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  1. http://wrfr.me/2021dojos fill this out or whatever website link they gave you in the inbox message. At the end of the form, you type the code that they gave you in the same inbox message.
  2. Destiny has pretty fun pve modes where 2 squads fight against each other in pve settings. Warframe could work that into their game modes and make conclave more enjoyable for a lot of people.
  3. Nice changes for the clan/alliance screens. It looks better and with more functionality.
  4. How about the issue on pc, where if you use navigation on your dojo to select a mission, after the mission ends you will be sent back to the dojo and suffer a drop to 5 fps for 1 or 2 minutes. Making it unbearable to launch missions from dojo.
  5. So are going to get a replacement or place to recruit in this forums. Cuz this place right here https://forums.warframe.com/forum/85-recruitment/ is not a solution or does it work for any of the clans that recruited in this forums and please stop pretending that it does.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/q2P9bPm Suposedly the gpu and cpu are not loading anything during the loading screens. Which leads to the fps drop when we actually reach dojo. The fact that they don't adress this at all is pretty sad. 90% of the bugs they fixed in the latest patches are not as annoying as this 1 and this bug has a 100% guarantee of happening.
  7. this is still a big issue and has been an issue for over half a year. Aborting a mission on railjack will make this happen 100% of time. Launching a mission from navigation in the dojo is now a torture and unthinkable. It hasn't been adressed by anyone. So I would atleast like to know if it's known and being worked on or not.
  8. it doesn't work, tried both, optimized cache, verified cache. It's a warframe bug. You can load from orbiter to dojo just fine, but coming back from a normal mission or aborting a railjack mission, it's a nightmare.
  9. If you select a mission from navigation in the dojo after you finish the mission and load back into the dojo, you will experience about 5 fps for a solid minute or two. Before mission and just loading into the dojo normal. https://ibb.co/1QGk4ww After a mission selected from the dojo navigation and loading in. I couldn't get an actual image of the dojo or quit the progress screen due to low fps but this is inside the dojo. https://ibb.co/Xp43Mzc This issue has persisted for over 1 month now across multiple diferent dojos for pretty much everyone that uses them to launch missions. Ra
  10. Remnants of the Void Remnants of the Void is an endgame, competitive clan. We have active members across the globe, with hundreds of players online during the day; you'll always be able to find someone to grind with. We have been dominating clan events for the past 4 years, achieving first place in every competitive clan event. As a member of Remnants of the Void, you will have access to our award-winning dojo, complete with full research, an active drydock, and a plethora of beautifully decorated rooms. We provide comprehensive guides for me
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