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  1. This problem seems to be quite common, It happened to one of my clan mates. We decided to give it a few tries, and extract as soon as we noticed a problem. Sometimes he wouldn't get any score from the beginning, and a couple of times, he would get points at first, but then his score would freeze and wouldn't go any higher no matter what. But, about 1 in 5 runs, the score would track properly and he was able to get the 4k score needed for both weapons. Just keep trying it, and if you see the score not change, restart. Hopefully it won't take too long before you can get a run without the score glitching
  2. With the 3rd goal so close already, and plenty of time left for this gifting event, are DE going to create a 4th goal to encourage further gifting, and increase the real life donation too?
  3. You do realise that would solve nothing. If the "lodestar zenistar" had anything different about it, there would still be the same 'i want it noe' people complaining about having to wait to get it, and they would still be using the argument that it's cos of the affinity, even though that measly 3k affinity means less and less as we reach towards mr26+
  4. As someone who is approaching 950 logins, can we get some info on what types of rewards we will see after 1000 days? And will the 1000+ day rewards be planned for ahead. Currently, everyone except those players at the far end of the login rewards (900+) will have a choice of reward, but those those at the end of the login system will have to have what we are given. Any chance we could have a choice of reward at each milestone too?
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