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  1. Still no fix for missing normal maps on Operator suits.
  2. Currently, NPC bodies (but not helmets) are colored according to chosen room colors. Would be nice if you could fully color them separately from the room they are in.
  3. Ah, I thought you wanted DE to make EP glyph look something like this:
  4. Shouldn't you compare it to frame glyphs though? Looks pretty much in line with them.
  5. Yeah, guess they wanted Ironbride to be slow no matter what.
  6. EHP mods. Everything that modifies abilities except range since all abilities that are affected by it are worthless. Jump height. Melee attack speed for faster slam landings. Ignore the rest of melee-related mods, they only affect that useless left arm. You can fill the rest of the slots with engine-related mods (capacity, efficiency).
  7. Khora's Whipclaw and some other abilities use your equipped melee as statsticks, which means that some mods equipped on melee apply to Whipclaw as well.
  8. Perhaps you don't have a melee weapon equipped. Just tested her in Simulacrum and the damage is the same.
  9. Sounds like you don't even know what exactly was nerfed.
  10. I’d be happy with just wf.market incorporated into the game.
  11. 4 fixes passed, but normal maps on operator suits are still missing. Was deleting them intended?
  12. Aside from completionist feeling or actually liking Necramech gameplay? Probably not. Though there's also a chance DE will scrap the whole idea like they did with Lunaro as a PvE weapon or Echoes of Umbra.
  13. Leveling Necramechs is a real pain though. At least until they are allowed in regular missions.
  14. The difference in acquisition might be explained by being lucky/unlucky with the Smeeta boost.
  15. Not everything is listed in profile, some items require you to get them first and start levelling them to appear in your profile. This is MR30 pre-Arcana breakdown. Check it and tell me in which categories you have less exp.
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