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  1. I love the Nyx changes so far, especially with the new passive. One thing, however, that I am worried about is her psychic bolts. Her psychic bolts ability is her most underused ability and even after already several buffs to the ability, it is still an ability that is used very little. Even with these changes to it, unless if you guys change the way it tracks enemies so it hits them more often, then it will still be a useless ability. Please make it to where it's tracking works like Oberon's Smite ability where it will actually hit enemies instead of it going around randomly and sometimes hitting one or two enemies; otherwise, please get rid of the ability and put in an actual debuff ability.
  2. Regarding Nyx, I also hope you guys take a look at changing her passive. Her passive, with her current abilities, make it frustrating to play her, especially in regards with Mind Control. There have been so many times where I use an ability as Nyx which then disarms an enemy I don't want disarmed! It also essentially makes her Chaos ability a weaker version of Loki's Irridiating Disarm because he can radiate and disarm ALL enemies, while Nyx is at the sideline only able to disarm a few enemies. It's almost the same ability, just one is seen as much better at the moment. There have been many suggestions and complaints about her current passive. I remember reading post after post complaining about the passive and how many were saying it was going to be looked at. No changes have been made to it, not even quality of life changes to where Nyx could Mind Control a disarmed enemy and they get their weapon back while under the effects of MC. That would at least make it much less frustrating to play as Nyx; however, it still would make Chaos a much weaker ability compared to Loki's augmented ability. I'm glad you guys are finally taking a look at Nyx, but I think she needs a lot more work than just some math. Her ult is great, but like you guys said it just needs some math to make it on par with other abilities. I think it definitely should no longer do magnetic damage and that it should put out much more of the damage it absorbs (I believe I heard it only puts out 25% of the damage it absorbs now). I realize the Absorb change was made because you guys didn't want her to just clear out rooms of enemies when she was added, but now there are Warframes who easily clear out maps of enemies with no issue, so I don't think keeping her at that lower power level is fair. Her Mind Control could use some tweaking, it's still a good ability. On DevStream, you guys said something about MCed enemies doing more damage along with Power Strength. That's definitely a nice change, maybe make it to where it could go up to 500% at max Power Strength (like the current augment mod for MC) and then give her a new Mind Control augment to where she can control multiple enemies (maybe like 7?) at the same time, but at a reduced duration for each one she controls. For example, she still has the same duration at only 1 enemy controlled, but at 2 the duration becomes reduced to maybe half or 75%. I'm so happy you guys are getting rid of Psychic Bolts though. I'm very curious as to what debuff you guys will be looking at for her new 3rd ability (if you guys do move Chaos to the 2nd ability slot). Maybe something more along the lines of "Psychic" instead of "Mind Control" (like MC and Chaos)? Maybe she reads/taps into the minds of enemies and causes a debuff, like a bigger stun, slows the reaction of enemies (slow effect), etc? Maybe she creates like a telekinesis field around every enemy that causes some debuff to them. These are just ideas if the ability will only be a debuff; however, with the removal of Psychic Bolts, maybe another damage dealing ability would be nice, one that's not as random and flaky as Bolts was though. Maybe creating like psychic weapons (shruikens, daggers, etc.) that are near you until you press the ability again. For this one, I was thinking something like she presses her 3 button, which summons the weapons at her side. Maybe while it's summoned, she does increased damage with her weapon and it can proc radiation damage/cause Chaos on said enemy OR the weapons act like a shield around her, so anytime an enemy gets to close, the weapon flys out and strikes them. Along with this, if she presses 3 again, all the psychic weapons fly out to nearby enemies (with a guaranteed hit unless if there are no enemies in range) causing damage and procs a mini Chaos on them (I say this instead of radiation so it makes Nyx feel more like her own character). Chaos is a great ability, I don't think anyone can deny that; however, it has seen less and less use because many feel that Chaos isn't on par with other similar CC abilities. It's still fun, the small, but helpful stun at the beginning is good, and Chaos is much needed Chaos; however, there's no synergy with her abilities. I think a small, nice change that could be added to make Chaos a bit better would be to add some synergy to her abilities. For example, if an enemy is under the effects of Chaos and you Mind Control them, maybe it makes the duration or damage of that Mind Controlled enemy twice as long/much. Maybe if you knock back enemies with Absorb who are under Chaos' effect or the new debuff, maybe that causes something else, like maybe they take extra damage or they lose some of their armor. There's many synergy options available that could be on par with her abilities. These are only some of my ideas/suggestions just because I love Nyx so much. She's still my most played Warframe and still my favorite, but I don't play her almost at all anymore. Either I take a damage Warframe or I take a better CC Warframe. The biggest reason for me not playing Nyx as much anymore is definitely the passive, it's just frustrating. Even if you guys don't change it, at least make it where Mind Controlled enemies regain their weapons while under the effects of it. I think that would lose a lot of the frustration of playing Nyx, but that alone would still make her continually be compared to Loki. I think the best option is to change her passive, something that works more in her field rather than working against it. Although some disarmed enemies are helpful in some situations, it's overall not helpful towards Nyx. She wants Chaos and Control, she can't have that when enemies are just whacking each other with sticks. I hope this post helps in some way, even to those who just don't like Nyx. Maybe at least it will help some players see through the mind of a Nyx fan. 🙂 I can't wait to play the Queen of Control once more!
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