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  1. Lvl 300+ or further is where Corrosive have a better use against Armored Enemies since with Armor, they have like 381 Mill EHP and stripping Armor makes a big difference in killing them since it counts as their EHP.
  2. The grind for that is complete pain. Since the additions of Blazing Step, last Month was the time where i got it and that feeling of going through the RNG Torment and have the rarest Ephemera while you’re focusing on something else for 20 Mins was better than when i had my first Maiming Strike in my old Account (back when it was a insane Mod). If DE want to a Ephemera have a similar drop chance as pre - buffed drop chance Bloodshed Sigil, don’t make it be like ESO’s because that would just cause torture.
  3. ^^ Which is right because even though they are classified as Exalted Weapons, they're only a seperate Melee Weapon instead of a Weapon being glued to a Ability like Valkyr's Talons or Exalted Blade. If they are suppose to be Exalted Weapons, then they are the only ones to use Acolyte Mods. Which is a huge problem for other Exalted Weapon's scaling after the Melee Rework except for Exalted Blade's.
  4. But you still can when Iradiated The way Radiation affect Friendly Fire is why i tend to use a AOE Weapon when someone bring a Toxin Lich into a Mission. Showing them the Problem they got their self into choosing that Lich.
  5. When i think of Equinox, she’s pretty much a Jack Of All Trades that care less to be in a gun fight. She fits the slower Playstyle, Supporter, Nukers, and Tank (sort of). But for the Run & Gun destruction type of Playstyle, there’s other Frames like Mesa or Volt or Glass Cannons like Banshee and maybe Garuda (if you count her as one that is). I know Volt is suppose to be a Alternative to Gunplay but he really isn’t.
  6. Railjack enemies makes the stuff in normal Star Chart garbage unless you are doing a lvl 200 - 300+ run since DE beefed up their EHP by double or triple. I think the Devs did that to balance out the Enemy count while being in the “intended” levels (which tbh, 3x higher is the intended levels currently) but yeah it would mess with Players who think their Sortie Gears would deal with Veil Grineer. Sentients and Infested there have Survivability you would expect for their levels though.
  7. As if Vauban didn’t somehow turned into a better version of that instead after his Rework. Oh wait.
  8. ^^ when you combine the fact her Abilities that CCs instead of doing any damage on their own at higher levels, you have yourself a Tank instead of a DPS Frame.
  9. Oh cool, someone got a toxic version of Satan
  10. The Crate that drop the Umbra Forma at the Anomaly is really rare since it's a Reinforced Rare one (the red Container). The Yellow one would only give you extra Loot since they won't give you Capturas anymore. Haven't seen the Reinforced Derelict Container for Umbra Forma yet.
  11. That happens with other Explosives except for the Weapons like Lenz and Tonkor. Any Explsoive without any safety would cause a explosion in a Player and it has been like this for Years.
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