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  1. Haven't touched Warframe since liches came out and I don't even bother to login anymore. The update killed my will to play Warframe.
  2. Yeah I'm not going to bother at all with the liches. Have been burned out of Warframe, and this new update overall was bad. The lich grinding takes the cake. Idk how people have done multiple liches already. I felt my soul leaving me when I barley finished killing enough thralls to reveal only 1 mod... The system feels super rushed and super inflated with grinding. I guess since DE hasn't really released anything this year, this is their way of releasing some "sustainable content."
  3. Ahh memories.... I miss Titanfall 1.. played so much of it and never got bored. Reminds me of when I used to hack the specters alot too.
  4. Simple, no content. I doubt railjack will solve it in the long term. Sure I'll come back once it's out. For now I can't even bother to login though. Been playing Destiny, path of exile, and some overwatch
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