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  1. Naramon for fast travelling and combo counter.
  2. Try this. The build's at the end of the video.
  3. Xaero

    Parazon Prime

    Prime skin? Yes. Also, Orbiter Prime, Railjack Prime and Amp Prime.
  4. Spend some intrinsic points, get the "summon Necramech on any mission" perk, go to missions where you level up your frame.
  5. У Симариса можно чертежи выкупить. Находится он в реле Земли, Меркурия, Сатурна и Плутона.
  6. Stalker not being a threat is just a part of another huge issue. DE should make SP Stalker drop Steel Essence though.
  7. Combined with the new ultimate, it will just become a better Exalted Blade.
  8. I'd swap status effects between Radiation, Magnetic and Void. Radiation - Disrupt. Magnetic - Bullet Attractor. Void - Confusion.
  9. Avionic abilities... for guns? Can't imagine how it's possible. Maybe you mean some additional passive effects from shooting turrets? Unless these effects include a huge nuke, turrets won't be able to compete with Tether. Ok, let's give turrets a huge nuke effect. Shoot a fighter, all fighters in couple hundred (thousand?) meters area are instantly destroyed. Does it sound like a good solution? If yes, Particle Ram is next in line. How do we buff it to Tether level? Make it the size of a planet?
  10. Ok, let's use your logic with Tether avionics example. Right now Tether makes turrets absolutely redundant when you're dealing with fighters (excluding the need to shoot the bubble). Why? Because Tether just instantly blows up all fighters in a huge area. So how do you buff turrets to Tether level?
  11. Depends on "endgame" meaning, but if we're talking about all the rewarding content, any frame with an almost completely identical build can be pretty viable, without using any abilities.
  12. You should read the guidelines regarding constructive feedback to understand what I'm talking about. https://forums.warframe.com/guidelines/
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