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  1. I wish I had your optimism. If only DE hadn't just added mods that replace crappy damage types with a low percentage to proc Slash and think that fixes bad game design. Seriously, if DE just replaced Impact and Puncture with Slash so many more weapons would be worth using and Primaries would be less bad.
  2. This is great advice for regular weapons. It's not particularly apt for weapons that only provide full mastery after they've been leveled 5 times. DE chose to require 5 forma to get max MR from Kuva weapons. This was a game design decision that encourages players to put 5 forma on all Kuva weapons. I think it was a bad decision and would like to see it not be replicated again.
  3. I think requiring 5 forma for the Kuva weapons was a mistake. Repeating that with the Corpus weapons is really horrible. Levelling each weapon 5 times was soul crushing. And the total forma cost for all of the Kuva weapons was not insignificant. Moreover, Warframe currently has been pretty light on new content that is both fun and replayable (YMMV with RJ but I found the new missions to be less enjoyable than the old ones). Simply adding a bunch of new weapons that require leveling 5 times is not a good solution and will likely increase burn out among longstanding players.
  4. And now maybe you get it. What you are asking for in your OP is a fundamental change to the game. If DE continues to nerf the things that work well, the grind will become much worse. AOE weapons, melee, and warframe powers with large ranges are what makes the grind tolerable. Nerf these and you need to substantially change the core of the game to account for the substantially reduced efficiency in clearing missions (reduce enemy count, rework enemies, increase probability, etc.). Everyone's tastes are different but Warframe won't suddenly become more enjoyable simply because it takes me longer
  5. Yes. And things like this make me very concerned for the future of Warframe. It is the polar opposite of what a defense map should be. It's huge with tons of places for enemies to hide. So it takes forever for enemies to reach the objective, many abilities can't reach all enemies due to the size, and abilities with LOS requirements are frequently blocked by the verticality and obstacles. This mission takes forever to clear and I hate it anytime it is selected for Sortie or Syndicate missions. The only thing defense missions have going for them, IMO, is a ton of enemies that swarm the objective
  6. Fair enough. I guess the only problem then is that DE has only made this content as the capstone of Open Worlds. And they may have to do another open world before we get similar content unless they decide to due Raids again.
  7. So you want more things like Eidolons and Profit Taker? Do you currently farm those missions? If not, why not?
  8. Obviously DE can always change their mind but they've been fairly consistent in saying they are not interested in content that only the top X percent of the player base can farm. So I wouldn't get your hopes up. TBH, I am a little surprised that DE created Steel Path in the first place.
  9. I really don't understand this take. If you don't enjoy the missions, I'm not sure why you'd bother sticking with the game. It doesn't really get better. You get more powerful and have more choices but it doesn't get better. It is what it is. If you don't enjoy going through the starchart for the first time I'm not sure what the game has to offer you.
  10. The "grind" is repeating missions in the game. That's what a looter shooter is. If you don't enjoy the game loop, i.e. the missions, the movement system, the modding, etc., then this just isn't the game for you. And there is nothing wrong with that. But the "grind" has nothing to do with it. Eliminate the "grind" and you are still playing a game you don't enjoy.
  11. I guess this is somewhat inevitable if you miss/skip tasks during a Nightwave that you could end up with the same task back to back. Nightwaves last forever. There's really no rush and there will be another NW immediately following this one.
  12. Pre-covid DE released a new frame every 2-4 months. It looks like they are mostly back on this production schedule so I would guess the next frame will release between June and August.
  13. You are posting in the wrong place. DE doesn't care where you play. If they had the keys I'm sure they would let players migrate. But they don't, Sony does. Go complain there.
  14. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure before spending more time farming.
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