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  1. So basically... The system for expert players is really an mr 8 thing, despite the tragic feedback you received from your community you still decided to nerf the only good skills while keeping and not buffing/reworking terribly bad/out of date ones, making the helminth a resource sink of barely any use, and you massively increased the standings received by mr 0 players while keeping the same for your old players. Good stuff DE.
  2. @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan Anything new from the DEVs after the tragic feedback you got from your community? Breaking the radio silence would be a good idea, imho.
  3. As a Valkyr main, you should be asking for a rework, because your only ability is your 2.
  4. Your point makes no sense. I assume you didn't even read my post. It doesn't have sense for that augment to exist, as it hurts the frame it is created for. Are you saying DE should start creating augments that work on other frames to justify helminth system? That ability and augment is garbage, and it's plain stupid that a thing that needs a rework is listed in the infusion list. THAT is another reason they should buff, rework and fix other abilities, and the reason none is picking it instead of Roar. Please, read before commenting.
  5. Effect of your nerfs: People Infusing Roar: From 100% to 80% People Infusion Decoy: From 0% to 0% People not bothering with the new system because it's not worth it/they are pissed off: From 0% to 20% Nerfing things won't solve the issue that you offer no competition, and refuse to rework things that need a rework. This way of saying: we ain't gonna rework it so rework it yourself is a slap to the face. I would rather have a 80% effective Roar than a Decoy or a Well of Life or an Air Burst. Maybe I wouldn't, if Decoy was an actual ability, capable of surviving a singl
  6. DE: Yo! We heard you want endgame content so get this, you spend S#&$tons for resources BUT! you can infuse an ability into another warframe! Players and Tyl Regor: I'm very excited now! DE: ah, but you can only pick Decoy because the rest is nerfed AF, enjoy! You never disappoint me, DE!
  7. I was in team with an Inaros equipped with Physique. As i entered Cataclysm my max HP dropped from 390 to 300, and going outside immediatly brought them back to 390.
  8. DE stated you WILL be able to use augments.
  9. As i already said idc if the system is going to be mr 2 or 30, their idea of very experienced players being mr 15 made me laugh. That's all.
  10. I think Rhino will be still good, good surv with 2, Roar and a great CC which works on most bosses too on 4; Valkyr, on the other hand...
  11. Don't get me wrong, idc if the system is mr 2+ or 30+, i was just laughing at their "very experienced players" being mr 15. As it stands now the clone is totally useless at any lv 35+ mission, so anything they do would probably be an upgrade. Full invulnerability sound a little boring to me, maybe after getting some damage it could aoe stun or explode and release ammo pickups based on the bullets it absorbed or something.
  12. Lmao I expected a Mastery Rank 28+; do you really consider mr15 very experienced players? Ahahahah Btw, rework decoy. That ability is terrible. Doesn't scale, no invulnerability frames to absorb additional health from enemy attacks, even in the origin system all it takes is a single bullet from an enemy unit to pop it.
  13. What about making it a real ability? Anything that shoot the decoy will pop it with 1 bullet. Scaling health, invulnerability + dmg abs for 3 seconds like similar abilities, the ability is really not good. I love Loki, he is my most used frame, but it feels like playing with 1 ability (2) and a outdated cc on 4.
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