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  1. Valkyr's passive is getting up faster. I stuck a primed surefoot on her.
  2. My Corinth Prime has 90% crit chance because of Critical Deceleration alone. Saves me an extra mod space to when I remove Blunderbuss and Laser Sight. So I put shrapnel shot instead, that one that gave 99% Crit damage on kill. I think I had a single pellet kill a level 175 Corrupted heavy gunner.
  3. Maybe they Developed the Warframes by infecting people. Then they dissected everything, made Blueprints of how everything is built/assembled, and made a new Operating System for your Operator to control it with?
  4. Didn't this game used to record things like times seen by the enemy?
  5. I'm reminded of the sidestep, then roll from using a Light Bowgun from Monster Hunter World. That or the sideways Fadeslash on Longsword followed by a roll to the side.
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