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  1. UPDATE: I got my code last night. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
  2. Those were some sick burns, Rebb. You were on fire today.
  3. @[DE]Megan How long should we wait before putting in a support ticket if we haven't gotten our rewards? I know the emails haven't started going out just yet. I just don't want you guys getting overwhelmed with needless support tickets.
  4. You can actually run the tool in a web browser on any platform. Just navigate to the "newui" folder in the install location and open "index.html". I never tried uploading anything, but you can open and view models and textures at the very least.
  5. After watching the sound design panel at Tennocon, I feel compelled to ask for a Brussels sprout glyph in game.
  6. Thanks for working after-hours to post this Sunday night. Your dedication is appreciated.
  7. Hey, welcome to the community from one of the players in your first stream (the one shamelessly promoting streamer QueenMisrule by putting her glyph up everywhere). Warframe's community is the most helpful, friendly, and inclusive community I've seen in gaming. It's also generally friendly towards women (region chat can still be a s**t-show sometimes) because it was built by a woman, the dedicated, talented, and much-beloved @[DE]Rebecca. Drop her a message and say thanks. She'd love to hear it.
  8. Hydroid came for me last night. So far I have everything but the trivia contest rewards.
  9. Thanks for the squad Megan and Danielle. It was a blast. It's a shame Rebb couldn't be there. I had a joke I wanted to tell about the Lotus and the Megan hostage.
  10. Wow, generous drops this week. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to Tennocon!
  11. Innertubes only appear on players when you are the host of the mission. If you are a guest, they will not show up.
  12. This was a really great idea. However, color palettes weren't showing up on mouseover for me in Firefox.
  13. I noticed the ribbon disappears in Dog Days and dojos, but it's there for me in normal missions.
  14. I just got mine. Thanks for the extra goodies.
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