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  1. This update is worse than pie. I like cake, darn it! But since pie is even BETTER than cake, why would I bother eating cake when I could have pie instead? So thanks for RUINING cake, DE! GAWD!
  2. You can't use coupons for the deluxe skins -- at least not on Xbox. Same as Tennogen. (Or am I wrong about this?)
  3. You don't need a "solution" to something that isn't a problem, and I defy anyone in this thread to explain why AFKs -- in fissure missions, specifically -- are a problem. If somebody AFKs, you don't lose any rewards. In fact, you end up with more rewards to choose from. If someone AFKs, you can still finish the mission, and if you can't -- in any standard fissure mission, at least -- then who's the real leech? ("You can't AFK 'cause I need you to beat this mission for me!") Yes, they get a drop without "actually playing," but it costs them a relic same as you. You both paid t
  4. You just make it so all of the bundled items can be purchased separately, but at a higher price. Buying the bundle gets you a discount. I'm pretty sure there are already examples of bundles like this in the game -- just not the deluxe bundles.
  5. This 100% by the way. I use that option all the time when people aren't playing well with others on the Plains and in the Vallis, but I don't know enough about coding to know how difficult it might be in "regular" missions. If it wouldn't be too difficult, it would sure be a welcome change.
  6. Yeah, that would make AFKs a problem. As it stands, AFKs don't matter. None of the fissure missions are challenging enough that they can't be finished solo, so if you bring a relic -- thereby increasing the reward pool that I get to pick from -- what do I care if you actually play or just stand in the corner? (And if you didn't bring a relic, why would you AFK, since you're not getting a reward?) I'll say it again: Aside from the buffs -- which, fine, keep those if people really care about them -- there's no need to salvage the reactant mechanic because it doesn't add anything to
  7. I think our basic disagreement concerns the extent to which scrounging reactant makes the game in any way more interesting. I say "not at all," but okay -- if it does something for you, tie it to buffs or bonuses (as touched on above), but not the main thing people run fissures for.
  8. Yeah, I hadn't thought about all the intellectual stimulation I'd be missing out on without one more thing for my sentinel to vacuum up. "dumb the game down" This must be another concept I'm too old to understand.
  9. If you have a relic, it opens at the end of the round/mission along with everyone else's. Simple.
  10. I'd be fully on board with leaving it in as a way to get buffs (or other bonuses). I wasn't thinking about that, but making it the prerequisite for drops is just a drag.
  11. I'll never understand this mindset. I'd rather risk losing out myself than allow somebody else to get something they "don't deserve." Whatever.
  12. So go AFK. How does that affect me, beyond adding another reward for me to choose from at the end of the round/mission?
  13. Please, DE -- in the interest of basic human decency -- please get rid of reactant. It's a pointless, frustrating mechanic that doesn't make the game even slightly more challenging, interesting, or enjoyable. The only explanation I've ever seen for it is that it keeps people from going AFK and leeching, but I couldn't care less about that (what do I care what people do with their time?), especially considering the numerous downsides: Having to delay or ignore objectives like excavators or interception points in order to collect reactant so the round doesn't end before you have enoug
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