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  1. I only had the opportunity to play once the boss battle which was great, but since then, once again couldn't join a squad, so the whole week-end is spoiled and I can't afford to play as much during the week, DE needs to extend the event.
  2. It seems fixed right now ... not sure of the root cause, however I still want and extension of the event.
  3. Exactly this issue since this morning (CET time), Gift of Lotus missions are working fine (stable squad matchmaking), whereas squads in Vallis can't be made, I receive notifications of people joining but could never see them. Also, Exploiter Orb is missing, so it's impossible to run Thermia fractures runs ... this is frustrating as the early morning in the week-end is the only time I could play extensively, so I hope DE will extend the event to one more week-end.
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