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  1. GPrime96

    Sortie: Headshots

    Imagine this Sortie in a Corpus Mission.
  2. GPrime96

    Matchmaker ignoring Ping Limit?

    I thought i was he only one with this issue. I noticed enemies bouncing around with 300 ping when i’m not Host but when i am, the Game works like normal.
  3. GPrime96

    Dying in Mot HELP!!

    The first thing i noticed is Nidus. Idk what build you are using in him but he’s one of those Frames that can scale with his own abilities unless you had to deal with a Ancient Healer or a Nullifier. But ignoring that, Enemies in Mot does 3x Damage so enemy’s damage can scale extremely fast past 45 mins there. Avoiding as much damage as possible is one of the best ways to deal with that Mission. If you want to take hits there, Nidus 3 and 4 can deal with that until the enemies starts one shotting you since that would make you consume 15 stacks. The enemy you would need to watch put the most as Nidus in Mot is the nullifiers. He can do as much damage as the Corrupted Crewman but even further away and his bubble uses up Mutation Stacks over time when you get touched by it or you entered it.
  4. GPrime96

    Garuda Should be Health Only

    With the current scaling of the Game and the low Health she got, that much Armor is not what you call high. That amount would work better on a Frame like Nidus or Inaros because of their higher health.
  5. GPrime96

    Garuda Should be Health Only

    Yeah right
  6. Successor skin made it in and i know i would get that skin since Garuda’s my fav.
  7. GPrime96

    A little story about a Profit Taker fight

    The problem about the Profit Taker fight is not the pProfit Taker herself (she can die in over 4 mins with a great Squad), it’s the enemies. The enemies are the threat in Orb Vallis and if you are not killing the enemies or keeping them under controlled, they would be firing at your teammates and they would go down. That’s where Frames like Mesa becomes more useful because she can kill the enemies in Secs and Jam their Guns or stuns them if they are a Melee Frame. With Zephyr, you would most likely CC the enemies instead of killing them at the same time which makes the fight harder for your Teammates. If DE made the fight be more like the Eidolons, then i can see how Zephyr becomes more helpful but with how crazy the fight is with the enemy’s spawns, yeah no.
  8. GPrime96


    @DeMonkey should know what’s your missing.
  9. ^^This would be the issue with using Shields as Energy. Frames like Mesa, Gara, Nezha, and Baruuk can use Shields reliably because of how Flat DR works on Shields at high level. With Frames like Garuda, Harrow, and Mag, it would take 1 or 3 heavy hits and their Shields are gone which makes Mods like Redirection bad on them (Harrow and Mag can gain overshields but Shield’s Survivability don’t scale.) so if DE leaves how Shields are and not add something to protect them, then she already lost.
  10. GPrime96

    Garuda Dread Heart

    It would be a nice change. When i’m about to throw the heart after i casted her 4, i have to carefully aim and throw because if i miss, all of my damage is wasted. With a indicator, throwing the heart would be more consistent.
  11. GPrime96

    End Game and Helpful Solo Exp Farm

    This kind of spawn is defintely needed. When i farming normally Solo, the spawns would be fine but when i’m doing a Survival Run Solo, oh god the spawns be terrible without Enemy Radar. The enemies come towards you so slow and in a limited sized group which i hate because of how LS is in this Game. Sometimes, the enemies stops spawning while you are in the same room you are camping at. So increasing The spawns by difficulty could fix that issue.
  12. GPrime96

    Buff Prime Vigor?

    Gladiator Resolve?
  13. It would be a good choice for scaling. I think Oberon’s Smite works in a similar way which works with his way of stripping Armor since he can cast Smite multiple times to kill the enemy.
  14. Hunter Adrenaline does work in the Profit Taker fight. I use it in my Quick Thinking Trinity Prime Build and i can always get energy back when from taking damage by the Profit Taker or the enemies around her so i can cast Link or Blessing before i cast EV to get more energy back. It dosen’t help when the Profit Taker shoots her Magnectic Waves of course.
  15. Furthest i’ve reached with randoms in ESO was Zone 9. But yeah, i noticed more players leaving early there than normal. That’s why i try waiting more when one of the rewards pop up (i don’t care that much about the rewards since i got everything from ESO now.) so i don’t be left behind.