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  1. Eidolon limb damage is broken since latest mainline update. They take way more damage than they should.
  2. Mmm, stupid sexy chocolate icecream man...
  3. Lenses don't soak any affinity, they don't "convert" any affinity to focus. Also lenses don't even work unless gear they're equipped until they're rank 30. What's the point?
  4. Well, in my humble opinion I don't think you need to be told to be patient. Kinda can figure it out yourself don't you think? Support team is fairly small as far as I'm aware.
  5. No other mission is named Kuva Survival specifically tho, so I don't see a problem. People better educate themselves on the game better. Like proper reading instead of needing handholding.
  6. Warframe is like, under 35GB. Besides SSD's don't need defragging. Cache optimization just makes sure you don't have any unnecessary files in your installation folder to speed up your loading times and prevent various bugs that they might cause. You can either A) Upgrade to a bigger SSD, they've come down in price significantly so it shouldn't be hard to shell out some cash for an upgrade. Not immediately but before Christmas, since Warframe will be getting a big update around that time. B) Move your installation to another drive, optimize cache there and move it back. Or C) Uninstall Warframe completely and reinstall it on the same drive, which would be the last option if you don't have any better choices.
  7. So, we getting a Djent Shawzin anytime soon or?
  8. Neither do I and I only did one or two hunts since this weirdness popped up, might try with weaker weapons. Probably nothing changed in that regard. I'm more of a casual hunter than most so I don't use VS.
  9. Energize was distributed during first season.
  10. This. Also I don't think Eidolons were changed on purpose, like amps deal less damage to shields but it's easier to blow off limbs. For your average eidolon hunter this isn't easier in any way, any competent DPS already blew off synovias in less than half a second but less damage to Eido shields means EVERYONE kills them slower than before. Not sure where you got the idea it's easier. Mind giving a source or some maths perhaps so I can test it myself?
  11. You can already fast travel to Syndicates from Syndicate console on your Orbiter.
  12. This isn't a bug and a handful of other sentinel mods have been like this for a pretty long time.
  13. Well, IRL both R&D and manufacturing process takes time and costs money. This is fine, not like credits are an issue especially when Index exists.
  14. Ash's Blade Storm deals true damage already, and then applies a slash proc which ignores all shields and armor. Stripping armor doesn't make Blade Storm any more powerful. Sure this will be a power positive change in any case, cause more shurikens for less energy means more damage for you and your teammates but personally I wouldn't bother with it if I were on dev team.
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