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  1. No drop from Tuesday stream. How do you intend to fix it?
  2. Don't tell people what to do and they wouldn't tell you where to go. People own you absolutely nothing and will play their liches as they want. There's absolutely nothing you can do about that. I myself don't expect others to play my way in pubs and I'm surely wouldn't make it harder for me only to please some whiny random.
  3. Game tracking all your standing even after max level, but shows only 10000 of it in Nightwave screen. If they increase max level as they did last time all that standing would be converted to prestige levels.
  4. This bug is still here. It makes already lacking system completely unusable from practical point of view.
  5. I've played solo for more than a year and it's totally doable in all game modes. In fact it's easy to play solo in all, but few missions. Now I'm playing public games and also don't have any problems with it. For excavation solo, Nekros is the way to go. More canisters and his shadows could keep excavator alive when you away. I went until enemies level 500 on fissure excavation solo and lost not more then one or two extractors with him.
  6. Unlike many others I actually like preservation. It's relaxing activity that gives tons of standing on fortuna and Cetus. But Deimos variant is nothing like that. It gives abismal standing and is very annoying. Rough terrain that makes it hard to spot and track, and small size of world forces you to constantly be distracted by mobs. And it's very buggy. It just doesn't worth the time. But you need it to progress syndicate. It's not good. Please fix it. Remove it from syndicate sacrifices and adjust price of tags to make it worthwhile. 500 standing for several captures is ridiculous. One Kubrod
  7. And I've got zero from 2 runs of 3.
  8. I maxed Red Veil and can't choose capturas as reward for rak 5.I could do that before with other syndicates. Why can't I do it now? Did you even mentioned that nerf?
  9. It's not for new players though. Helminth system content has MR15 requirement, by that moment you should have necessary means.
  10. Let me guess, low fps system? I don't think they will fix it as they'll never encounter it themselves.
  11. Eclipse on inaros. I won't believe in that until I see it with my own eyes. Instead of glass cannon of Mirage we'll get immortal juggernaut in Inaros.
  12. Good choice except maybe Harrow chassis. I'm sure everyone has at least dozens of those. So it's basically just 3500 cred drop.
  13. You can't. Warframes can't be traded and athodai, even if it would be Baro offering, wouldn't be tradable because it has potato in it.
  14. Don't worry. You aren't the only one. They run script that awarded drops to anyone who was logged that day and apparently they didn't check if you got them already or not.
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