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  1. Not even that. It counts all the damage inflicted. Including overkill. So frames like khora could show 90% of group damage without even kill many enemies at all.
  2. In time for what? Last intermission lasted for more than a half year. You have enough time for everything. If you don't know it yet - there's catch-up mechanic for weekly challenges.
  3. I does though. I've got 50 cred instead of emblem on rank 4.
  4. Have you two seen her head? There's no mistake with voice. She's just Caitlyn Jenner type of a woman.
  5. Why? ...Seriously, why? Not only it's easy to obtain set, but less than two months ago this weapon was already given away. It was already built with slot and potato included. I mean, ok, I probably should take some break from streams anyway, but... why???
  6. 1. biggest of two x 1.1 2. Yes 3. Yes
  7. Does protection work for mods too? I'm not sure if I need another "meticulous aim", which is still bugged by the way.
  8. Had twitch drop worked today? I haven't got anything.
  9. Don't use snipers, use some assault rifle on big group of enemies. Zephyr plus patagium would make it very easy. Double jump and then you'll have few seconds to just stay in the air in one place and spraying enemies with bullets. You'll have your 3 headshot kills in no time.
  10. Neither necramech nor archgun keeps affinity after extraction.
  11. Affinity is completely broken. All affinity gained on Orphix mission is lost after extraction. Absolutely all. My necramech is unranked after one hour on mission. My archgun is level 3, exactly as it was before it.
  12. What a joy it is. After 3 hours of dowloading 25gb of game, I launched it and got nothing. So I decided to exit and launch it again. And... yes, it wants to download this 25gb again. Seriously? Why?
  13. Don't sweat. They aren't especially good mods and you'll get them back eventually. Just keep in mind that duplicate filter is just that... filter. It just sort your mods by what mods have more dupes. It shows all your mods, so you need manually subtract one mod when selling if you want to keep it.
  14. How may drops have you got from monday's stream. I've got 9(2 dupes). Wasn't it supposed to be 8?
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