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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. When placing grineer statues in the dojo, the fps when looking at them, drops considerably. 144fps here (it's locked to that, so it would be higher) 73 fps here This is in the same room. However diferent view angles. Tribuna statues (text decor) also have the same effect but less fps drop. However tribunas will drop your fps from anywhere in the dojo, even if you are standing in a room with no tribuna statues placed, as long as there are a lot of them placed in the dojo somewhere, your fps will drop. Tribuna statues also affect loading screen times, as they have to be loaded into the dojo along with the room you spawn in. So if you place tribunas somewhere in the dojo, your clanmates loading times will increase. As you can see here, tribunas built in rooms far away can still be seen and have to be rendered even if you are far away. Thus lowering your fps.
  3. ye. It most will also claim to be active aswell, which is obviously not true when you miss research like that.
  4. I don't know why DE hasnt fixed this issue in the years since dark sectors has been removed. They can just have the mastery automatically awarded or something. Nobody would really care. To be fair though, there are plently of clans (specially moon) missing regular research but still advertising as having full research. Disgusting for me, specially since they also usually advertise as being "active" but yet missing research. Lying and misleading people.
  5. Remnants of the Void We are an active clan that: - Possess high activity numbers with players playing together. There's members online at any time. - Full Research ( including Hema and ignis wraith) - Clan Website http://hawkikill.wixsite.com/rv-pv - Active Discord https://discord.gg/rv-pv or https://discord.gg/4XJHxdr (over 4000 people in it). -Finished 1st place in the last Event: Pacifist Defect - http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php -Finshed 1st place in the last Event: Ambulas Reborn - http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/ambulasReborn.php - First place on Hostile Mergers http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/hostileMergers.php - First Place on Hallowed Flame - Winners of the dojo remaster contest for best looking dojo, and were the first moon clan to be featured in the global starmap. Requirements - Mastery rank 20+ - Minimum of 600 hours of playtime in warframe on your profile. Exceptions: If you have either 30 000 points in Hostile Mergers or 1000 hours ingame, you can be made exception to the other two requirements. Looking for players that will participate in clan matters and warframe operations/events. Clan matters range from dojo donations, to helping clan mates, doing eidolons, being on discord, participating in clan events or simply keeping clan chat active. Leave a post here for an invite or pm one of the recruiters ingame. We are currently recruiting . If you dont match the requirements to join, we have an academy clan that shares same alliance and discord with us called Phantom Vanguard
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