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  1. On 18/10/2017 at 10:18 PM, TKDancer said:

    Fragor Prime: Shattering Blows

    • Remove X amount of BASE armor per hit(X should be about 15-20), essentially a better version of Shattering Impact built into it

    Fragor Prime isn't really old, and I would definitely say that they are already powerful enough. The built-in Shattering Impact makes sense, but I feel that if it did have such a passive it shouldn't be more powerful than the mod itself. 


    18 hours ago, (PS4)damagerate1 said:

    What about the fragor? 

    Resist knock backs?

    Hammers already have momentum, so I think it's a bit redundant. 

    Anyway, thank you for the suggestions and feedback :D

  2. 2 hours ago, xXRampantXx said:

    How about for 2 seconds after reload as well?  I think with an effect like this people would repeatedly switch weapons just to cause this.

    I think "ignores X% of armor" is more reasonable than ignoring all.  To be honest I don't really think the Paris needs one, although I wouldn't mind seeing it get one.

    Yeah, 2 seconds after reloading should be good too

  3. As we all know, there are a lot of old Prime weapons that aren't used nearly as much as the others. Here, I will suggest some passives akin to newer weapons for the old and unused (and also give them names because why not)

    Reaper Prime: Soul Reaper

    • Upon killing an enemy while Channeling, 30% of the enemy's health (not EHP) will be used to heal the user

    Vasto Prime: Surprise Quickdraw

    • Weapon Draw (specifically for switching into the Vasto Prime) Rate is 200% higher, and the first shot fired within 2 seconds after the Vasto Prime is drawn will guarantee a knockdown

    Fang Prime: Hemotoxin

    • Channeled attacks have a 50% chance to inflict permanent toxin procs. Once the enemy has been inflicted with toxin, further procs from the Fang Prime will inflict bleed (slash) procs

    Scindo Prime: Executioner

    • 50% increased Finisher Damage

    Dakra Prime: Dexterity

    • +9s Combo Duration

    Burston Prime: Ancient Agility 

    • 75% Increased Holster Rate

    Latron Prime: Marksmanship

    • 25% Increased Headshot Damage

    Bo Prime: Counterattacker

    • Blocking an enemy attack has a 50% chance to open them up to finishers
  4. 14 minutes ago, LSG501 said:

    well the dual kamas just got retired so that might make it a bit difficult to do that one...

    Nami Solo might also be an issue because it could be parts of the new prime access relics. 

    While I don't mind the idea of a stronger 'primed' machete, they could just buff the machete wraith or prova vandal instead

    Right, I forgot the Dual Kamas Prime relics just got vaulted.

  5. With the fantastic Cyclone Kraken stance exisitng, a Primed machete would be really nice to have. Getting a Nami Solo Prime and Kama Prime into the game would be really easy to do too, since all you'd need to do is take the cutlass model from Nami Skyla Prime and use that as Nami Solo Prime, and take one of the two Kama Primes and use that as the Kama Prime.

    I'd imagine it being obtained similarly to the Aklex Prime; having the blueprint available from Baro. The blueprints will simply require 1 of each of the blades and handles of the weapons.

  6. Was really hard to choose from the 44 different images I took but I decided to settle on my (second) most unique (but possibly the corniest).

    Behold, The Tragic Romance Tale of Hydroid

    Following a debilitating defeat, a heavily battle-worn and enervated Master of Moisture corsair washes ashore from rising tides. Waking up and finding himself in an old Steel Meridian settlement, he spots a young woman tending to his care.


    To be continued (probably not)


    Here are some other pictures below.


    These are not submissions, but I wanted to put them in anyway as they are probably better than what I submitted :] 



  7. While we were farming in Outer Terminus, on wave 15, (already about 40-ish Animo Beacons) an Oxium Osprey was left as the only remaining enemy before extraction. However, it was completely unkillable, and took no damage whatsoever from any attacks. 

    I ended up leaving, and my squadmates were luckily able to repeat the wave and complete the mission (Though I wasn't able to join back to get the animo)

    So, I suppose it was a problem relating to the host?03ABCADEE20D6D78045D800A7237C96D19DBDA57C06517F117BCD338801882D60B81A20B29D71F6DF1BC843873D2935E56D08653F8DDBF5B2E5897ED

  8. Just now, Kainosh said:

    Is there a damage stack cap? You must stack in a single blocking session (like with Vaykor Sydon) or you can stack damage little by little?

    Because if it just preserves damage you blocked (25% of each attack) untill you do a charged attack....Then its awesome.

    You can basically stack a nuke, and use it when needed. And since its elemental based weapon, you can also proc GAS and kill whole bunch. 

    If it works that way, then its good.

    It does work that way.

  9. 3 minutes ago, VKhaun said:

    I don't understand. Your feedback seems to be implying you're only making one exchange with the enemies and you're not channeling? Does it only store 25% of one hit or something? Does it not work with channeling to prevent 100%?

    I haven't used it yet but the way the mod reads, you would be saving up damage from lots of blocking to add to just one charge attack when you needed to spend it. Block some stuff, save it, murder an eximus or an invader with a big heavy hit. Usefulness would mostly depend on what kind of cap they've put on stored damage I guess.

    You can indeed just block and save the damage, but overall, I don't think it's really worth it. 25% of each enemy attack takes too long until the damage increase matters.

    Another thing is that with Sword and Shield stances, holding 'E' will instead do the shield-throw combo, so charge attacks take more time to perform than other weapons.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Bouldershoulder said:

    I'd rather say this augment doesn't fit the theme of a shield. It should have either reflect damage, or block effectiveness boost.

    That too

  11. 25% of damage taken while blocking into next charge attack is kinda...well, underwhelming.

    For 25% of damage taken to be of any use, the enemies would have to be pretty high-leveled, but since blocking doesn't reduce all damage taken, you'd be dead before you can perform the charge attack.

    For this to even be advantageous, it would need 75% damage taken into next charge attack instead, 


    25% of damage taken into all melee attacks for about 5 seconds after releasing block

  12. So I saw that in the Devstream, you'll be able to wield guns with melee at the same time...


    Now, imagine using shields (Aegis and Brunt) with secondaries just like the Grineer Shield Lancers! Aiming will have your left arm shield yourself, reducing damage taken like when you block in melee, just with slightly less damage reduction. I think this could make shields be more useful and give a defensive reason to have a Sword & Shield over a Nikana (because they have the same damage reduction while blocking somehow).

  13. Weapon: Yukitachi

    Faction: Tenno

    Weapon Type/Grip: Nikana

    Brief Description: The Yukitachi is an icy variation of the Nikana wielded mostly by elite, cold-blooded warriors of the Old War. It discharges unforgiving winds of intense cold when an enemy is unfortunate enough to be struck by a critical hit, inflicting guaranteed cold procs to nearby enemies within a 4 meter radius.

    I wanted there to be a different weapon in the Nikana class, and since there aren't many ice weapons, I think an Ice Nikana would be pretty neat!

    (that was under 100 words :D)

    Possible Stats?: 

    Cold Damage: 83

    Attack Speed: 1.00

    Crit Chance: 15%

    Crit Damage: 2.0x

    Status Chance: 5%yukitachi__tenno_ice_nikana_concept__by_


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