick zooms the camera. Left Trigger (which should be zoom) fires ordinance. There is no option in the controller bindings section to bind Boost/Maneuver. There is also no option to bind Ordinance to a button. Over the past several updates, I've become increasing frustrated at the level, or lack thereof, of controller support. Considering DE supports Warframe on PS4 and XB1, this is completely baffling to me. Please stop half-assing controller support on PC.Even better, please start taking controllers into consideration when making design decisions and have your Devs/QA staff actually use controllers.
  10. When are Railjack bindings for controllers coming? I’m surprised Empyreon was released on consoles with this not addressed yet.
  11. Archwing is currently unplayable with the broken ammo regen. Obviously this is a bug but I really hope this isn't the result of someone in DE trying to discourage the use of archwing in railjack. Railjack is tedious no matter how you play it. Don't make it worse by nerfing ammo regen. The focus should be on buffing archwing weapons and railjack weapons not making them worse. I'll also add that DE is headed down the wrong path keeping loot chances low and drastically increasing mission length. Many people had a horrible experience getting the ephemera from the Exploiter. DE has just made the grind worse with Liches and Railjack. I have farmed ~50 Liches without a single ephemera dropping. That is an absurd amount of time with no drop. Railjack is the same. The missions take forever, they are tedious, and drop chances are still ridiculously low. It's also classic for DE to nerf blink because everyone uses Itzal only to release a game mode where only Amesha is viable.
  12. @[DE]Rebecca When will Railjack keybindings be added for controllers? Specifically, controllers need to be able to bind a key for boost and maneuvers. It seems a little self-defeating that DE doesn’t design/test for controllers for PC releases when the game is supported on three console platforms. The most recent example was Rising Tide which didn’t account for controllers when redesigning blink and ultimately led to consoles not having the ability to blink on launch.
  13. And here’s the tell. Leeching should be a bannable offense. The fact that you don’t think so strongly suggests you see nothing wrong with leeching. And here’s the thing, the only time I notice when someone is leeching is when it has a negative effect on the mission. My bottom line is if you don’t enjoy playing, don’t play. But don’t join a mission and expect other players to farm for you.
  14. This is true but the only way to get this resolved is through a support ticket. Not on the forums. The OP also raises flags because he is specifically asking for the conditions that will trigger an AFK ban. You only really need to know this if you are trying to AFK without getting caught. If regular playing led to AFK bans, the forums and reddit would be full of people complaining but they’re not.
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