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  1. Please change this, it looked so nice with blended colors :( And another issue with LoR
  2. 2 colors on the syandana, one is from attachment energy color (purple), the other is from syandana energy color (green) This worked just after 20.5.0 but is not working anymore after 20.5.1, please revert it to 20.5.0 behaviour?
  3. Random stuff about last event / endurance runs. Miter mod is 10/10, sacrifice is kinda nice too (see thing about regen below) You stop getting rewards after round 256 (and I assume wave 256 if defense) (an unsigned bytes max value is 2^8 = 256, guess DE never expected anyone to go that long in missions, wonder if survival has that kind of limit too) Interception timers are bugged which led to confusion / speculation about glitches, --Q--Gelbug's run was over 3 days long but shows up as only 10h. Clan event where a lot of the highest scores was done in solo mode because being able to pause in required to get to the top since you can't pause while in a squad with others. Also instability, is there any data on how many endurance runs was lost / failed because of crashes (and not failed objectives)? (Primed) Regen works per mission, not per life, if it gets used 3 times it wont give you 3 more if you die and respawn, bug or intended? Also JV can still bug out if you use Ameshas 3rd ability while its flying around (might not dock correctly) Speaking of JV, why was the interaction between arcwing powers and the spore disabled? Being able to use Odonatas repel was very useful when you need to push the spore 500m in open space... (used it on spore more then on enemies)
  4. Only people responding to the thread is saying ban, he asked for DE to investigate their scores, just like they did with dicht score on day one (which they reset) Only fair to treat other clans the same and reset potentially illegitimate scores is it not?
  5. At round 60 the enemies is level 9999, afaik mesa dont really work that well that that point. Our host crashed at 75 so nothing saved :(
  6. That makes interception go faster then 3 min?
  7. Will there be a script for this to give credits to anyone who completed a trial since that patch? I think I have completed 500+ trials since that patch... All those lost credits that could go into more pedestal primes / fireworks
  8. Repeat?
  9. Can we please have an alliance leaderboard too?
  10. Can we get stats on how many formas was sold by Darvo afterwards?
  11. Do JV on next prime time please!
  12. Updated my post.
  13. JV fixed yet? Raid Changes / fixes Fixed NPCs spawning in view during the Law of Retribution mission 2. Fixed issues with players being forcefully extracted from The Jordas Golem during the Jordas Verdict trial. So hopefully the crash that happens when going from stage 2 to stage 3 (in JV) gets fixed soon™, then I will start playing again. Anyone got a picture / gif of edo armor before this hotfix? Can't tell what was added to the chest channeling.
  14. See this video for old credit reward for normal LoR (from aug, 2015) The next screenshot is from (jan 2017)