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  1. The funny thing about Railjack is Solo runs smoother than Squad Play there. Solo runs is smooth with very little Bugs but when going to a Public Squad or a Friend Team, the Game let hell break loose and the GameMode becomes next to unbearable.
  2. So far, the Servers looks to be the most stable.
  3. I’ve seen Sisters bugged out in stupid ways. Kill your Sister in the Assassination Mission at Railjack? Too bad, she’s soft locked. Used the roght Requiem Mod on your Sister? Might as well make her Invincible and soft locked too.
  4. Have fun getting 19 more for one Mod.
  5. If they want to do that, then DE would have to convert them to actual Exalted Melees instead of Pseudo ones.
  6. Finished the Quest, dealing with step 1 to 3 is possible with a bugged K Drive (K Drive Skin can remove your Combo Multiplier) but for 4 and further, i had to take the Skin off for my Points to work right, even with Mods.
  7. I can confirm this. K Drive Skins gets rid of your Combo so you get a lot less Points than you should.
  8. I reached Page 4 so far and it looks like the old Pearl tactic is the way to finish that for 1500 Points in one Trick but 3400 Standing in one Race, definitely waiting on that one for a specific Race.
  9. It got the Bramma to deal with too so imagine how rare it would be after everyone got it for Mastery if it didn't get the Performance it should have.
  10. The only challenge of playing Octavia, especially in Endurance, is not go to sleep. She’s a mess.
  11. I feel like a Kuva Zarr would either be decent to use, or be like old Bramma and become Meta.
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