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  1. The difference between all of your examples and Conclave is that those are all PvE. Making PvP rewards available in PvE is completely different from allowing PvE rewards to be gained in PvE.
  2. Background: I'd like to preface this post with the fact that I don't play conclave. I'm barely whirlwind and I don't even recall playing most of that to obtain that rank. Being MR27, I've played a fair amount of Warframe, but am by no means a veteran. If I've got anything wrong, or if you have points you'd like to add feel free to let me know. The intention of this post is to facilitate a discussion about the possibilities of Conclave in the future. I've also posted this on the Warframe Reddit. Universal Medallions: I get that this is an unpopular opinion, but universal medallions should not apply to conclave standing. I’ve seen the argument of “Well if someone wanted to max out conclave with them it would take thousands of hours!!!” and I agree that’s absurd. It’s clear that DE never intended them to be used that way. I get that there is a bit of frustration with the whole situation of DE saying they would be able to be used that way and then backtracking on that. DE has frequently introduced items/game modes/etc. into Warframe and expanded/changed them based upon player feedback in the past. It’s likely that these medallions are one of many of DE’s experiments, and that there’s potential for higher drop rates/more valuable medallions that could be implemented in the future. I know it may sound extreme, but I believe adding a PvE way to obtain the conclave rewards through these medallions is a start towards the slippery slope of making PvP completely irrelevant in Warframe. Introducing a PvE way to obtain PvP rewards is not the solution. The solution should be to change and improve Conclave into a state where players can still have an enjoyable PvP experience and gain rewards at a reasonable pace. State of Conclave: It's pretty clear to see that Conclave has been neglected and ignored by the majority of the player base as well as DE. If nothing changes, it will likely continue to remain this way and just be a relic gathering dust in our orbiters.Conclave has a lot of issues, but also a lot of potential Current Issues: Servers: Conclave relies on player hosted servers, meaning that many players can often experience high ping/lag if they are in a region that is located far away from those servers. Migrating Conclave to dedicated servers hosted by DE would be a good way to help decrease this imbalance. I know that seems like a stretch, but I feel it's achievable as Conclave will likely still have a small player base making the servers not too burdened. Perhaps it could even serve as a sort of test in the event DE ever makes the decision to switch to dedicated servers for normal missions. Players: Let’s face it, not a lot of people play conclave. Often players will not be able to find matches to even gain conclave standing as there is simply no one queuing up. Additionally, the skill disparity of conclave players seems to be very high. Players are either very experienced or not experienced at all with little in between. This results in players who might want to try playing conclave getting destroyed by a skilled player and getting turned off of playing entirely. Effort to Reward Ratio: Standing is gained by performing well: Getting kills, completing objectives, etc. This is fine conceptually, however it becomes an issue when players are frequently unable to actually get kills and complete objectives due to being outclassed by a veteran conclave player. It's difficult at the moment to gain standing at any sort of efficient rate. Challenges might benefit from changing to focus more on participation rather than victories. Why play Conclave? For a lot of players, completionism is something that's important. Conclave offers a plethora of rewards to collect like mods, weapon skins, sigils, captura scenes, and a syandana. Additionally, there's plenty of room for more rewards to be added in the future depending on the direction Conclave ends up going. However, not all players are interesting in "catching them all" and that's fine too! PvP doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. There's plenty of fun to be had in competing with your fellow Tenno. Future Potential: There's a wide variety of new modes that could be added to provide new PvP experiences, the possibilities are limitless. K-Drive Racing, Stalker Mode, Corpus vs. Grineer, etc. TL;DR: Conclave has a lot of problems: servers, low population, skill disparity, effort/reward ratio, etc. Universal medallions aren't meant to be a substitute for conclave. There's plenty of fun to be had in playing PvP as well as collecting the rewards conclave has to offer. And there's plenty of room for new and exciting modes that can make getting conclave standing easier and fun while not comprising on it's PvP exclusivity.
  3. Maybe now I'll be able to finally get the Dual Kama Prime that's been vaulted for nearly 2 years.
  4. I actually completely disagree with this action. I think it's unreasonable to remove scores and suspend/ban players for finding the most efficient ways within the games allowed rules to get a higher score. Blaming the players for using a warframe's ability in a way that it has always performed because DE failed to anticipate this application isn't okay.
  5. Why add debt bonds as opposed to the basic toroids? We already have plenty of methods of obtaining debt bonds as well as Solaris United standing.
  6. Still no other methods to obtaining Sola/Vega/Calda toroids?
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