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  1. Are you using steam achievements to track weapon usage/popularity? That is completely silly unit of measurement,of course the person who downloaded the game in 2013, played for 2 days and then uninstalled the game to never log on again won't be using the Bramma, it didn't even exist at that point in time. They said in the original post of this thread what the usage ratio is for this weapon is, "(about 3 times more popular than anything else)", I'm more inclined to believe DE has stats that are more relevant and focused than literally every person to download the game,ever.
  2. This doesn't make all weapons attractive, this makes one weapon better than the others 100% of the time in whatever that situation may be. Homogenization doesn't bring weapon diversity either, people will pick the strongest weapon because its the strongest,not every weapon should have high crit chance and not every weapon should have high status chance, that's what makes them different. Variety of weaponry is a big deal in Warframe and i'm sure people don't want weapons to be all the same functionally only different visually.
  3. That is how Vigilante Supplies works, the Primary weapon musted be equiped and unless your secondary is full then it wont convert the secondary ammo into primary
  4. Stahlta fires one explosion after a 1.6 second charge. Bramma fired one explosion plus 7 more after a .4 seconds charge. That's kind of a big difference no?
  5. The thing is that everyone with a brain is just using Vigilante Supplies now (they were before),the people complaining will just get the nerfed switched to another aspect of the weapon that you can't recoup,aka fire rate,or pure damage,then we will have a whole other wave of complaints demanding they change it back. All you have to do is put one mod on that sits in the least intrusive slot on your weapon and the worst or the nerf is negated.
  6. Son what are you even saying, this change is for unreleased rivens, how have you spent plat on things not even in the game yet? Take off your tinfoil hat you lunatic LMAO
  7. The reason I give this argument because there is nothing else you can offer to something who says "this is my weapon,no one can touch it because its mine". Any discussion about the whys and the reasons for such changes is swiftly relegated to their brains trashcan,no consideration done about what was said at all. Arguing with them is completely futile cause they stand on a statement that is irrational,so all you can say at the end of the day is that they are entitled to nothing here and that's just the truth of the matter.
  8. We have fine-tuning weapons. You can use mods to make the weapon the way you want it to be. If it does not suit you - try a new one!
  9. Remember that basically nothing in any online game belongs to you, don't be foolish, DE could take everything from you account for any reason whatsoever, or no reason at all. The game is their personal space and you are allowed to participate in it,but don't get it twisted and say anything in it belongs to you because it doesn't.
  10. An Augment already exist that does precisely that for Ivara, and I'm pretty sure if they did that there would be an even bigger stink claiming it was unusable,personally id love something like that since I like when you are rewarded for hitting headshots.
  11. Relish the moment of reprieve you have before all the people who spammed this weapon who have stopping using it out of spite or uninstalled the game because this change has "gone too far" come back and realize its still better than 90% of weapons.
  12. Yes they have,they've decided it is still too strong and will be removing all explosive properties from the weapon. 🙂
  13. Hate to break it to you, but even single player games have items that are nerfed. Why? Because its the developers game and if they don't feel like something preforms how they wanted it to they have every right to change it,its no different here. Having something that is grossly overpowered making everything in your game irrelevant,all the things you worked hard on not even getting a second glance probably doesn't feel very good.
  14. Is this not what you imply when you bring up mastery rank in every single thread? If it said mastery rank 100 on it, would that justify it instantly annihilating the entire map with a click of a button? Yes you can get prime weapons before having the required mastery rank by buying them with real money,why wouldn't you? That's a benefit of supporting the game.
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