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  1. DE. PLEASE. having us SPEND three forma to GAIN three forma is insulting; You have implemented a reward that is completely negated by the challenge. And is only made WORSE by making us repeat it.
  2. 1) With railjack in the works, will we be seeing solar rails and other Orokin research assets being re-implemented or repurposed for this new game mode; possibly as docks or resupply stations? 2) Given Archwing hasn’t been as popular as the main game, can we be expecting to see some more retooling of movement controls and mechanics, and possibly, hybridization with other conventional game modes and mission? 3) With Crisma and Lazulite Toroids being drops from the two orb mothers we can currently fight, can we expect to see the lesser Toroids being incorporated into the drop tables of the other Raknoids? 4) Now that we have MOA companions, how about the other proxies; Quadrupeds like hyenas and Zanuka, or Ospreys? 5) What can we expect to see for new modular weapons? And will we be seeing assets from previous non-modular weapons included in this system? 6) Parts of the current warframe story are out of order due to the new star chart (Patient Zero now only accessible AFTER the The Second Dream). What are your plan to fix this? 7) For ease of access, can we get Kuva and nightmare missions listed in the former alerts tab?
  3. Adding in toggles for the parts that have suffered in this update would be an excellent addition to the game; While not my preferred design, I can easily see the bottom half of the Varida hood becoming its own independent cosmetic similar to the Warframes' syandana. DE, I know this is getting complicated, but having more options for character customization is always welcome.
  4. Common questions, but still worth asking: 1: with the addition of railjack, will Archwing be seeing any changes or improvements? navigation and movement in archwing has been hampered by the conserved momentum from maneuver to maneuver . 2: With the Nintendo Switch now entering the picture, can we please get some cross-platform play? Even if accounts can't be transferred, it would be nice on all sides for PC and console players to be able to interact (even if we on PC had to wait for console certification before new updates arrived).
  5. DE, the key to keeping your player/customer base happy is NOT changing the rules of a promotional event on them as the event is hitting peak hours.
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