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  1. GPrime96

    Garuda reviewish

    You are better off using Hunter Adrenaline in Valkyr or Saryn than Garuda. Dead serious because how fast Lvl 125 Arid Heavy Gunners can kill her. Even when you try to kill 8 of them without using a healing Melee Weapon (or 20 if you are crazy enough and 20 of them is possible with Garuda).
  2. GPrime96

    Garuda, how I think she should have been done.

    Try fighting 20 lvl 125 Arid Heavy Gunners in the Simulacrum as Garuda and you would see why.
  3. GPrime96

    Garuda is little game breaking.

    I also see Players asking for that but instead of her Shield which would hurt her Scaling. She got that Shield to scale her damage to her 1 so you can use her 4 to do serious bleed damage. So without that, she wouldn’t have good scaling.
  4. GPrime96

    How is Garuda

    I think she's great because of how her abilities work with each other: 1+4 can can do serious bleed out damage 2+3 helps with energy 1+2 helps with her gaining health back But she got slight issues like how much her 1 relies on Accuracy due to it's low blast Radius, her 2 having a healing Radius so you can get killed if you are outside of that Radius, her 1 dosen't give her protection from the side, losing damage buff because of her Passive, and her 2 can't be recasted unless the enemy is dead or you killed it after the healing has stopped. So she got room for improvements but she's in a better spot than Khora and Revenant during their Releases. Also, Her Claws can be used as another Melee Weapon when you don't have a Melee Weapon equipped which is cool.
  5. GPrime96

    Weird Mecha Orb in Lake

    I’ve seen that before when i was farming in Orb Vallis Solo. I had no idea what that thing was because it dosen’t show it’s name when you aim at it. I wonder if that’s going to be like the Hydrolyst for Fortuna.
  6. GPrime96

    The woes of dealing with the daily standing cap

    The way enemies scale in Orb Vallis is what i would like to have in Survivals. After staying at The Pearl in Orb Vallis for about 25 - 30 Mins with the 4 Reinforcements Beacons active Solo, the enemies were at lvl 90 - 100 which is extremely fast because the Starting level is 10 - 30. The way the enemies were spawning there made me use all of my Weapons since there was Jackal, Icemier Hyena, Scyto Raknoid, Rabbleback Hyena, Embattor Moa, and Raptors as examples. There were spawning in with Nullifier Bubbles, getting Bombarded by Raptors, Embattor Moa, and Turrets, and one of the Raknoids would appear Randomly which can take a beating after lvl 80+ but not too much, and some of the enemies like the Terra Provisor flies around high enough to make Melee more difficult. When i was near lvl 100, the enemies decided to stop Spawning and all of the Reinforcement Beacon signals went away. After that, I died once from a lvl 98 Turrets because i casted Hysteria too late.
  7. GPrime96

    garuda is way too expensive

    How farming one Frame from just farming Standing until you reach Rank 4 to just build her Parts before you build the Frame itself a Reward?
  8. GPrime96

    garuda is way too expensive

    She shouldn’t be at Venus then sine she’s not mean’t to be noob Friendly.
  9. GPrime96

    garuda is way too expensive

    Yeah Garuda would be a Progress stopper for new Players since those Players won't have the later game Weapons like we got or have something like Smeeta which would help their Grind.
  10. GPrime96

    garuda is way too expensive

    Gara also don't require extra BPs for her all three of her Parts too unlike Garuda. I would expect to have this amount of Grind for a Frame if Garuda was at Pluto. But she's at VENUS.
  11. GPrime96

    Got enough knockbacks there, fortuna?

    I tried testing the Knockbacks in Orb Vallis with Valkyr's Hysteria and Valkyr isn't affected by the shockwaves from the enemies so she's one of those Frames that can deal with the knockbacks but only with Hysteria.
  12. GPrime96

    Got enough knockbacks there, fortuna?

    I did the same at Spaceport Solo and i never seen Enemy Scaling that’s as rough as Orb Vallis’ with 4 reinforcement Beacons. I reached 70+ before leaving because my Valkyr Prime died 4 times (i was getting killed so fast) and when i did a Survival in Sortie with a random Squad, i thought, “Orb Vallis makes this easy mode” and the enemies where at a similar level.
  13. GPrime96

    garuda is way too expensive

    Not even close. Only time it would take you as much time as Garuda with other Frames is when you have very bad luck.
  14. GPrime96

    garuda is way too expensive

    I’m starting to think Garuda, so far, requires the biggest grind for just three Parts. Vauban Prime is expensive too but at least Oxium and Nitain Extract is something you can get everyday. Garuda’s Requirements is just forcing you to keep playing Fortuna because it requires not just Rank 1, 2, and 3, but Rank 4 Gems before you starting building the Frame itself where a person who bought her would most likely have a full build into her already.
  15. GPrime96

    Got enough knockbacks there, fortuna?

    Know what? I haven’t tried being bounced by a Trencher or the Bursa legged Moa while using Valkyr Prime’s Hysteria since she immune to knockdown in Hysteria. Would try that tomorrow.