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  1. Some spoiler related material involved with the inspiration of my ability ideas so read at your own risk.

    Passive Void Residue: Taking damage will leave void residue on the floor that will damage enemies and stays until stepped on by an enemy or the player goes out of range of the residue.
    (Will require a maximum amount allowed to be around at a time of course but the idea is like nezha's fire step but built into a passive and isn't really area of effect but rather singular target)

      Power 1 Void Wager: Consuming energy you have a chance at getting a crazy random effect that could be good or bad the buffs would be in relation to increase in armor health or shields maybe damage temporarily or temporarily decrease those things out of bad luck (Only affects the player that casts)


    the void gives and the void takes away, its rng and might sound like a troll but thats why it would actually have a good chance at being either good or bad for the player.

      Power 2: Void Infuse: Blanket the floor around you with a void like mist that once stepped on by an enemy it will form itself around that enemy slowly draining its life force, if the enemy dies the players get a orb that replenishes health for a short period of time. (The enemy will can still be shot and die from other means but the orb on allies and the player is only if the last hit is from the ability) If the enemy is still alive after the ability duration has ended it will be in a weakened state for quite some time. Also if allies kill the enemy inside before the duration or the health drain kills the enemy then the area around the enemy/ability will explode. (This ability is activation and automatically places itself whenever there's no blanket but the power is active) 

    Power 3 Broken Desire: From old warframes past you attempt to cast an ability that once existed but is cast only some what leaving behind abstract, sharp like floating energy. (Thinking duration based and can summon more than one.) Whenever you shoot inside them the bullets inside will bounce around rapidly along with having increased kinetic damage and if no enemy steps inside to take the hits, the bullets will find a way out and shoot towards the nearest enemy but won't always hit one.

    Power 4 Void Root: Void roots burst out of the warframe striking into enemies, leaving them and the warframe immobile thus dealing damage over time to enemies ramping up more as enemies unaffected shoot the warframe or its roots. If the warframe loses all health during void root, void root will be disabled consuming all energy which will then restore the warframe to full health and cause a extremely powerful void blast. (Was thinking just a press ability and not activation but maybe a charged to help people not accidentally press it) 


    I think they are called aborraforms? the white plants we see around lua or in the void and they probably seem harmless or are they?


  2. For my submission i would put a angelic demonic mix warframe and it would be like a mix of two themes to create something new in one theme but the idea i am going for isn't to make it sound like one half will be angelic and the other demonic but probably more so a mix.
    No art and nothing solid for a backstory but i could give a idea or two but will contain spoilers so read at your own risk of getting spoilers.


    On terms with lore i would guess somewhere with ballas naturally i guess and somewhere about how he might think hes the good guy or something from his point of view i don't really know for sure but he does seem to say some things and looks at things on his own morale outlook? 
    If i were to say anything just on the spot on the idea it would be that the warframe isn't exactly demonic or angelic and that those are just words to describe its appearance maybe? For example my name could be slayer because i just think the name is cool even if i don't "slay" if you get what i am going for there.


  3. I know there is quite a bit of stuff that was in past devstreams that seemed to go off the horizon if possible would like to hear about whats happening with it.

    Are there any plans to do some make visual changes to the powers on nyx? not a fan of the those braton shooter holograms and would like to see physic bolts green coloring to not being locked to just green.


    Will amalgam weapons possibly feature both physical and energy for bullets? If not will we see anything similar in the near future?

    I know some weapons are in the game that can be similar to this like boltor even though the bullets come out lighting up blue, there was also tazicor which features a unique physical and electric look although it is only usable by sentinels of course.


  4. I feel like profit taker takes more to take it on not only do players have to get top rank in fortuna standing to fight it but that the exploiter orb even though you need resources it seems more easy to fight, the attacks don't seem often or powerful and its not locked which for some reason also gives more standing from lazul vs crisma? This does not have much to do with the feedback here for thermia but i feel like thermia should be harder overall considering the above like what was it 12k standing for the exploiter orb toroids? I do see how thermia can be boring because it feels like a mobile defense / excavation with a small twist as for ideas maybe harder for less time? 

  5. We ever gonna expand on pets and have our very own hyena/zanuka or any different plans for new pets? along with this any plans to change how mods work through sentinel weapons and player weapons -right now we need a copy of a mod to use it on both. I am excited for nyx and atlas deluxe and hope we get a little quest like about a year ago when apostasy prologue launched. One last thing please change how the visuals of nyx 2nd power looks the green aura makes me think theres a healer ancient neaby healing those enemies when its actually me or someone else using the power also the coloring when reinforcing tectonics with atlas.

  6. Wish we had a rift we could see better in and it would be amazing if the rift was an area the players could go to and have it be like a empty battle arena or customizable area. The changes are nice for us players in teamwork however I feel like he still needs tweaking his only real survival is through the rift which isn't so much in his favor since the enemies can still kill him there just as easy without stasis.

  7. 1 minute ago, NightmareT12 said:

    My brothers... did I not tell of this day? Did I not prophesize this moment...?


    ...maybe not, but I'0m expecting this to hit by E3's week now (either week before or that same one), with the trailer premiering at the end of next week's Devstream.

    Update 23, at very long last.

    I can feel it just completed my loadouts for umbra (finally) those akbolto receivers were hiding from me

  8. How I make of all of this: I love the challenge that the raid has given me I have not done the jordas raid yet but hope I will later in the future, to add onto that it would be nice to see more raids. I for one would love to see a plains of eidolon raid with more than the standard 8 player party perhaps of course it could be difficult to track people down but the idea just seems (interesting). The one thing I could see that would contribute to players not being happy is that temporary could mean many months to a year due to past delayed things and I guess if it was only for a few weeks you'd might not use the term temporary so were looking at a hurtful few months possibly for people that love raids I and im sure many others would not be happy if it was delayed such as some past delayed things best example:



    (I really hope he comes soon) -every update (crosses fingers for "Tenno are you ready FOR A SACRIFICE!?") look forward to devstream soon tm.

  9. When vay hek asks us if we have ever made a sacrifice, waited for umbra for 2.5 years and then spring 2018 either longer or we make another sacrifice. All the upset people here about upcoming changes for IPS


    S  A  L  T  Y  you can warn them how you think its a bad idea but being demanding of it wont help lol


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