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    Login Issue

    Is anyone else having issues with logging in? The login screen is not taking my password at all. To ensure I wasn't typing in the wrong password, I even typed out my password into a blank text field, copied/pasted it and was given the same, "Check your login info," error message. Considering I just used the same password to login to the forums, something strange is going on.
  2. With the potential for Railjack components to be merged, does that mean we could potentially go past the 100 limit of Avionics? We need at least another thirty or forty points for Avionics.
  3. Could you hotfix Melee 2.0 back into the game please?
  4. I've boarded half a dozen of these things and since I found a chest with a mystery reward, they've never once spawned a derelict mission I could enter. Have they been disabled?
  5. Can we get some kind of glow or colour aberration for the navigation markers when piloting? It's very easy to not be able to see them with the background of space and explosions going on right in front of the ship.
  6. When doing Veil missions, I usually go to the Orokin derelict structure and I've been able to enter the small map to kill the infested but since going in there and finding the chest with ? reward, I haven't had the option to go into another one since then and I've done a lot of runs since.
  7. I've slingshotted into Crewships numerous times with Gauss and Ivara and not been immediately killed. Leaving the ship and getting insta-popped by a Crewship is another matter but typically speaking, I've always had at least several seconds to prepare before making my way to the power generator and wrecking it.
  8. I'm kinda curious as to why it performs or functions in the way it does. It's armed with three anti-fighter weapon ports, battle avionics, missiles and a forward artillery cannon. Everything but the artillery cannon is based around or geared towards killing/damaging fighters and the only weapon it has that can damage equivalent sized ships is the artillery cannon. Why? Crewships have multiple turreted guns that can and will cause significant damage to your Railjack. Fires rapidly and if there was any kind of consistency, they'd make short work of the fighters too. Why can't we get some of those for our Railjacks? How come our only means of damaging Crewships is a single weapon or a boarding party? I can see that they wanted to introduce game mechanics to make it more complex but all they're doing is limiting what they can do down the line. Why not have something like the following: MK1 50% damage to Crewships MK2 75% damage to Crewships MK3 100% damage to Crewships Missiles do damage to crewships and there's the risk of them knocking out Crewship systems such as engines, turrets or the special abilities from the Proxima Veil Crewships. Using your forward artillery on them would still be usable but should function as a one-hit kill to all Crewships in all the nodes with the forward artillery being best used against asteroid bases and capital ships like the Galleons, requiring the Railjack to move to certain positions and strike certain areas. You could even have an interesting mechanic where the Railjack's turrets and missiles can be used on the Galleons to find randomised weak spots on the Galleon so you know where to fire your forward artillery at.
  9. You hit it's engines. When you're aiming the forward artillery you want to strike the central section of their hull to do damage.
  10. At any point will we get reactors that go over 100? I have a 98 reactor and I still have three slots I could really use for other avionics. Is there a date or any kind of idea when we will be told what the commander intrinsics will grant?
  11. Why have the rate of intrinsics been reduced so severely? It feels like we're getting a third or a quarter of what we were getting before.
  12. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or intentional and glitching. When playing in the Proxima Veil, my controls go very slow when piloting. I can exit the pilot console and enter it again to resolve it but it returns not long after. I'm not sure if it should be happening in the first place or if it's an intentional debuff from the enemy crewships and exiting/entering the pilot console breaks the debuff.
  13. I have a +60 Avionics reactor but when I equip it, I just get 59.
  14. I'm really hoping that the Command Intrinsic tree gives a bonus to Avionics like multiple +20 or +20% boosts to Avionics, I'm already hitting the maximum and I've not yet even filled out my Avionic slots, let alone the Battle and Tactical Avionics. Hell, there's a bug that's giving me 59 instead of the 60 Avionics that my reactor should be giving me.
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