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  1. Yeah downscaling the Text size fixed that issue with Fullscreen.
  2. Yeah the Resolution is pretty bad for me too. Idk how to fix it.
  3. Those ideas would be cool for Teamplay.
  4. Her 4 can work on Equinox's Maim. I noticed it during a run at Mot that was near two hours and my Friend was one shotting lvl 200 - 300+ with Maim when he was playing Equinox and the enemies was affected by Seeking Talons. But it's brutal when combined with the blood Orb of Dread Mirror since it can one shot even at lvl 330+.
  5. Fits her very well.
  6. That’s what i hate the most. Since Blazing Step is at Zone 8 and it’s a 1% drop rate, most public group forces me to go Solo because of how they would leave way before Zone 8. There are other Squads that leaves in different reasons but before Zone 8 because leveling gear or something like that is the worse in ESO.
  7. I would agree with these Changes, especially the Arbi’s Rotation because of how the reward table is in ESO.
  8. For Solo Exploiter, Garuda and Nova Prime works the best for me. My best times with them against Exploiter is 18 Mins with Nova Prime and low 14 Mins with Garuda (it would've been in the higher 13 Min range if i wasn't making mistakes) I don't have Arcane Guardian and my Arcane Grace is Unranked so most of the Healing i was getting for Nova Prime was from Magus Repair. But the time i normally average is 15 - 18 Mins.
  9. I haven't got Zenith yet but i do have Zenistar and i enjoy using it for Missions like Mobile Defense, Survival, and Defense (Sortie Defense, i tend to use it less). Mostly use it's Disc for the Status Procs on the enemies and at higher levels, it would become more like a CC Weapon that proc Status consistently instead of a damage dealing one. Especially during Survival Runs at lvl 200 and above Solo or in a Squad. Being using it more after the Melee Changes since charging it is more smooth than last time.
  10. Afaik, from when i did a Nearly 2 Hour run in Mot once, lvl 250+ range is where Quick Thinking's Staggers would ignore you and you be dead. That kind of Damage is 750+ while lvl 200+ would be 600+ which in a normal Survival is really high level. At lvl 200+ in a normal Survival is where Quick Thinking would just stagger you but higher than that, yeah you just hope you don't get KO without DR since QT wouldn't save you at that point.
  11. He would spawn at 40 Mins if a Host Migration happens before he spawned. I've seen him spawn at 25 Mins of Mot after a Host Migration happened.
  12. The only way i make Solo Survival Spawns bareable is using Enemy Radar Mods like Enemy Radar Aura and Primed Animal Instinct.Without them, I would be fighting LS than fighting the enemies because the enemies comes to you so slow without those Mods. Fissures is better for Enemy Radar Mods and without but it can be the same story still. When you're in a Squad, even with just one partner, the Spawns can be nice. I'm talking about a Camping point of View instead of running around type of view. Only time where the enemy's spawns becomes bad is when someone in your Squad is far away from you and the Squad which hurts the most when in Arbitration. That Game mode seems to have a serious issue with Enemy Spawns in Survivals when someone is far away from you. Fissures can be annoying to play in when a Partner does that since the Fissures comes to that exact Players which make the rest of the Squad have issues with cracking Relics but that one isn't as big of a issue as in Arbitration. But yeah, the spawns needs a look at.
  13. I would be fine with a Higher Leveled Fissure since waiting 45 - 60 Mins for lvl 100s to pop out is at the tedious side. When talking about High Level, lvl 35 is very Low Level. High Level for me is at the range of 200+ while Very High is 300+. But the Missions that’s Available for every day is at lvl 100 and below since that is DE’s “Intended” Level Range while we are strong enough to deal with levels 2 - 3x higher.
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