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  1. I've got two Braton Vandal sets from ESO, which took me quite some time. But, and this is big but..., when I farmed it, I also got focus and bunch of Radiant Relics and also ESO is pretty fun. What will I get if I would farm Ambassador? Nothing useful at all. And there's one more problem - I joined mission today, before knowing drop chances, thinking we would farm ambassador, but they decided to extract after 5min and guess what? Yes, unlike normal survival, I was forced to extract too, so I would be forced to grind this thing mostly alone. That's something that's not gonna happen. If they move all parts in one place, I'd probably give this thing a chance, if not... whatever, I'm not gonna bother with it. It's like with Hema before Deimos - this thing doesn't worth it at all. Also, for all those people who says - you wasted so much time already, what is different this time? I haven't wasted those thousands of hours, I enjoyed them. But if I enjoy getting Kuva Lich for example, it doesn't mean I would enjoy getting two Kuva lich in the row, let alone 3 of them. Spending 2-3 hours in one mode is fine, 5 is pushing it and 10+ is completely unacceptable for me.
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