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  1. Since you are understandably limited in what you can produce and have for all intents and purposes decommissioned several past events, i.e., plague star and acolytes, maybe now is the time to bring back Scarlett Spear.
  2. I have 100 Son tokens from just flying around the edge of the map and capturing whatever I saw. I've never really understood what all the complaining is about since DE rebalanced the exchange rate from 10 tokens to 2 tokens.
  3. You can still watch the streams if you really want it “straight from the horse’s mouth.”
  4. Too lazy to use recruit chat to get a squad to go 8 rounds and can’t be bothered to equip a frame that can solo later rounds of ESO. I don’t think the problem here is ESO’s design. If your goal is to go 8 rounds+ you should be equipping a frame that can do that easily rather than trying to force other players to conform to your whims. The best fix to ESO not mentioned by OP is to change the ability cooldowns so that more frames can be used to successfully clear later rounds.
  5. I’m MR29 and regularly go weeks or months without logging in (around 700 days). The MR is a non issue because you can level stuff in batches when you feel like playing. Whereas when I’m burned out or don’t feel like playing, the last thing I want to do is log in. The real issue is not MR but formaing weapons. Leveling something once is easy. Leveling something multiple times is a chore.
  6. OP: DE please remove time gates so I can have everything and then stop playing because there's nothing more to do. DE: Ummmm...no.
  7. DE doesn't care where you play, they only care if you play. The console platforms, however, do care where you play and aren't inclined to make it easy for players to leave their platform. There is also no way for you know how hard DE is fighting for transferring accounts. Those conversations are strictly between DE and the console platforms. And it's not in DE's best interest to piss off those platforms by talking out of turn. In terms of "play anywhere," that would require consoles and PCs being on the same update schedule and I just don't see that happening. Nor do I see DE segmenting the PC
  8. Drifting contact increases dps by maintaining your combo count and providing a small status increase. I understand not using drifting contact if you have another way to maintain combo count but I find it peculiar to provide a build and that is dependent on an unmentioned mod or ability. If you aren't running Naramon or Swift Momentum then Weeping Wounds may not be the best choice for that slot since it will be difficult to maintain your combo count.
  9. Seems a little weird to be running two mods that want combo count and not also use a combo duration mod like drifting contact. I assume you are using something else to maintain combo.
  10. For those equipping weeping wounds what mod are you dropping for it: attack speed, combo count, range, crit damage, blood rush, or second element?
  11. Correct. But this has absolutely nothing to do with what I said or the OP. This isn't a conversation about the effect of Rivens or cosmetics on DE's bottom line or the platinum economy in general. It's about OP's desire to have console coupons apply to Tennogen purchases for the benefit of "cheap" players. Console players can purchase Tennogen items with nothing more than the time spent farming and trading. In the context of Warframe, this is the rough equivalent of free for that particular player. "Cheap" players can farm the platinum and spend no money on platinum for Tennogen purchases.
  12. Maybe this is more of a mechanics or modding issue. Just fly to the back of Jordas and shoot the engines out. I’ve completed the fight multiple times using the larkspur or the imperator vandal. I’m also not sure how you are dying in the Amesha. Your 4 will make you invulnerable until you hit full energy, your three drains energy and slows enemies, and your 1 creates a shield swarm. If that wasn’t enough your two absorbs enemy projectiles and sends out healing pulses. I typically only use the 4 and Jordas is dead before I reach full energy. If you haven’t put potatoes in your arch wing and arch
  13. Nope, which is what makes the OP's complaint particularly ridiculous. Console players can farm plat and buy Tennogen. It doesn't get much cheaper than free.
  14. Unclear what you think the mechanism is here but Tennogen skins cost $$ on PC and are purchased through Steam. And so PC plat coupons bear little, if any, relation to the cost of Tennogen skins.
  15. While appreciated, the changes to the Necramechs are not good enough. The biggest issue is that the rare mods have a 2.01% drop rate from a 10% mod drop rate (effective drop rate of .201%) on a rare enemy, Now maybe my math is wrong but here is how I calculate the expected probability for a rare mod dropping from a Necramech at varying probabilities: 50% - 345 kills, 95% - 1489 kills, 99% - 2289 kills. Let's say you are trying to farm the rare mod on the tier 1 mech. I've found that it typically takes 7-8 minutes to complete the tier 1 vault (this assumes you forgo the bonus mission reward). E
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