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  1. The game needs a dedicated tutorial system. Yes there is a "tutorial" button on the Mod bench, Arsenal etc... But everyone knows the game needs more, and more to be in your face at a lot of the steps. Just in general a lot more catering to the new players. Alternatively, region chat or recruiting, try to find a guide of the lotus... which the game doesn't tell you exists unless you're at a relay. Maybe they'll work on it in the future, maybe there is a team for it right now, who knows, but it is needed sooner than later.
  2. INight00

    In-Game Voice Guide (Lotus) (SPOILERS)

    This has been asked quite often. Naturally it has to be said: "How about Vay Heks voice shouting orders at us?" It could happen, might not. Put 'spoiler' in your title.
  3. Every gun is similar to another, no idea is new, only developed. Besides, there are bound to be similarities in the shooting genre.
  4. INight00

    Hosts shouldn't be allowed to leave the team...

    Sometimes its a game crash. I was a host in Sanctuary Onslaught, the moment the conduit appeared for the next round, I crashed. This happened in the previous round with the first host.
  5. INight00

    Astronoical Named Alerts?

    I think there was an alert some years ago when there was a solar eclipse.
  6. INight00


    The idea being to use said AWs abilities while you are still running around in your warframe/ operator in the area. The unlimited use AW 'beacon' is to use the AW yourself but being unable to use the warframe abilties.
  7. INight00

    Laboratory Crew & NPC Life for Dojo/Clan Rooms

    I had some back and forth with someone about the Oracle room? to be something like a hub for new players where they can get heaps of information on the factions and such. With the Solar map and arsenal available in the Observatory I don't see why not. Only thing missing is a Foundry. Endemic life. Maybe the things we capture in the OW maps? Our pets from the orbiter?
  8. INight00


    Oh yeah. They said that in the Devstream. Was kind of hoping the primaries would go to infested. But it doesn't sound unreasonable to say all factions will have modular versions of all weapons types, especially with all the planets. Also, have you noticed how the lights on the weapon flicker in response to Eudicos dialogue?
  9. A bit nitpicky... But that's not what I was getting at, I was hinting more about overcharging and discharging, emps and electrical equipment. Even the EMS is a bit much to go through. Yes it is pointless.
  10. INight00


    So... what weapon is she holding and can we use it in the future? Looks like some kind of flamethrower... Coolant thrower? Slime the enemies and leave a slippery floor.
  11. I think in this case the misconception... or idea is that the frame is itself the element. You can't say water will harm water. But you can say electricity can hurt electricity. Fire hurting fire? It speeds up the use of the fuel. Or just say a human can kill a human. We can punch ourselves and inflict pain. We are not immune to ourselves.
  12. INight00

    Why dont we have throwable granades?

    I believe it was said it was not "ninja-y enough". But we have this + Ogris + Lenz +. more... We got Vauban with his gadgets/ grenades and Nova with her anitmatter. So maybe they are taken a different route? Also keep in mind. For people with controllers, they will have to tie another new button to grenade. They've already ran out of buttons.
  13. INight00

    Issue with a Quest

    A bug has slipped in.
  14. Right? It makes sense... but is not the case. The only thing is Ember would have to be unaffected by Fire, which in turn means her passive to gain more dmg wont work. Hydroid should be able to swim instead of drowning and re-spawning. Zephyr should be able to fall of map edges without re-spawning. Saryn should be resistant to Toxic/ Corrosive/ Viral? Volt should be resistant to electric procs. But it wont happen.
  15. INight00


    The Open World (OW) maps are made with detailed task specific areas, Take 'The Pearl' in the Orb Vallis map for example, it is there, it good to look at... but that is it. The sentient that appears inside Enrichment lab, the undergrown caves with the strange Grineer contraptions on the POE. We see it but know nothing of it. Can there be bounties specific to areas? So we learn about the environment, what the Factions are up to specifically, and the ideas behind what the designer wanted to portray. ---- Aside from bounties/ incursions, fishing, mining and conservation as well as the hand in items for standing, there is room to add more methods. Apart from handing in a few minerals, Old Man Suumbaat and Smokefinger stop being approached and lose their use when you get all the blueprints from them. I propose to add a hourly/ daily quota system to earn more standing. So it could say "Kill 50 tusk bombards - 0/50 = Gives 3000 standing". Or "Mine 20 Phasmin - 0/20 = Gives 2500 standing". These can be done through the Mining NPC's to give them a bit more use after. You could have 5 of them running at the same time through the NPC hourly/ daily and can be completed while running around free roam or while on a bounty. ---- Archwings have some cool abilities, but I bet they mostly go unused around the OW maps apart from Itzals Blink ability. What if we could use the abilities they have while they were unequipped? Create a new item called an 'Archwing Projection' (or something) that allows us while in warframe to place the AW down like a node. The AW node can then be approached and its abilities used in a mini-menu. The energy for those abilities will come from the warframe. This is somewhat similar to the Air Support we already have in-game (Carpet Bomb, Heal station, Turret, Disable alarms) and can be an option.