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  1. I think you have confused player mastery rank with Warframe rank. A Warframe does not gain access to all abilities or its full stats until it reaches rank 30. Warframes are reset to rank 0 when you add forma to them. You re-rank them by gaining affinity. You can gain affinity by killing enemies or from squad mates killing enemies. Popular leveling spots for frames are Helene, Hydron, and Sanctuary Onslaught. From the wiki: During level up, all Warframe stats gain: +20% Health capacity every 3 ranks starting at Rank 1 +20% Shield capacity every 3 ranks starting at Rank 2 +5% Energy capacity every 3 ranks starting at Rank 3 For a total of +200% Health and Shields and +50% Energy capacity at Rank 30. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Warframes
  2. Reset your controller bindings to default. I am not experiencing any of the problems you claim. I can slide. I can aim glide. And I can do blocking combos by using the left trigger. I’m also pretty sure I responded to you the last time you posted this. The problems you are having are not universal. Reset your controller to default and everything should work fine.
  3. My controller works fine. If the problem is with a steam controller maybe try the fix discussed here:
  4. Before melee 2.999, I had block bound to left trigger on my controller. After the update, I reset my controls to default and then rebound them. I am able to do the blocking combos by using left trigger. I don’t know if this is result of previously having left trigger bound to block or if that is the new default config. Regardless if you have not already done so, I highly recommend that you reset your controller to default. It seems like anytime DE makes substantive changes to controllers it breaks the bindings in funky ways and they need to be reset to default.
  5. This is understandable and most of the community gets this but: 1) Even with the phase 1 skip, the fight still takes a long time. One might even say too long since it can’t really be optimized 2) Due to the P2P nature of the game, the fight can take even longer due to canisters not hitting the orb during phase 1 due to latency or packet loss from the host. This is something which may not have been obvious when DE tested in house. 3) There are serious bugs in the fight and in Warframe in general which can cause players to lose progress/rewards. Making the fight take longer just exacerbates this issue. I’ve personally lost all rewards following a tridolon bounty due to buggy matchmaking. Supports response was that I could ask for one thing out of the rewards. These sort of bugs and responses color the community’s responses to these types of “bug fixes.”
  6. Yes, the problem which must not be named is very serious. Please fix. Halp.
  7. I really appreciate the candor here. Thanks for the update. But, from a design perspective, a decision has to be made whether exalted weapons will trigger arcanes. Once that decision is made DE needs to stick to it. This game is opaque enough without adding additional layers of obfuscation. No player should have to wonder whether a particular arcane works with a particular exalted weapon.
  8. OP you have 2800+ posts so you obviously aren’t a new player. How about you share some details? What frame was being used, what ability, etc.?
  9. Yeah, weird stuff happens when DE changes the defaults for controllers. The only repeatable fix I've found is resetting to default configuration and then rebinding. Sometimes you have reset to default, quit, relog, and then rebind to get the changes to stick.
  10. Try restarting your computer. I had the same problem and a reboot fixed it.
  11. A restart of my computer fixed the problem. Both wireless and wired work. For reference, I use an Xbox elite on Windows 10.
  12. Not OP but same problem. Xbox elite. Tried both wireless and wired. Going to reboot controller to see if that fixes the problem. I was logged in and playing before hotfix. UPDATE - Problem solved by rebooting computer.
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