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  1. I would suggest being able to set the quantity of what you are making, for example, you have three forma blueprints, you make the three forma at the same time, with their added cost. I think it doesn't make sense that you can build various things on the foundry but just one of each if you have enough blueprints
  2. Then there's a bug. I wanted to take a screenshot with my ship named Cerberus but the name wasn't in any of the ship's sides. I play solo and looked everywhere, from every angle and I still couldn't see it
  3. I play solo and ii't not that hard once you know what you are doing, I mean, after trying for three for times you get the trick and from there is very, very easy
  4. The animations of the Zato skin can be used in Excal and Excal Umbra without buying the skin. (I don't have Prime Excal so I can't try)
  5. I barely repair the ship. Just hide it in an asteroid and take a crewship
  6. I've done that and i have lots of fun. I parked the Railjack and went to hunt crewships, using them to complete the mission, jumping from one crewship to another and got lots of resources. Thanks for the unintended tip xDD
  7. The ship is yours, it will stay with you
  8. I don't like playing with other people if we are not properly coordinate. I lose interest very fast
  9. Maybe they'll add it in the future. But I don't have friends so I'll keep playing solo
  10. Yeah I simply destroy the cores and go back to the Railjack as fast as I can to find it overrun with grinner and hull breaches, but that is what makes it intense. I find something annoying, Soloing is harder to farm for resources or is it just me?
  11. Things break when you update a game, is almost impossible to make a bugless game. that said, the server we play on has lots of players, much more than their test server and obviously we meet some conditions to things to break, they can't test every possible combination of things to produce bugs. It's normal all their updates are like this, patching all of this bugs without deploying the update would take them months or even years
  12. Just finished a couple of missions of Empyrean by myself. Is it possible? Yes Is it hard? As hell. Is it fun? You bet it is. It's been a long time since I last had this much fun losing a thousand times and improving in my skills. Thank you DE! I really love Empyrean. What do you guys think?
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