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  1. I am a veteran I have well over 2000 hours, I have been here since U7. I find the hottakes about "the Scandal" that is the new login rewards system to be ... strange. Just strange and wierdly upset about a system that was not that great to begin with. Does it really matter that you have the Sigma&Octantis and someone else doesn't. Who will notice it anyways. I dont check the other loadouts in Public matches to find rare things to be envious about. I never bought the Excalibur Prime Founderspack. It does not cripple my gameplay experience that my collection is missing a single Warframe (and now I have a Umbra aswell). Why are some folks so upset about a system that is peripheral and is going from kinda meh to kinda meh? I dont care about the new login reward system being opened up to pretty much everyone. It is and always has been an awful way to introduce prestige anyway. Also nooen will have everything Immediately. Some people sound like they have to share their Villas with a vagrant all of a sudden. It is exclusionary, it is tedious and it provides no real value. and some of the rewards are terrible (hello "Primed Surefooted"). I'd much rather have the new system and some real prestige rooted in actual gameplay. Something that says "you are awesome" that does not require me to log in every day. I would love to see a system that rewards and supports newer players much more than the veterans. I know that I love this game. I dont need 80 Endo to come back every day. A new player however might need an extra warframe slot or a reactor instead of 10000 credits that he does not know what to spend on. Would a better login reward system be nice? Sure! But this is neither the untimate betrayal nor the ultimate answer. I feel it is far from both.
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