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  1. > Is talking like a "pro", cause he wants to build against everything. > Uses Mobilize, tempo royal, August pact, Inaros and a Kubrow > "surprised Pikachu" No srsly. That's not as good as you think it is.
  2. Sorry to correct you in this. They are more than viable. When someone is telling you otherwise: Do NOT listen to him. Slash is with Toxin and Gas the best effects you can have.
  3. One look at your profile was enough to proof, that my doubt is not only doubt but BIG AF DOUBT. Nice lies dude.
  4. Hit it until it dies. No srsly there are a lot of options here. Slash proccing weapons with viral. Hybrid builds overall. Armor stripping + gas combos. Daggers. Pure raw high dmg builds are also a possibility. It depends also on the type of eximus if you want to determine the best way to kill said enemy. But the overall efficient way (imo) to kill it without warframe abilities, are weapons that are able to get high crits and status proccs. When you take operator into account, there is also magus lockdown (requires armor stripping). With warframe in the pool.. Well... A lot is possible here 😄
  5. Hast du die GEschenkt bekommen? 😅 An irgendeinem Punkt muss du ja den Code eingegeben haben. Also entweder von jemanden bekommen, im Stream bekommen, oder.. ka... Youtube video? 😂
  6. Es gibt keine "Vernoc Allianz". Es gibt nur den Clan "Vernoc Syndicate". Und die Glyphe kann jeder im Stream bekommen (Raffle) oder durch irgendwas tolles was man gemacht hat.
  7. Rhino is actually not as tanky when you compare him to other frames. But yes Rhino is REALLY tanky. But Gauss is still easier to mod for a new player. Also Rhino can not be immortal. Gauss can... technically.
  8. > Is able to face tank every Starchart map and enemys beyond lvl 200. (A treshhold for 95% of the community) > With another Frame(not trinity lul) he is litterly an undying Initial D fan. > Has great utility. > Way better to build as a Tank, as Inaros. So very good for beginners. . . . > Forums calls him useless. Classic ™
  9. Okay. So. I need to tell you somestuff. 1. As i said Deluxe is a theory, that this would be the original warframe if it would happen "in the wild" without the technology of the orokin. 2. The ORIGINAL and FIRST Warframe, that was designed by the Orokin, were the Prime Warframe, with Excal Prime as the very first. Edit: There are also theories, that the original human was able to influence the transformation to an certain degree. example: Umbra. Stalker. Titania(iirc) And since we don't have sources that indicate that the original sex/gender from that said human was diffrent... we cannot argue about that. There was 1 Warframe that was originaly designed (iirc) as a transgender aka gender swap. Equinox. Day and nigght. Male and female. But apparently some ppl got triggered and they reworked it to just female.
  10. comparing a situation where you NEED to change your body to survive, and change a body out of .. idk.. interest(?) is something totaly different.
  11. Source? We only know that Umbra has been forced. The son was actually happy that this is happening, cause it is an honor. So tranformed into the first Warframe of a "series" is actually something, that maybe a lot of people wanted. We dont have enough sourced to assume other things.
  12. Thank you 🙂 I like you too. You are not "stuborn", and insulted me directly - something you should expect nowadays.
  13. Just to underline my argument - I saw you already agreed in this term before - we, as a player. As a operating person. Cannot, under NO giving circumstance, declare that the warframe is in "discomfort". When you are in a discomfort it is just a real life. Accept it. Done. Don't force something you think is the "correct one" or "good looking" state on something/someone. Gender skins are wrong. In any way, regardless if you think there are 2 Gender, 26 Gender, or 230548 Genders.
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