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  1. Yeah but, lets be real, without that range buff Total Eclipse was definitely not viable. 4 meters base range? Oh god. Same goes for Ash aoe invisibility. Point is, while the buff was super, it's really stressful to keep it on allies anyway, also considering that you are sacrificing a core mod like Narrow Minded and, in my case, a mod slot (stretch), to get it to work, and it's still not great. Therefore a lingering effect would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello all! I decided to invest my second umbra forma on Mirage, a frame i never really used, and so i played her quite a lot lately. I am by no means a Mirage main, but here a few QoL i would really love to see in game for the Total Eclipse augment. I am a team player, and as such, most of my builds try to get some utility for the team, and after the great augment update, i saw the opportunity to use Total Eclipse. Getting allies that dmgr and dmg boost is really nice, however: The range is still to short. I even use Stretch, but due to the fast paced nature of the game, i more ofte
  3. Title. I open the rift with 4, enemies are still able to damage and destroy it. Tried with Nyx assimilate too and the canister still got damaged by something (not sure what, the effects blind me) but i'm pretty sure there were no melee units around. Something must be bugged, maybe the hitbox.
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