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  1. But this was fun. Like actually FUN. Being on Mesa with her augment and having the super snappy/quick dodge roll was such a joy to play when paired with the sprint mod too! @[DE]Megan ... Should have tried it with Titania and her Dex Pixia while I still had the chance to have fun for a few weeks. :s
  2. Yo what the #*!% is with this change? What gratitude? Who cares if the damn creatures come back unharmed? The tranq gun is S#&$ to use and no range buff is going to fix it.
  3. Please tell me there is more actual changes on the way. As this stands this is completely underwhelming. Razorwing should have vacuum ages ago. So should have the other companions as well... Razorwing Blitz should be inherently part of the ability and not some bandaid mod adjustment. Tribute is still mostly useless but the removal of stacking is a nice change. Lantern is still completely useless. Spellbind is still mostly just going to be spammed to get Razorwing Blitz to max stacks and that's it...
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