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  1. It won't. Reason why you should never play Warframe before 3/4 days when something new drops, unless you know of some exploit. Let it get fixed a few days. Before it's just a frustrating mess.
  2. Don't care about the rest (even if anti-passive augments are very good) but this, for this thank you. I almost forgive you for the tragic arcanes nerf. Then again Lockdown was destroyed today so...
  3. GJ DE, now the Operation: Arcanes Destruction is completed. After ruining Energize and Grace with an infinite cooldown and Guaridan with a nerf, the last useful arcane has been eliminated. You may now remove the arcane slots altogether. (and refund me all the plats i spent for them) Was Magus Lockdown overpowered? Yes. Did it deserve a nerf? Yes. But was it only one worth mentioning and using? Yes. So what do we use now? Yes.
  4. With all the time and money i spent on arcane energize and grace these changes make me mad af. I have played this game for a very long time and this time i'm really mad. Revert this crap and never do it again. RESPECT YOUR PLAYERS.
  5. I assume we are getting about 30 formas and 1 month affinity booster since this update will destroy years of work on builds for both Warframes and weapons. Can we just remove impact from the game? Most annoying damage type and now you want to make it a ragdoll...
  6. Lot of great things, shield gating is great for shields frames, kuva liches finally having a reason not to run solo again, finally excavators won't pop with a single bullet, self damage needs to go imho, but the stagger animations are cool so i guess that's fine, 100 restores bp god finally (gimme cipher also pls). Not so great Vauban changes, nice buff but i think it will take more to save that frame, maybe a real rework this time (and remove Ember's 2 z.z) Plain terrible: Arcanes nerf. Honestly, the only 3 good arcanes are Energize, Guardian and Grace (there are some niche, yes, but they are niches). You can nerf those, but if you continue to give us terrible alternatives we will stick to them, even if nerfed, and be mad for it.
  7. Was running a pub mission when Xitt Help decided to say hi, i got all the requiem right but no Vanquish/Convert prompt came in, so i had to wait for the team to extract while staring at the screen with the focus on the parazon and the downed lich. After going back to the landing craft the lich is still alive and well, and the requiem history didn't register my last try nor gave murmur progress. Very annoying.
  8. Thanks for the hotfix! What about the actual game? Liches, ESO drop table rebalance (20 minutes for a Neo relic is illegal you know), QoL changes on older wfs, Kubrows rework, and so on! While a big project for you RJ feels like a totally different game, and i would like to play some Warframe.
  9. But now that you mention it no, you should all suffer my same fate.
  10. Yes, i logged in and found mine at 99. The buff makes me less mad, but considering you get min 90 base now my time was, obviously, still wasted. But that's my bad i guess, i shouldn't be playing game modes before 3 months with how rushed and unbalanced DE content is at the beginning.
  11. So wait, did i farm weeks and weeks for a 90+ reactor and now you give them for free? You know that's basically like saying i completely wasted my time, for playing the game, right? Good for those who didn't farm it yet but that's a punch in the face to those who invested- now wasted- time end effort in the game. At least run a script to increase all the already owned reactors to 100. (Which btw isn't even enough to put a mod in every slot. Buff it to 120/130, the Zetki is just too close now) I have no words.
  12. WTT Toxin ephemera lich Dakk Udrto (35%) Kohm for shockwave (impact) ephemera lich
  13. As title, WTT Toxin Ephemera Lich (35% Kohm) for Shockwave Ephemera Lich.
  14. this. This. THIS. Btw what's the drop % on that Umbra Forma?
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