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  1. Do JV on next prime time please!
  2. JV fixed yet? Raid Changes / fixes Fixed NPCs spawning in view during the Law of Retribution mission 2. Fixed issues with players being forcefully extracted from The Jordas Golem during the Jordas Verdict trial. So hopefully the crash that happens when going from stage 2 to stage 3 (in JV) gets fixed soon™, then I will start playing again. Anyone got a picture / gif of edo armor before this hotfix? Can't tell what was added to the chest channeling.
  3. See this video for old credit reward for normal LoR (from aug, 2015) The next screenshot is from (jan 2017)
  4. Is it possible to do anything from this song? Even just the melody or rhythm and I would be happy
  5. That was added into the post after I posted my comment. Also it's not live yet. The menus look comically large and I'm using a 4k monitor (which is what they was trying to make look better), so yes, I will keep posting that comment until its fixed.
  6. UI fixes? I know there is a workshop in the works. I just hope they have both 28" 4k monitors (higher dpi then most 1080p screens) and 40" 4k monitors (about the same dpi as most 1080p screens) to test on. The old UI was fine on 40" 4k (the mission reward screen didn't cover full screen), but that was also the only issue I had with it, all icons etc looked the same when I had WF running on a 22" 1080p monitor (almost same dpi), so I assume the redone UI was mostly intended to fix those using 4k on smaller screens.
  7. UI fixes?
  8. Someone make this please Also, could you please add some kind of unique id to a player so 3rd party trial trackers can support player name changes. Also, will the date always be in gmt+0 and that format or can that change at any time? The 4k support was only meant for people who play at 4k at a 27"-28" monitor with higher dpi? Not for those that use a 40" 4k with almost the same dpi as a 1080p 22" or 1440p 28" monitor... The "new inbox message" is 2-3 cm in size on my monitor now. Please add a hud scale for the menues too. Most of the text looks upscaled too, lots of jagged edges still on it, and it s more noticeable now that its that much larger.
  9. It wouldn't even be that much harder for uncoordinated groups, if you can't keep up with the drain just pass it off to another high energy frame, you loose 1-2 seconds on that at most.
  10. Whats the record for number of patches / hotfixes in a single week?
  11. hotfix on friday afternoon?
  12. LoR fixes? Fix this please, kinda don't wanna go make dinner in between each bomb charge
  13. Banshee Prime when? :D
  14. I love the raids, its just those parts of them that are booring, In the last 30 days i have done 125 law of retributions (76 normal, 49 nightmare), mostly to push for better times because its a fun goal but also because I enjoy the coordination required in trials. Being stuck on a pad? Not as much.