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  1. Hot Tip - Items got "accepted" in Steam Workshop, meaning there isn't much time left until they're put into the game.
  2. The Grineer do have a few different styles of masks, some with no obvious sign of being able to see(Bailiff/Dhurnam, Drahk Masters) but Warframes on the other hand.... All things considered, there hasn't really been a Helmet at all in Warframe that takes the form of a clear visor type of mask, so I think its pretty cool we could finally get one.
  3. I would say the model looks real nice, I'm not sure of the eyes though(even if you gave it the Zenyatta droopy look). Are the black lines on the front of the face suppose to be just some lines, or are they a marker/placeholder for something? The yellow things sticking off the sides of his "cheeks" could use something like a textured on cap, or just extra detail, but other than that I think its real solid. Great Work as usual though, and I hope I helped!
  4. I can agree wholeheartedly that most of the TennoGen stipulations for things being accepted are either known, known but not addressed, or just completely unknown unless your a creator being informed of the problem, and it really makes things annoying and tricky. People yelling about Jotunheim not being accepted and DE giving the reason "Well there was something we didn't feel like it belonged, but we wont say" just makes it more of a out of control fire, where I can already assume the reason behind it(I personally think its the head being way too big). They are being vague for a reason, and I definitely feel like it should stay that way, but they aren't helping when it comes down to the lack of a real answer. Hopefully Rahetalius reawakens from his Forma addiction to "convince" DE that there are other things they should eventually get to understanding/fixing.
  5. Well would you look at that, no Excalibur skin for people to get angry about, just wait before Nyx gets complained about with all the skins shes getting in.
  6. Its a game-breaking bug just introduced with this patch, it will(Hopefully) be fixed within the days.
  7. The Flox doesn't open anymore when you bullet jump, its only when your taking damage when it will slowly open. The Syandana description even states it as so, saying "A Corpus-Inspired Syandana that responds to the wearer's well-being, unfolding in response to damage. As you endure the Flox unfolds.".
  8. I understand the big issues going on with the new Warframe colors being a problem, but I also want to slip this in as well, that being the several animation bugs plaguing the game. I think a lot of people would like some acknowledgement for this, and I'd appreciate it greatly.
  9. The new Sparing Skin's textures are messed up when using it with Prisma Obex Hopefully this can get fixed within the days.
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