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  1. I play Warframe on PC with a controller. I don't use the ability menu system, I use the (Cycle ability left or right) selector on my D-pad Left/right and press D-pad Up to activate abilities. So an annoyance I have is whenever I press the Transference button (a button I have a dedicated solely to Focus/Transference) The ability select gets moved to transference instead of staying on a previously selected ability. I kinda want a setting in options, so that pressing the Transference button doesn't move that selector, which will allow me to use my selected ability right away
  2. So when I use this ability: Aegis Storm, I float around, and can't shoot my normal guns. I can activate Balefire, and float around, that's all. My thought here is, if we can't fire our normal guns, and have to actually use Balefire in order to shoot, Why not just have Balefire turn on automatically when I use Aegis storm? Also, sure would save me a skill slot if I subsume Skill 1 Balefire. Any opinions?
  3. I'm just hunting the fish that are floating in the air.
  4. My shock spear was stunning the deimos fish nearby when it explodes I think.
  5. I've been fishing using a Shock spear. Am I doing this wrong?
  6. Hmm...The Azima blueprint is at Simaris Offering on PC. Not sure if it's on Switch. Take a look?
  7. ability to Bullet Jump three times before you hit the ground.
  8. Personally, I'd rather leave my player slots empty, so other players can load in. AI specters tend to cause trouble especially during Spy missions. If I need a specter, I'll use one manually. I don't want it generated automatically otherwise.
  9. The sentinel is basically a smaller floating Moa anyways...
  10. How about an option to revive Sentinels like we revive our doge's.
  11. I'm putting Mag's Pull. Get all those enemies into claw range.
  12. use the button that you use to access control panels instead of the melee button?
  13. I thought they replaced the slots they belonged to. I'll have to reread it.
  14. I think they said they're not allowing 4's.
  15. Just fly around with an Archwing? Have some long range loot detection mods. Flying around the lake is pretty easy for 1-2 per run. Even more if you pay other small bodies of water a visit.
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