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  1. Maybe they Developed the Warframes by infecting people. Then they dissected everything, made Blueprints of how everything is built/assembled, and made a new Operating System for your Operator to control it with?
  2. Didn't this game used to record things like times seen by the enemy?
  3. I'm reminded of the sidestep, then roll from using a Light Bowgun from Monster Hunter World. That or the sideways Fadeslash on Longsword followed by a roll to the side.
  4. Fly around my trade hall in Clan dojo like it's obstacle course to practice precision flying and landing via aimglide, while trading in trade chat.
  5. Oooo Samurai Prime. Also lovely hip armor. Even that axe to the crotch...to a lesser degree.
  6. If you can't use PSF, There's always regular Surefoot and Power Drift. You can tack on fortitude if you really want to push for the 100%
  7. The relic upgrade has always been against me. I upgrade to rare, get common. I don't upgrade at all, get rare/uncommon, never common. I definitely would like the non-restrictive control binding. It's a big pain on consoles, more relaxed on PC though. Very annoying that I can't remove the Ability menu on Railjack for PS4. As for QoL stuff to add. The Railjack console on the orbiter, let it access any menu having to do with configuring the Railjack/Crew instead of only intrinsics and mods. Remove the limit on how many Extractor Units (I bet
  8. Not a single one. They were better off back where they came from.
  9. I wonder DE will add underwater sections to PoE and Orb Vallis. Them sharkwings look mighty underused.
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