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  1. Seems like it. Only a small part of the community regularly does Eidolon hunts. Having another avenue for arcanes is great even if Orphix is mind numbingly boring. For those people who didn't enjoy doing Eidolons, they now have another option for arcanes. For those that enjoy doing Eidolons, they can continue to do so. I have no sympathy for anyone who viewed Eidolons as a gatekeeping mission.
  2. It definitely takes a fair amount of effort to learn how to mod weapons and warframes appropriately and how to spend resources efficiently. But I don't think it's gotten any harder.
  3. I'd bet clans of one are way more common than you think. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more single person clans than larger clans. I'd also expect there to be way more ghost clans than larger clans. Unless DE has shown clan data in a livestream how would you even know how many single or ghost clans there are? You are unlikely to see single/ghost clans in recruiting chat and many single clans probably play almost exclusively single player.
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