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  1. Having played a good bit of Gauss, I have to say, I quite like his abilities but they feel a little underpowered or lacking the oomph that they look like htey should have. His mach rush is pretty lacklustre and and as it's his core ability, I would think it best if his other abilities augmented his mach rush such as the following: Kinetic plating should absorb a set amount at each level with another percentage depending on power level which charges his redline battery which should be used for his other abilities with his mach rush and redline being the only abilities that use the energy pool His thermal sunder just feels useless and I find myself struggling to find any point in using it but I like the idea of the hot/cold dynamic. So, instead of creating tiny AoE fields, how about augmenting his mach rush? Press and hold causes Gauss to absorb energy as he moves creating a super-frozen shell around him which equates to impact/ice damage to enemies he hits and depending on the power level, there's an increasingly higher status chance to cause freeze procs and additional ice/impact damage. Tapping his thermal sunder and then using his one should create sonic booms (explosions) that ragdolls enemies that he passes and inflicting high-status chances of explosions and staggering effects. His redline could then boosting his other abilities depending on the charge state of his redline battery. As an example, when he rushes through with his mach rush, it should cause enemies to be dragged along by the slip stream causing greater damage to the enemies caught by them slamming into each other and then taking a set amount of damage depending on power strength, distance travelled and the number of enemies captured in his slip stream His redline adds a deflection ability to his kinetic plating in the form of electrical arcs that can be combined with his thermal sunder ability to change the damage into radiation or magnetic damage. His thermal sunder ability gains a crit chance to the damage but it runs down the redline battery at an accelerated rate that is partly negated by running/mach dash and kinetic plating. As a side effect, his redline battery dissipating while no ability is in use should charge his energy pool. For his mach dash, it should create shockwaves every time you impact an enemy causing impact damage and high-status chance of staggering that can generate a small percentage of redline battery The way I see Gauss functioning relies on a careful balancing of speed and abilities to keep your redline battery and energy pool active and charging each other and generally buffing each other.
  2. My solution for having too many Rivens.
  3. I really wish there was a Helios mod that would make it perpetually scan the plants required for the apothics.
  4. If they want Rivens to popularize unpopular weapons, why not buff those but leave the original Rivens alone? The way they're going about this is clearly pissing off a lot more people than it's appeasing. Do the Devs even know about this? Do they see this 25 page thread and go, "Meh, not a big deal?"
  5. Just posting these to show to LSG501.
  6. I've had several people message me in game and I've given away a good number of Rivens.
  7. Okay, I am coming online now. Please feel free to reach out to me.
  8. Sigh. Literal #*!%ing sigh. That's great. Thanks for more Riven nerfs for absolutely no god damned reason. Seriously?! If Warframe was PvP, okay, sure, balancing I guess but Warframe is 99% PvE so there is no literal reason for Rivens to be nerfed. Why does DE want to screw over the player base like this? What reason is there to screw over players like this?
  9. I'll be online for the next bit. Please feel free to reach out to me. Apologies for not being online earlier, real life conspired and unfortunately I'm now just able to come online. [Edit] Thanks to two very generous Tenno, I have gotten the Corvas and Cyngas barrel. They have been striked out.
  10. I'm going online now, I'll be online for the next bit. Please message me. Let me know if there'd be a time before 16:00 GMT tomorrow.
  11. I'm giving away Rivens because I'm maxed out and I don't care about getting plat. Some Rivens I'm obviously keeping and others, I don't care about them so they can be had for free. As noted, some Rivens I want to keep so please keep that in mind when asking for particular ones. I have levelled some of the Rivens but found I don't really care about using the weapons so there is a chance that some of those can be given away as well so don't hesitate to ask. Secondly, while I am not expecting anything in return, if possible I would appreciate the following Archwing Weapon Parts and Syndicate weapons: Agkuza Blade The blade and handle of the Centaur Corvas barrel and receiver Cyngas barrel Rathbone blade and handle Onorix blades and handle. Secura Dual Cestra and Secura Lecta, I can be reached in game as ChaosMarine. [Edit] Thanks to two very generous Tenno, I have gotten the Corvas and Cyngas barrel. Parts I have received are struck through and I no longer require them.
  12. If you've the tranq gun equipped, you can no longer move up or down when in an archwing.
  13. Could the latest version be rolled back to the previous version? The Exploiter Orb fight at least worked.
  14. Please fix the host migration glitch. Every time I load into Orb Vallis I get shunted into a single player game and no one can join.
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