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  1. ^^ If there would be a Frame that is probably going to be looked at the most for Hard Mode, it would be Octavia. She dosen't care what enemy level she's against.
  2. Even if her Augments got reworked, it wouldn’t mattered to me unless it’s a good change. They’re seriously useless. A Status cleanse for her 3 could be a decent increase for her Survivability.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. You’re not the only one who thought of that Opinion man.
  5. Her Talons still can’t make use of Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds even though they are available for her too. It’s like she got two missing Mod Slots with them on and i hope it’s a Bug since she used them for a long time until previously.
  6. From someone who uses Kuva Bramma since Release, I feel like the Ammo would affect me the most. I've used it in different Areas (long Survivals, everyday Missions, and Railjack) and in everyday Missions, Ammo Mutation Mods only helps a little for it with 15 Ammo. But for long Survivals and Railjack/Anomaly, Ammo Mutation Mods means a lot and it would be needed even more with 5 Ammo after Deadlock Protocol since it only uses Sniper Ammo. The changes to the Cluster Bombs looks fine since before Deadlock Protocol, they barely do anything besides procing Status and dealing damage in Mag's Bubble.
  7. GPrime96

    Kuva Tonkor

    Would make more sense to have it’s Safety Feature removed now. I can see Bramma being stronger than that Weapon with a Riven included (although even before the nerf, a Rivened Kuva Tonkor is closer to Bramma’s Performance for someone who didn’t farm it yet. Just the AOE Radius is lacking without Firestorm).
  8. All of ^. Every single Update/Hotfix be in a endless loop of stuff breaking and being tested.
  9. When they didn't have a Update like that?
  10. When i changed my Nick Name from VPrime96 to GPrime96, i used the 200 Platinum needed and after the change, everything else went fine immediately. Kind of strange it won't work immediately for you.
  11. Negative Shield Damage happens when you deal more damage than the enemies have for Shields.
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