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  1. Thing is, in situations where you are clearing rooms at the touch of a button, you wouldn't be getting killed anything that you couldn't identify because it would likely be the only thing left standing. I'm talking about the situations where you don't have that kind of killing power for one reason or another (nullifiers preventing one button clearing, enemy levels large enough to take a 'one button' to the chin and keep going, so on) and in the chaos of the heated firefight you're not sure why you suddenly went from perfectly healthy to a ragdoll near instantly. "I got shot' Sure. But by what? From what angle? How could I have not gotten shot? I have to applaud your confidence if you don't feel a sense of miserable powerlessness when you suddenly drop dead in this game, because its something I feel all too commonly when it happens. Running Inaros is my usual solution, but sometimes I need to break out someone else for various reasons and then this issue can creep its head up again. Also, you have to remember this is a game that added flappy bird, gradius, street fighter 2 and guitar hero into itself as mini games. I don't think being an 'unnecessary beauty feature' would stop the team from implementing it if they wanted to.
  2. Being fine then suddenly dropping dead through no fault of your own and for no explained reason is pretty unsatisfying IMHO. But Yes, it is a bit more about killer identification more than anything. So it doesn't feel like the game has to 'cheat' to take us out, or at least feel like it. Having some sense of what you might have done wrong as a player, or if there was indeed anything you could do right at all (sometimes you can't, it happens) in order to not be dead. More information would help this. As for your One Lancer in a crowd of 70 got you statement, swiftasacoursing just above you brought up a good idea of the target being painted as a tenno-killer after said event occurs, giving you and/or your team a clear indication of what got you and who needs to pay.
  3. Well, when I say 'kill feed' I just mean like a 'X killed Y' popup on the bottom of the screen ala Raathum or The Index, or indeed what most FPS games show you alongside the kill cam of said killer teabagging you. I do like your ideas however of the portrait of the enemy and/or the highlighting of an enemy that downed a teammate / killed your. Would be a neat semi Bloodborne mechanic where while we don't have to claim anything back from the enemies who got us (save pride perhaps) having a clear indication of 'it was YOU' tickles the same kind of caveman vengeance response in the ol ape brain.
  4. This is going to sound strange, because who likes losing / failing at all right? But it feels doubly frustrating to me that in Warframe a player is often left scratching their head as to what exactly killed them. Damage comes in so very fast and from all directions (particularly when soloing) that one can feel like they are fine one moment, and then immediately dead (or stuck in Quick-Thinking-Stun-Lock til death) the next. Even with mods like Adaptation which should over the course of a longer engagement smooth out damage spikes and make it easier to not die or at least identify what killed you and act accordingly. The lack of control of one's own virtual mortality is quite obnoxious and really detracts from the game at times. The only counter to this is well, to play one of the frames that can basically not die. But even those frames have the ultimate armor chink of 'if something cancels their abilities they are usually hooped' except Inaros, and Hildryn I suppose but I'm not going to claim I understand her because I don't own her yet. So what's the solution? Well, aside from a sweep over at the number scale of this game on both the player and enemy end of it (which we do need don't get me wrong), I think some kind of kill feed for player deaths would help. Or at the very least prevent the frustration of 'what the heck killed me?!' since well, you'd know.
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