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  1. The old Scrambus/Combas used to be like that with their Auras. Especially when you’re doing a Survival and one of those enemies disable your Abilities from out of nowhere.
  2. Disruption and Survival are my favorite kind of Endless Missions. What Disruption got over Survival is atleast better rewards later on but the only big issue i have with is how slow it is when going Solo. A Team can reach lvl 230+ at least less than 90 Mins while Solo would reach lvl 210 at a similar time. Or 300 in a Hour with a Squad. This is what i agree with:
  3. It’s Charge Attacks can do a lot of Damage when using it with High Noon. It’s viability matters more on the Elements against Factions to give CO a Advantage for Redeemer Prime’s Damage. Magnectic/Gas against Corpus, Radiation/Viral against Grineer, and Corrosive/Blast against Infested (even though it got innate Blast.). I use Primed Fury in it though.
  4. Tbh, as long as Revenant related threads appears and Revenant is left alone, GearsMatrix’s thought on Revenant would never be changed Behemot.
  5. The Mars Disruption was my best choice to get 2 Axi A6s in one Mission. The second run i did with Axi A6 with randoms was able to have Atlas Prime Neuroptic BP drop. But that was about 11 - 12 Days after Atlas Prime Access went live for me to start getting Atlas Prime building.
  6. Today, it took me 4 - 5 Hours of Playing Missions in one Session to have one Axi A6 farmed and the only Mission i got it from was from Marduk, Void. Not sure if going for Atlas Prime Neuroptics is going to be even worth it with the spawn chance the Relic got. It also includes a 17 Round Jupiter Disruption run.
  7. Ignis Wraith outside of Clans comes with Baro so there’s the secondary option of getting that Weapon.
  8. Can't be anymore true. It's either difficulty or Cheese with the current Loadouts we have.
  9. If that Boss even existed, it would come as Orb Vallis version of Plague Star because, you know
  10. At least DE balanced out the nerf by adding Elite versions of the Terra Corpus which hits as hard as the ones at Launch + more Durability. But not sure why they had to nerf the Melee Nullifier.
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