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  1. Was running a pub mission when Xitt Help decided to say hi, i got all the requiem right but no Vanquish/Convert prompt came in, so i had to wait for the team to extract while staring at the screen with the focus on the parazon and the downed lich. After going back to the landing craft the lich is still alive and well, and the requiem history didn't register my last try nor gave murmur progress. Very annoying.
  2. Thanks for the hotfix! What about the actual game? Liches, ESO drop table rebalance (20 minutes for a Neo relic is illegal you know), QoL changes on older wfs, Kubrows rework, and so on! While a big project for you RJ feels like a totally different game, and i would like to play some Warframe.
  3. But now that you mention it no, you should all suffer my same fate.
  4. Yes, i logged in and found mine at 99. The buff makes me less mad, but considering you get min 90 base now my time was, obviously, still wasted. But that's my bad i guess, i shouldn't be playing game modes before 3 months with how rushed and unbalanced DE content is at the beginning.
  5. So wait, did i farm weeks and weeks for a 90+ reactor and now you give them for free? You know that's basically like saying i completely wasted my time, for playing the game, right? Good for those who didn't farm it yet but that's a punch in the face to those who invested- now wasted- time end effort in the game. At least run a script to increase all the already owned reactors to 100. (Which btw isn't even enough to put a mod in every slot. Buff it to 120/130, the Zetki is just too close now) I have no words.
  6. WTT Toxin ephemera lich Dakk Udrto (35%) Kohm for shockwave (impact) ephemera lich
  7. "Effort". Going around aimlessly it's not an effort. If you think that roaming around bored to death to collect stuff is an effort we are not on the same page. An effort as i intend it would be fighting a strong af enemy ship in some kind of boss battle requiring both sabotage inside and dodging/missiling outside and get resources as reward. That's an effort.
  8. Glad you feel ok with that ^^ I'm still bothered by not having that much Titanium because i don't wanna play No Man's Sky after i complete the mission.
  9. For me the problem is Titanium. I got like 3 times the amount of everything else but i can't build a thing because of how much titanium is required.
  10. As title, WTT Toxin Ephemera Lich (35% Kohm) for Shockwave Ephemera Lich.
  11. this. This. THIS. Btw what's the drop % on that Umbra Forma?
  12. WTT Vengeful Toxin Ephemera (Kohm 35% tox) for Vengeful Shockwave Ephemera /w me in game!
  13. Hey @[DE]Megan, would love to buy and use the new pistol skin on my Rattleguts, any plan to allow skins on kitguns like with zaws?
  14. No crewship block fix? This really need to be fixed, boarding crewship now is a 50/50 chance to bug and NEVER be able to exit the first room...
  15. Please address this bug asap. Entering a crewship most of the times will bug you for the rest of the game, no unstuck no command will save, you can't exit the first room and basically you can do nothing for the rest of the game. You are bugged with your archwing weapons on, and a very big ****. https://imgur.com/a/gRAaKCm
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