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  1. Killing enemies with jumpkicks. Pressing crouch while in the air.
  2. Is the Corinth Prime Riven using Corinth Riven stats for anyone? Because mine is.
  3. I'll settle for the first part then. Which is the ability to detonate it after it becomes a dud.
  4. Change your gun's Emissive for a different color. I wish we could detonate it after it has already hit something, or gone too far past a certain distance. Otherwise so far, I enjoy this new Corinth Prime. Oh, and I think the Corinth Prime's Riven is running off the Regular Corinth's riven stats. Because 203% Multishot total is giving me 17.9 pellets.
  5. The secondary fire now is actually more useful to me now. Though I wish I could manually detonate it when I use Ivara's Navigator with it.
  6. @[DE]MeganAny chance we can make the Corinth Prime's Secondary fire still be able to be detonated after it hits something? Since we can now detonate it manually with a second trigger pull.
  7. My Idea: Make the Corinth Prime's Airburst Grenade Secondary Fire, still able to be remotely detonated after it already hit something. If DE is going to give us the ability to manually detonate it already, why can't we detonate it after it already bounced off something's face? Thus, Make it like a single shot version of the Penta Grenade Launcher! Edit: Also a personal aesthetic gripe, The handle that we hold the Corinth Prime from, looks too short and it annoys me. I originally thought we were going to be holding the gun from where the guard is right now, and the trigger is that ring in front of it.
  8. You know what I want? The ability to detonate after the grenade already bounced off something. Make it like a single shot Penta Grenade Round.
  9. where did you find that? Also, There's only a single version on the market as far as I know, and you can't use it on dual wield secondaries. Except for Pyrana Prime when it doubles.
  10. is there a way you could get back into your...dead email?
  11. I agree. Also please apply changes retroactively to regular Titania too.
  12. I use Mag, Magnetize to suck up all the sentients, then oneshot them all with kitgun. I use one of them freakish Mag's with Max Umbra and adaptation. Plus Magus Repair. Yay, Imma Tank/Healer/DPS all the things!!
  13. I parked my Railjack inside the enemy ship, and left the Particle ram facing outwards. Then I went inside and defended my single oplink by myself 9 times. Honestly I think a regular Mobile defense might've been more challenging. My Railjack was only taking taking shield damage, at best. Otherwise was unharmed.
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