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  1. On consoles, blink has been removed completely from the game at this time.
  2. I feel they need to increase the base damage of exalted weapons. Not sure using acolyte mods is really a good way to go. As someone who uses Excalibur a lot his exalted feels much weaker after the changes.
  3. I would love to know how to blink on consoles after the change. There is not a bind for universal blink.
  4. Yup, and you are not going to please everyone. Some people love the way the game is right now and being able mow through enemies. Some people want more of a challenge. It is going to be hard to please their player base.
  5. And I thought I was the only one who played Baruuk. 😉 Very good points you brought up.
  6. I think everything looks awful after the mainline update. Of course I am a console scrub so we only have the first update. I hope on PC it looks better after hotfixes than Xbox
  7. No problem. I wish someone at DE would take notice of this.
  8. When they see the new lighting system, and how it makes all your warframes look like they are made of plastic.
  9. Another Prime Time and no mention of this awesome skin. No love for my man Baruuk. 😞
  10. I wish I knew of a way to flag this post, or at least point it out to DERebecca or DEMegan.
  11. Prime Time is going to be on tonight by the way.
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