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  1. Helminth can replace ANY skill. Khora gives Ensnare.
  2. I went with Fleeting Expertise and Streamline to get that 175% Efficiency so I can spam powers for Protea's Passive. Not the most efficient thing to be doing, but mostly just experimenting and playing around with the toolkit.
  3. Amnesia from Ivara's Sleep Arrow only happens "WHEN" the sleep wears off, from my observation of it. Edit: So shoot them as they come out of sleep, for Stealth kill. Lull will apply Amnesia, unless someone hit the alert.
  4. Overheat? reminds me of the old consoles that had YLOD or RROD.
  5. Since you are asking for "Stealth" finishers, I'd suggest adding in Helminth ability "Lull" from Baruuk. Since it's an AoE that puts enemies to sleep, and applies amnesia. Once those are asleep, you can use a stealth finisher and get Stealth kill bonuses which are good great for leveling up anything.
  6. There are two kinds of platinum. Paid Platinum, and Free Platinum. Free Platinum is the kind you get in giveaways that are limited to in game services and purchases. Paid Platinum can do all, and be traded with players. Paid Platinum is from people who paid for their platinum.
  7. Hmm...a large Riot Shield as melee? I can see that, and make it usable for dual wielding with Secondaries. Aim Glide will have you Guard with the shield while still being able to aim your secondary. Melee will be a shield bash. Might even make heavy attacks into like Rhino's charge or even deploy into a larger shield for guarding targets behind you as shoot down enemies. A new defensive type weapon since DE is probably running low on ideas for new mastery fodder.
  8. How about replace the large nightwave creds from the tier list with other stuff while making each tier you go up give 15 nightwave cred as well?
  9. I put Eclipse, to go with boosted power strength passive of Protea.
  10. Considering how many mechanics in the game has changed since those old threads, I think they should be locked. You're better off creating a new thread and getting an up to date answer, than commenting on answers or asking why solutions from years ago aren't working now. I'm of the opinion to lock it if it's been 6 months since last post. Also put a warning to anyone replying that the thread is over a month old.
  11. Can you access your account on the Warframe homepage to change it in settings, or are you locked out of everything? It costs platinum to change though, last I checked.
  12. Are you making use of arcanes? Like Arcane Precision and Arcane Velocity?
  13. If you do it, you will get a complimentary archgun called the Mausalon. That's a really fun one. Besides, everything is Mastery Fodder.
  14. Hmm... So Semi-automatic fire with high damage and fast reload. Kitguns can fit that easily, but you don't like the catchmoon type it seems. You can adjust its stats based on the parts you used. What part of your Catchmoon did you dislike? There is also the Tombfinger type kitgun. Otherwise for non-kitguns, there is always the old but still a favorite, Lex Prime. Though you may need a reload mod for that one. I like "Stunning speed"with it.
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