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  1. 1-IGN- jangoskull 2- Have been looking for a good clan to enjoy the game with but also one that is not stupidly strict to the point where "oh you gotta show up for the meeting at this exact time or else you'll get kicked", really just want to chill and do missions with people i can talk to and make friends. 3- First off im 21, been in the military for around 7 months now, and i love playing games on my computer. I play tones of games but ive been focusing on warframe for a hot minute now. I have been in a few big clans before but I never really felt that I mattered in them,always just 1 member out of 800, nobody willing do do missions and just not a good time for the most part. Being in the military has taught me to better work as a member of a team and to work with people that I may not get along with. 4-Steam Name- Jangoskull
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