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  1. Nice list. Would be a shame when you forgot abilities and arcanes in your "ranking". p.s.: Inaros is not the best Facetank change my mind.
  2. Clan Name: Vernoc Syndicate Clan Tier: Mountain Clan Platform: PC My Clanrole: Warlord, second in command. Architects: Vernoc, -VS-Zany, -VS-Tora , -VS-Simyosh, Re_named, WhispringAngel Buildtime: A lot... Trust me. A lot.... *narrator mode active* Hello fellow Tenno. Today, I want to show you a dojo from a german clan with the name Vernoc Syndicate! Yes! You read correctly, a clan from a "Warframe Partner" (sadly german only...)! We want to show you that dojo in two representations! The first one, is an album full of images and some text. Feel free to look into it! It will cover briefly some important parts of our dojo (since we have 97 rooms, every room is decorated and that would bust our timeline). This is the imgur album I was talking about! Click on it! Just do it! What are you waiting for? Since we are well aware of the modern technology, we not only prepared static impressions! We also created a little video, with -VS-Zany as a narrator. So don't hesitate, and watch it! THIS is the video on a platform named YouTube, thank you sience for providing us this modern kind of respresentation! So let me tell you some last important details! The album and the video are covering approximatly 10-30% of our dojo! We have more to explore! Mini Games! Jump and Run! And don't forget to visit our own shopping mall to get the newest clothes, technology and more! When you have a feeling of anger inside you, because the shop owner did not give you the discount you cut out of the newspapper, don't worry! Just fight him in one of our many PvP rooms or find your inner peace in of one our gardens, each with a diffrent style! Enough! I shall not speak any longer, to give you the opportunity to click on one of those awesome links! Have a good day, Tenno! And good luck to everyone that also participate in this contest! *narrator mode deactivated* P.s.: Yes I love to be edgy and cringy. Thats my lifestyle. Sadly.....
  3. Exalted Waffen waren schon immer "modbar" - jedoch sind sie nun separat Modbar, und nicht wie vorher über die Primär/Sekundär/Nahkampf Waffen. Am Schadensoutput hat sich afaik nichts geändert, da die Werte nicht verändert wurden. Abseits davon stimme ich Omega zu. Der Operator - mit einer vernünftigen AMP natürlich - macht relativ schnell kurzen Prozess mit den Sentients und dem Stalker.
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