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  1. remove rivens, and stop these nonsense- popularity ranking adjustments. cheers.
  2. Let's just hope they dont end up like the 3rd Orb Mother or like the Command Intrinsic or the Ground to Rail Jack integration and like......
  3. it specifically asks for blueprints not built parts
  4. Hi everyone, I wanted to raise an issue that has been bothering me for quite some time. I get extremely annoyed with in-game chat. This is especially the case when I am doing new quests. I cannot turn it off or hide it in any reasonable way and it keeps impacting my experience in a hugely negative manner. Spoilers/ Cussing/ Nonsense while I try to enjoy new lore or cinematic moments is just so off-putting. My idea would be to allow for a shortcut to hide the chat entirely. Guys and Gals, what do you think about this?
  5. Seeing the type of hot fixes makes me feel this was rushed again. But the son Token issue is beyond help. How did you think this is ok? Did you even play test this?
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/de_steve
  7. @DE fix the end of mission Interface
  8. I dont understand how this is an improvement either. I also dont understand how this could have left production in this state
  9. Seriously guys just ignore DE and their illogical decisions and jump ship towards the stropha. You build combo faster you can maintain it easy and its a super good statstick. Frankly now that i think of it - it is actually better than the xoris. Why as the Xoris nerfed again? Dont care doesnt matter. @all Let de have their win and think that everything is great. The Xoris balance is nothing more than another knee jerk nerf resulting from poor testing and balance. Balance which is quite frankly so far gone and dead that it doesnt matter anyway. So ya, Cheers.
  10. Just increase crit chance and its golden
  11. Latron will serve you better. Vectis is more for S#&$s n giggles
  12. We all know oberon is a female frame. The buff is not going to change that
  13. only if everyone gets a free primed chamber in the process and you explain this buff to the bow users
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