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  1. WTS Puncture Mods , Acolyte mods

    Hello Im looking to sell: Puncture Events mods set, which contains Piercing Caliber, Breach loader, Bore and Auger Strike. Prefer the set to go, If you really want one separately, discussable.. Most important from the acolytes are Maiming Strike and Argon Scope. Have others available as well if needed. Reply or send a PSN message plz if interested. Grtz
  2. Hello Maybe i can try to help on this bug from a console point of view (PS4). Now lately every time i am getting invited to a squad to run a certain relic. After the relic selection screen it shows i accepted the chosen fissure mission but not my chosen relic. I asked the squadmates once and they were able to see my chosen relic. Then after the missions has launched and we spawned at start, when i check the loadout it shows the correct relic i equipped. It is possible tthough to collect reactant and be egligible for a reward at the end of the mission. To summarize in steps what i do: On public matchmaking when i am in my ship Get an invite to a squad to run a specific relic (so i am not the host) Host selects the preferred fisure mission and put the relic up ( i am able to see that) I accept the mission and get to the relic selection screen I select the appropriate relic In the loadout screen it shows i accepted the mission, but NOT my chosen relic (Squadmates reported they were able to see my selected relic correctly) When the missions launched and we spawned in, the relic is being shown correctly Able to complete the misison and collect reactant and are all egligible for a prime reward. I have edited my video footage of it to show 4 cases where i reproduced the bug. You can view that here Recording date is yesterday 30/05 and the timestamps are on (my time zone is GMT+2). When i say kk in squad chat, i saw the my relic was correctly equipped. Hope this helped in any way, i have more complete videos too if that would be interesting. Just made this slection bcs of uploading/editing etc. PS; Yes im interested in the Glyph ^
  3. Coming Soon: Devstream #93!

    Hello! Since the Ambulas event ended for consoles this week. I was wondering if you have an evaluation of the introduced token system that came with it? So now we were able to earn beacons and spend them as we wanted. Just asking if you have some numbers on the amount of unique mods that were acquired per player, compared to for example another event where we need to run a boss fight again and depend on RNG to give us a reward. Or the overall opinion you received from the community about he system. Any plans on using it for other parts of the game? Ty
  4. [All Platforms] New Tennogen Content!

    Wooow, a lot off very nice stuff. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! Looking forward to an Exciting week :D
  6. PS4 Octavia's Anthem 20.4.5 Status [LIVE NOW!]

    Ty for the News! Excited :D
  7. Getting kicked out of every first mission i play after login

    Hi, this sounds similar to the problem i had. Also getting kicked every 1st mission. I posted my problem here. It was going on for quite a while. Last week i submitted a ticket to support for it. I got a reply. I dont know if they did something or if it was a problem on my side. but for now it seems to be a lot better , did several testings etc. But i want to test some more before i send a confirming reply back to them its ok now.
  8. Yes had the same problem. I dont play on solo much, but i do sometimes (unlocking riven challenges, sortie, etc..) But then for example i am in trade chat and setting up deal and i hurry to Dojo. Only to notice there that i am still set to Solo mode and unable to invite someone to the dojo. Indeed leaving the dojo, changing to public, going back to dojo and then yes i can invite someone.
  9. Jordas Verdit unplayable after Octavia update

    Hey, I have been getting similar issues. Sharing my story here. I have been getting this problem of being forced to extract during the Jordas Verdict trial where you end up in your ship again and hence lose reward. Info to specify this event: This happens in the third stage mostly after killing the second nerve. I am inside the golem helping with the puzzles The extraction animation is the one where the ship takes the warframe and archwing. Similar to the one if you would fly out of bounds when you out outside the golem. This gives me 2 options now i believe 1: Let the extraction scene complete and i end up back alone in my ship with the message 'lost connection to host'. No option to rejoin. 2: Forcing Closing of the warframe app via the Playstation quick menu option. And restarting the app, login is succesful. After a few seconds the option to rejoin squad is given. Message 'Previous mission was ended unexpectedly,...'. I accept but this is not succesful. This, i believe, is related to the problem i described in this thread (and is also mentioned in this current thread). But this is the cause that this is feeling very unrewarding and hindering the raid gameplay. If i would be able to rejoin and complete the raid it would be acceptable. But consistently losing half hour and no completion reward. Only to have to try and redo it again and hoping it will pull through. Side info that might be important: I am not host for the trial, nor do i put the key. I join a friend of mine. We normally play through the daily reset timer for raids. Relating to build notes, the session failure upon joining the first public game started already before the octavia build. The jv bug is now persistent since the octavia build. The other people (some) in the squad do not get disbanded and are able to finish the raid. I have been able to complete a couple jv when i tried to do it on another time with another friend. I dont know how widespread this bug is or if it just me. Because it seems to not to affect everyone since they are able to complete it. I play on PS4 with a LAN connection set to the standard ports mostly via north america server. Any advice or help on this matter would be appreciated. If specific additional information could be useful i'll try my best to provide. Thank you I have submitted a ticket to support. And yes also this. Tried keeping the host outside during the the 2nd nerve. That has maybe worked once. But another list of bugs tends to occur then. Listed here: Frozen hud which includes (mini-map) position of enemy, allies is frozen. Count of antiserum injectors is stuck. But you are to pick up and fill vaporizers (use the sound) No % recharge the engines of the golem. No visisble fields of the vaporizers when filling them Current weapon is not changing even tho you are able to switch and fire between primary, secondary, melee. ... maybe more but cant think of them right now. These are maybe annoying but still they let you complete the raid and get you the reward while the disconnection problem does not. Hope my report will help in a way. Thanks
  10. Hello, I want to bring this problem ive been having to your attention. It is related to matchmaking. Whenever I log in to the game (tested overall times during the day) the very first mission I try to join it always sends me back to the ship while I was loading in with the flying ship screen. Followed by a message saying ‘Session unavailable’ and a host migration failed. Whereafter I end up alone in my ship again. Whatever the mission might be a random node, fissure, raid, alert, .. When I start a game in solo or when I am put as host then it works from the first try. To describe this in steps: - Login to the game - Select any mission type to join on public - Launches me to the loading screen with ship fly animation - Sends me back with a ship fly animation - Message ‘Session Unavaible’ - Message Host migration failed - Back at the liset alone - If I now try to join another public mission it loads me to the squad fine I can replicate this in a video if that would help. I play on PS4 with a LAN connection set to the standard ports mostly via north america server. Also tested this by changing the connection server in game options (because I am in Europe). But then it counts again as a first try similar to when I logged in. Normally this is just a bit annoying but this leads to a significant other issue which loses mission rewards and time. For that i will be referring to another thread that describes the same problem and i will post my story there. Any help or advice regarding this issue would be appreciated. I also have submitted a ticket to support.
  11. Wow DE! Kudos are in order.

    You mean this option? From the PS4 patch notes: Scroll down a bit in the menu to see the archwing section clearly I havent changed back, trying to get used to the extra inertia for the moment.
  12. Started the Download! Thankssss
  13. Great News Thank you!! :D
  14. PS4/XB1 Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    http://content.ps4.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php So should be this then, this is loading and gives stats from PS4. Xbox One http://content.Xbox One.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php
  15. PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)

    Thx Drew! Yihaaa