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  1. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    The “Seeking Talons” focus ring just keeps expanding, with Or without holding down the button, won't deactivate until you end the game or fall off the map. Which locks down the character so I can’t use my Tenno, weapons or any other abilities.
  2. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    Anyone else having glitches with Garuda?
  3. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky


    I was wondering if the PS4@4 had a list of all past winners?
  4. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #204!

    Why is there only the new contests, dev streams and prime times in this section? What about ps4 at 4 and xbox streams too?
  5. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    Twitch Drops Prep and Exclusive Sigil Drop

    I was wondering if y'all have a list of streamers that have already gotten the achievement for the sigil and who we could watch to still get it?
  6. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky


    No longer works 😡😞
  7. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky


    My question is if I have a rss booster does that count towards my clans total. By this I mean if I use rss booster and my end game total is 20, and everyone else gets 10, will my contribution to my clans total be 10 or 20?
  8. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Having a weapon you created into your favorite game is the reward, kind of a dream come true for many....haven't you ever wished you could change something about a game or add it?
  9. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    FYI: Grineer vs. Corpus Invasion Reward Tweak

    Thank you!!!!! Just knowing it will come is great
  10. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    Devstream 86 Overview

    There is a glitch on the PS4 info screen, it keeps saying the dev stream 86 is coming. I didn't know if anyone had said something or not yet. 😊 LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!
  11. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    FYI: Grineer vs. Corpus Invasion Reward Tweak

    Will sheev ever be in the drop table by chance? It was a sortie weapon....🙄
  12. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #149!

    Hey DE! First off you guys are the best!!! I love how much work you guys put into everything and that you guys listen to the players (and that y'all are gamers too, I think that adds a lot to the game since you know what would drive you crazy)! Second, I was the number 10 comment on the 1/5/17 prime time (I was the one who got purposed to on New Years right after watching fireworks with the lotus symboled box) I wasn't able to get my comment in at the end of that show but of course y'all can come!!! lol it'll be January 2019 (our ten year anniversary, that's why the long engagement lol)
  13. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    FYI: Grineer vs. Corpus Invasion Reward Tweak

    Thank you! Will it also include pieces of the sheev? I need the heat sink for that! (Played the sortie everyday that season and that's the one i Missed)
  14. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    The War Within [+Hotfixes]

    Ok I am with you on the challenge room mods, that kinda sucked. I went to recruiting channel and got a random group together to get one more Mod (since there are two puzzles you can do by yourself). But vey Hek.... really...why can't you solo? Bring a shotgun. Modded correctly should take 1-3 shots per round until the end which is 1shot in each form....playing that long solo and not knowing that? Idk.... p.s. DE y'all are amazing!! Keep it up!
  15. (PS4)Pluckie1609Ducky

    The War Within [+Hotfixes]

    I can finally get the heatsink for the sheev!!!!!! (I did each sorty that season and didn't get it)