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  1. “Please note, we originally planned on shipping TennoGen Round 19 Part 2 today (October 29), but we instead are pairing it with The Great Ensmallening: Part 2 to release next week. There main reasons for this is we have some internal deadlines that are critical we hit and getting ‘The Great Ensmallening: Part 2’ lined up today internally was an extremely logical choice. We are sorry for the delay, but trust us, it’ll be worth it!“ Oh it will be worth it when i give Garuda a new Skin 😉
  2. Tried out the Boss Fight for Vitrica, i guess it’s ok. One of those Fights where you have to throw things at different Targets but what i noticed is the Projectile you throw have a very slow Projectile Speed you would have to use it like a Shotgun for the Blue Crystals and Nihil himself. Took me two tries to beat him.
  3. Yeah the Platform isn’t clear on the Answers. One of my Evidences is a Orokin Legem and it seems to tell you the Symbol part of it, not the whole Model so it still take Trial And Error to figure out the right one.
  4. Found my last Evidence and it was a Orokin Legem.
  5. Found all of these but not the final Evidence.
  6. Warframe really need a death tracker like in Destiny 2 telling you what killed you because with so many more enemies in Warframe, it’s rougher to tell what just ended you.
  7. From someone who plays Warlock mainly, she’s better for the fighting part than Parkour. Outside of Top Tree Dawnblade, she got nothing else for Parkour compare to like a Hunter or Titan Solo or not.
  8. Oh Whisper and Zero Hour, a way to make artificially increase the difficulty of the Game. They wouldn’t be as hard as Master Nightfall:The Ordeal UnderLeveled. Champions, Match Game, slower Health Regen if you run away from your Squad, enemies hitting like trucks (possibly one shotting you), beefy health, Equipment locked, No Radar, etc. Something that extreme makes Teamplay more important to complete. I only see Whisper and Zero Hour being “difficult” is the Timer, and Destiny 2’s Physics with Parkour. For the Bosses, besides Master Nightfalls or higher, Bosses can drop like a fly. It’s possi
  9. This has been known to be a issue by different Players and it hasn’t been fixed for Months. It makes her Claws have a harder time to scale even though they got buffed.
  10. Is this is why Part 2 for PC is having a small gap from between the two?
  11. I can see it being less Lore Breaking than Revenant with his Prime.
  12. You know what’s messed up? Stalker’s War is Slash based.
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