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  1. This is lovely. Please make more.
  2. Sounds cool. Thanks, Drop Master Megan. Is there any plan to implement additional functionality, like the drop monsters you showcased back around the launch of Fortuna, or is this just going to help people ensure that they get their drops?
  3. Thanks! Thank you so much for that one especially. You have no idea how much I needed it.
  4. Like Aadi880 said, the DX12 beta driver was accidentally set as default with this update. If you switch back to the DX11 driver, the hitching at the start of missions should disappear. DX12 loads and compiles shaders radically differently from prior DX versions, and the devs at DE are still optimizing their code and working out the kinks to get WF running more smoothly in DX12.
  5. Where's the challenge where you have to try to tranq a Velocipod while riding a Velocipod? Surely nothing bad could come of that...
  6. This issue has been around for a long time now. I hope the UI team has a chance to take a look at it. Right now, the Railjack map in the Tactics UI shifts around to keep the player's position centered onscreen. This becomes an issue when players attempt to teleport between the helm and the forge, as the opposite end of the ship is often cut off by other UI elements, blocking the clickable teleport point and forcing players to move away from the far end of the ship before attempting to teleport. In a game like WF, with such fast and fluid movement, this becomes a significant nuisance. If t
  7. Hey @[DE]Megan, I took a screenshot of our Wukongs looking fabulous
  8. Using the alt-fire on the Phantasma with the Energized Munitions ability active consumes exactly 1 ammo, regardless of charge level.
  9. You can get help if you send a message to support at https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/es
  10. Mesh changes look nice on the operator, but could we see some examples of weapons and frames?
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