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  1. It's running around like the headless turkey it is.
  2. did you go to your Warframe ingame options, and see if the Steam account is unlinked or not.
  3. Well...you can get headshots with a Catchmoon, you just don't get a headshot multiplier. But Crit rate that goes over 100% if you use the correct parts, and a Primed Pistol Gambit. Catchmoon will still delete people in single shots anyways. But the type you're looking for is likely Tombfinger, if you want precision over just deleting a room. For power weapons, it's usually just going to be Haymaker Splat or Haymaker Killstream, with the only difference being mag size/reload speed. Killstream for less shots, faster reload. So try, Haymaker KillStream Tombfinger.
  4. I got main blueprint 4 times in a row. I bought one from store before the hotfix too.
  5. Does your Email account still exist? Did you enter your username and password correctly to log into your email account? Did the email get sent to spam?
  6. or......Use Ivara to Prowl and Sleep arrow in any exterminate for Stealth Kill multipliers? Rank 0-30 on weapons in 1-2 runs of Exterminate?
  7. They DID mention that it would be mandatory in an update in the past month. Besides, it's not like you have to turn on 2FA every single time you play, just once so servers recognize your PC.
  8. Hmm....ok I see it. Still, would be better if it was just outright shown on the right making use of all the wasted space. (continues to be blind)
  9. A change to the store I'm disliking so far is, that any weapon I select no longer has its base stats listed for us to oggle. Not sure if this is something that was simply forgotten, or if is removed for sure. Anyways, I'd like for the weapon base stats display to be placed back on the Ship store when selected.
  10. I for one, would like the huge powerful revolver. Except we'll be loading each shot manually like the Strun.
  11. Fragor with some Electric mods? Wolf Sledge with Electric mods if you need the boomerang effect?
  12. Practice at Ce[halon Simaris, Look up youtube videos of people completing the exam, adjust your equipment as needed. With enough preparation and research, you TOO can prove you are better than a Games Journalist.
  13. Stealth kill in exterminate while invisible. 5x affinity kills levels you pretty fast. Depending on the stage you choose, you can hit rank 30 in 1 or 2 runs.
  14. Big Coverage Sleep Arrow AoE by Ivara while in Prowl. Switch to Operator, make use of Stealth Kill multipliers with amp.
  15. 1: travel far in short time, and moves you even while invisible. 2: Invisible, nuff said. 3: Gathers all items nearby, Large AoE, freezes gathered enemies with Augment. OP. 4: Options that shoot stuff dead with autoaim. *looks at other archwings* huh........
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