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  1. http://content.ps4.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php So should be this then, this is loading and gives stats from PS4. Xbox One http://content.Xbox One.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php
  2. Boemm Ya, It's There :D Thanksssssss
  3. Whoow Right on! Seems this is working quite smoothly certification :D Like it very much GG
  4. Woohoo, that for sure brings some festive spirit! It"s awesome ^ I ma Enter too then. I'm into misc arcanes / Latron p. PSN: Digipo
  5. I cant help you out on any of those, just wondering. Why you require the negative stat?
  6. Wow, so the super solo clans got listened too. Don't really understand the motivation why build a clan like that? Sound weird goals for a clan to me. Why make all the work for a place where you maybe use only Half capacity, and half of the members are more then 2 weeks offline. And then you should be the one that makes everything ok. I You can barely play with your own clan in that case. But oh well, Enjoy. If you aspire to have that kind of responsibilities, im sure that their are plenty options available in decent complete clans. There you can make a difference.
  7. Just Awesome news! Jeej
  8. Y not?, Bring it on
  9. Woohoo :D Waiting for thiss, Ty ^
  10. Giveaways! Spread plat love around the community :D
  11. Sabotage fissure yesterday. Melted the reactor but nobody had enough reactant, timer started to go off after a while. Trying to find enough till the last second, but unfortunately..
  12. Hello! If you are looking for a last time you'll have to join a clan, consider joining us. We are an awesome group, members are active, smart, all friendly & helpful people! The leaders are very dedicated who always keep the clan and its members at intrest. We are open to likewise minded people to enrich our community. Start off the new year in a great way and don't hestitate, so we can accomplish your and our goals together ;) Cu there!
  13. Hello Warframe world :D Sweet Tennobaum this year to all. I'll share my wishlist here also ! Putting RnG in hands of fellow Tenno :p Kuva Syandana Executioner Noggle Ship decorations, Circuits ( i envisioned making a super powered ship wall :p ) Kavat Armor (any ;o, want to protect my hard fighting kitty.) Sugatra, Tingly bits for melee! Banshee soprana, who knows when prime will come right - Thanks to @wreck09 !! Ash kuga , ninja turtle :p Forma all day, every day Nsaru syandana Thanks to all, Spread the Baum! Greetingss Ho ho ho
  14. Interesting! I'll come and take a look ^