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  1. Hey DE, the Link from In Game for this Thread is messed up. You might want to fix it when y'all have a chance.
  2. For a MR 5, i would say Oberon or Ember. One’s Support/Utility/DPS/and CC while another’s a Flaming DPS Frame with DR and CC.
  3. Honestly, the Zaw alone would help you with Steel Path alone more than the other two combined.
  4. Well Garuda is kind of a Valkyr Variant. If there was more, it would a Warframe version of Bloody Mary and Jigsaw since Elizabeth Bathory suppose to resemble Garuda.
  5. Glaives are pretty bad when Dual Wielding for some reason. It's better to spread Status with Cedo than other single hand Secondaries. Edit: It's because the Heavy Attack is moved to Alt Fire when Dual Wielding.
  6. Sporothrix do seem to be missing a part in T3 Arcana Bounty
  7. *Sees Adaptation and Rage* Yeah you’re not getting a post from me.
  8. When i tried Glaives out after their Rework, Glaive Prime performed better against lvl 180 Gokstad Officers better than other Glaives i’ve tried. With Viral/CO, it can do 40 - 60k+ Bleed Procs, taking one or two Explosions to kill them.
  9. I used to do 2+ Hours or longer runs Solo but by now, i don’t have that feeling of doing it at anytime anymore. Steel Path tried previously but the grind for the Steel Essence was super tedious before DE changed it to the Gamemode it is now.
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