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  1. 4 Months later, same problem happened to me. Very hit or miss no matter what i do.
  2. Not from what i’ve seen. 3+ hours in Ani,Void gives me lvl 485 Acolytes.
  3. Malice isn’t that big of a deal until he pops up when you’re trying to survive against lvl 2k+ enemies solo in a Survival.
  4. LS is definitely got butchered as drops when entering Steel Path which makes AoE, which was already popular, even more used in solo runs to keep your KPS up and let LS drop at a rate you want it to be. That's if you want to do Survival runs like this:
  5. That’s a bug that would pop up randomly in Isolation Vaults. Someone else would see different Symbols while you only see same Symbols.
  6. I haven’t played her for nearly 3 Years and she’s still behind Garuda as one of my most used Frame somehow. Ever since Garuda has taken my Heart and Melee Rework being a thing, i lost any hope of playing Valkyr until she gets reworked. Wisp got the Attack Speed buff, Extra movement isn’t worth mentioning, Excal and Baruuk have the Finishers, her 4’s a mess, and Warcry is a subsumable.
  7. This has been a thing since the early part of her Release and MR Tests aren't the only thing causing this to pop up. Same can happen to Melee only Sorties. A normal Melee equipped would let you in but when you join, her Claws are disabled.
  8. Now i can finally go back to farming Sisters. The Hounds was what prevented me spending time with them since they load up your Foundry while farming and you can only claim them and sell them manually since i already maxed out my Hounds. This change was needed.
  9. This is what i wanted the most from the Sisters.
  10. It's definitely a common bug for her in Simulacrum and real mission .
  11. If only this was true since about 95% of the time, Players use him like a non - melee Volt or Chroma.
  12. I feel the same for random Gauss except they do that with Mach Rush and their 3rd Ability.
  13. I would go for this idea too.
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