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  1. What is the future of Archwing? A friend of mine is concerned that it's being removed in its current form.
  2. Excited to see you guys Are there plans to update the gameplay of Grineer Railjack missions to match the style of the Corpus ones?
  3. If you go into UI color customization and add colors from the Accessibility palette to your favorites, those colors also become available for use on your gear in the Arsenal. This can be used, for example, to obtain pure black without purchasing the Smoke color palette.
  4. You can clip through the floor in this spot in the new tileset. F6 screenshot attached.
  5. I've noticed the same bug. If you leave the objective area or if another player fails to be teleported in, people can be stuck outside. As a workaround, you can still shoot yourself through the door with the archwing slingshot.
  6. Thanks for the update. Board looks like a nice addition.
  7. PSA: Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend in Canada. For the next two weeks, streams will start one hour earlier than usual for European viewers.
  8. Kermit voice: Why are there so many Songs about Tenno...
  9. Right, killing the enemies isn't even necessary. New Riven challenge incoming: Complete a solo Interception without killing anyone.
  10. It would actually promote roaming more if they INCREASED the number of towers, forcing players to take a more active role in defense instead of just sitting still.
  11. Looks cool so far. I'm kinda sad to see Gian Point go. I don't know if I would have bothered to level up all my Kuva weapons without it. I understand your reasoning, but the Gian Point farm was more a symptom than it was a problem in itself, at least from my perspective. Sometimes the grind just gets to be a bit much in places, and that node was an easy way out of it. Plus, it was a lot more interesting than the "Push 4 to win" farm on Hydron. If there's not a Terraria-themed easter egg on the Terraria Terminal node (around 18:44 in the video), I will be disappointed. Lastly, wi
  12. This is lovely. Please make more.
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