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  1. The popups are annoying and get in the way of popups I care about, specifically riven challenges. You can hit ESC mid-mission to review your riven challenge (such as to verify you did indeed equip the correct key the challenge wanted) or to verify that the challenge hasn't been failed yet (was I detected yet? did the defense target take damage yet?) Those are the important and relevant notifications, but when I have pending Nightwave challenges, the Nightwave notifications often obscure these. Now when I hit ESC in the middle of my Extermination mission to double check that I wasn't detec
  2. I mean, there was always going to be a two-week warning before the season ends... and we haven't received that yet so we always knew we still had a fair bit of time until next intermission. Glad to see a little something to tide us over until the season is over.
  3. Let's do some quick Nightwave maths. Season 1: 81 days (30+30=60 total ranks) [0.74 ranks/day] Intermission 1: 24 days (15+0=15 total ranks) [0.625 ranks/day] Season 2: 100 days (30+30=60 total ranks) [0.6 ranks/day] Intermission 2: 205 days (30+60=90 total ranks) [0.45 ranks/day] Season 3: 162 days and counting (30+60=90 total ranks) [0.56 ranks/day and dropping] The original expectations were to give 81 days to complete 60 ranks with only 30 of them being crappy prestige ranks. We're very close to a season duration that's twice as long (and could be 2.5
  4. Can't be bought; only built from bp's. You're thinking of Aura Forma.
  5. I miss the days when I could leverage Nora's shop to farm plat by reselling out-of-rotation aura mods. 😔 It's been nothing but nitain for months to help build my ~200 stance forma bp's.
  6. Megan said the 5th episode was coming "soon" today on the community stream, so I'm sure it's right around the corner!! 🤪
  7. I agree; it's time for Nora to say good-night.
  8. And then there's me, who intentionally makes sure I'm capped before ending every sortie so that if I get a riven I can enjoy a bit extra listing efficiency from having a temporary free slot.
  9. "Because plat in the hand is worth 3 forma in the pocket." Nope. Unless you're always spending all your plat immediately, 40p tomorrow will always be worth more than 20p today. Because then the only difference will be whether tomorrow you have 20p or 40p for the same amount of effort. I'm not really going to argue any further about this: the whole reason people are buying your junk is because they know they can refine it into something far more profitable at very little cost and time-expenditure on their part. They are blatantly taking advantage of your lack of foresight and patience and
  10. "Time is money" is precisely the reason you don't do this. Why get less money for the same amount of time when refining the materials into something worth selling will pay dividends? Not only is it a fiscally-inefficient waste of resources akin to using nightwave credits to buy potatoes, but it also munches up all your daily trade allotment. Prime junk is the absolute bottom of the barrel of plat earning. It's the equivalent of an uskilled laborer breaking rocks with a pickaxe in exchange for a meal voucher. You're getting 2p per mission PRESUMING you had the relic beforehand; if you didn
  11. Don't sell prime junk. It's an immensely poor value, and the whole reason people buy it is because they know this. Why let someone else refine what you have into something valuable when you can just cut out the middleman and do it yourself? Collect it until you form sets then sell the sets for far greater value. Melt more abundant parts within a set into ducats to purchase baro weapons and primed mods, then sell them once they've been out of rotation for at least two months. Selling the raw junk is shortsighted. Play the long game and you'll be rewarded.
  12. What? No. Warframe.market. But I always have something in stock that's ready to sell while I wait. This game is all about rotations. Every time a frame or weapon gets unvaulted, a new frame or weapon becomes the "oldest" thing in the vault, and it's parts peak in value to be put in the market. It's all one big chain--sell the oldest stuff in the rotation, pick up new stuff to be resold later when it's that thing's turn to become deep into it's rotation. Again, warframe.market. From the time I decided to list to the time I sold out of dozens of those mods was like 3 days total,
  13. I disagree. The cadence between the availability of Plague Star mods, acolyte mods (even the cadence between the last acolyte event and their ultimate incorporation into Deimos bounties), even Dog Days captura scenes is reasonably consistent. I've never had a problem finding a reasonable sweet spot to sell event offerings. Then it's probably time to sell the event offerings from the last event that happened where you harvested goodies and use the dividends to buy your forma. Same thing happens with Baro-- sell the oldest quality prime mods you have while stocking new ones for the futu
  14. It was never a gamble. Pursuing event-specific offerings from events that only happen once a year or so to resell is always a safe bet for being a time-efficient means to harvest plat. The far bigger gamble would be to ignore them. The question isn't "should I be farming event arcanes right now", because yes you probably should. The only question should be how long you wait until you list them. If you don't wait long enough, you won't get the best prices. Wait too long and prices crash after the announcement of and ensuing rerun of the event. If you're smart you'll research how long the
  15. aweblade4 (pretty well-known Warframe youtuber) made a video about that. It's not that great of a "review", but you might wanna check it out here:
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