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  1. The correction would be to to not have avionics capacity as a rng stat. Let's hope atleast, they don't just boost the drop chance from 2% to 3% and call it day like sometimes do.
  2. Finished first in last Event Hallowed Flame with twice the points of any other clan in any platform! We are back to recruiting! Requirements: - Mastery rank 20+ - Minimum of 600 hours of playtime in warframe. What's expected of you - Registration on discord https://discord.gg/4XJHxdr (no mic required) - All members are expected to contribute | Resource Donations | Clan events | Warframe Operations | Chat Interaction | Discord | Leeches will be purged Leave a message here or on the forum recruitment post or add me in game with a message saying you wanna join.
  3. You mixed up the orbital winners with the dojo winners.
  4. Can we get the event scores added on profile like all other leaderboard events?
  5. Remnants of the Void We are an active clan that: - Possess high activity numbers with players playing together. There's members online at any time. - Full Research ( including Hema and ignis wraith) - Clan Website http://hawkikill.wixsite.com/rv-pv - Active Discord https://discord.gg/rv-pv or https://discord.gg/4XJHxdr (over 4000 people in it). -Finished 1st place in the last Event: Pacifist Defect - http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php -Finshed 1st place in the last Event: Ambulas Reborn - http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/ambulasReborn.php - First place on Hostile Mergers http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/hostileMergers.php - First Place on Hallowed Flame - Winners of the dojo remaster contest for best looking dojo, and were the first moon clan to be featured in the global starmap. Requirements - Mastery rank 20+ - Minimum of 600 hours of playtime in warframe on your profile. Exceptions: If you have either 30 000 points in Hostile Mergers or 1000 hours ingame, you can be made exception to the other two requirements. Looking for players that will participate in clan matters and warframe operations/events. Clan matters range from dojo donations, to helping clan mates, doing eidolons, being on discord, participating in clan events or simply keeping clan chat active. Leave a post here for an invite or pm one of the recruiters ingame. We are currently recruiting . If you dont match the requirements to join, we have an academy clan that shares same alliance and discord with us called Phantom Vanguard
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