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  1. Looks....not very Ivara...at least not mine... I put a Repala syandana on the original frame, and it looks more like a hooded assassin/huntress from medieval times. So...yeah, I'll unfortunately stick to my Ivara Vanilla skin.
  2. If there was more to spread around, I would. But many are hording it for Rivens that they know are going to get nerfed, from popularity. Lots of things are dropping like a rock in price, and everyone's been more stingy with platinum in the trade chats. (goes off to beg elsewhere)
  3. Hopefully it stops people from spending stupid amounts of platinum on a single riven. All that platinum amassing in people's inventory not being circulated, but rather horded for even more expensive riven trades keeps that platinum out of the hands of smaller players trying to get slots. IMO. Spread the wealth!
  4. 1: travel far in short time, and moves you even while invisible. 2: Invisible, nuff said. 3: Gathers all items nearby, Large AoE, freezes gathered enemies with Augment. OP. 4: Options that shoot stuff dead with autoaim. *looks at other archwings* huh........
  5. Restarting fixed that. Also amusingly just now. I wanted to put Melee Channel on my Secondary fire button. Game won't let me, but I noticed it was swapping positions with the Move up and Move Down options. Through some trickery managed to swap Melee channel to be mapped to the same button as Secondary fire. Now I have my Melee channel back. Now if only I can make it Held instead of toggle.
  6. Controller not responding aside from analog sticks inside Options menu. Unresponsive everywhere else. Windows 10, Xbox One Controller connected by USB. Old gripe: Move up and Move down for Archwing does not respond at all when placed on the Left and Right Triggers, L2 R2.
  7. um, just installed this update. My Controller now does nothing. No matter what I press, aside from the analog sticks in the options menu. Have to navigate everything with keyboard and mouse. (XB one controller) edit: Also an old gripe, but I can't get Move down and Move up to work at all for Archwing when they are on the Controller's Triggers. L2 R2.
  8. Would be nice if channeling in midair would activate melee-aimgliding too.
  9. How about if they adjust it to, press melee while gun aimgliding to switch to melee aimgliding, then press melee again for the aimed air to ground dive attack?
  10. The Melee channel being toggle now, will we have a Hold to use option on that?
  11. What if we hold down the secondary fire button while in the air melee mode to aimglide and channel at the same time. Aimglide blocking will be automatic?
  12. How does Melee aimgliding while blocking work now?
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