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  1. Because it's not the hero we deserve.
  2. Alt helmet was made with better tech, couple years after default Umbra model. Compare the lines, they are noticeably blurrier on original helmet. Umbra's body and default helmet should be updated.
  3. How about... TRIPLE EXALTED BLADES. It'll look even cooler.
  4. Even then it wasn't marked, most info on that part was on their website iirc. They should've just added the waypoint long ago.
  5. Nothing to do with any quests. Unlocking Deck 12 was a second part of Thermia event when DE introduced it for the first time.
  6. Xaero

    Nightwave Burnout

    I'm not burnt out by Nightwave at all, BUT I'm all for a purchasable Nightwave pack including all its rewards.
  7. Yeah, we also need an ability to opt out from all gameplay and just enjoy the view from Orbiter cockpit.
  8. IMO syandanas are not that appealing anymore since there are tons of them already. And to me personally they've completely lost their value because DE decided to not separate Umbra's scarf from other attachments. Clipping is horrible.
  9. Are bot accounts even allowed in this game?
  10. Channeling only drains energy when you hit an enemy or block incoming damage. It never drained your energy constantly. I guess you're just using one of the channeled abilities which drain energy over time and can be turned on/off (Exalted Blade, for example). Anyways, channeling is still here, you can always check by yourself, just equip your melee and don't use any abilities. Isn't Alt Fire button listed in controls for gamepads?
  11. Leads to unnecessary confusion. You can edit the title. There can be no double meaning to what you've stated: Wrong. Channeling by itself only boosts melee damage and blocking capabilities. Any additional effects come from mods. Wrong. Energy is drained per hit. Which actually makes channeling not worth using most of the time. These are two separate systems and Focus have absolutely nothing to do with what you've described. Ignorance doesn't make your point valid. And now you know Channeling is still here, but you haven't edited your post for some reason. And control changes were actually stated in XB1 24.5.0 patch notes. Check below. Channeling: Channeling will be a toggle set to your alt-fire button when in melee mode. Melee Channeling will no longer be able to be rebound due to it completely breaking the Melee changes. We apologize for the discomfort this may cause for those who have built their controllers comfortably around a different binding.
  12. You don't know what you're talking about. Channeling system, as you've described it, never existed. And the real channeling system wasn't removed, check controls.
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