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  1. Thanks, I was a little annoyed to miss displays this week (I don't know why, I haven't decorated orbiter in months), but these drops I could definitely ignore and not worry about it.
  2. Unlike others here, I actually looked forward for this protea augment as my build is heavly depending on having sentinel or moa alive. But I am buffled at its implementation. You can only have either one or another dispenser, not both. Why? In what world would I keep repair dispenser running over normal one? I would just repair my sentinel and then switch to normal dispenser, so nobody would be able to benifit from it except me. I think it should allow you to either keep both or what would be even better it should just modify dispenser to have repair capability as additional to its normal ones
  3. I already have some problems to fill up the crew when I'm farming epitaph parts. And update is live for only a couple days. When most of players would get them, void fissures would die. Because not only you'd spent more time, but since you wouldn't have full crew and therefore choice from 4 rewards, you would have much worse total rewards than in regular fissures. It really has to be somewhat changed to have any chance for longevity.
  4. Just wait a little. Dex weapons would be given away soon. Both dex furis and dex sybaris are quite good. They would serve you well for a while.
  5. Why? You haven't expected to get palette, do you? Last time they gave one it was 2% chance drop. This time it could be even less as there are two rare drops. You could get 5 kuakas fluffes instead. And that would suck.
  6. Last time when they had given palette as a random drop it had a whopping 2% chance. Yes, 2%. So, I wouldn't bet on getting one next week. Plus this time there're two rare drops, so it could be 1% chance for palette and 1% for mod. Who knows?
  7. Missing nightwave creds for duplicate rewards? You know exactly ranks we've got in every nightwave season, so you could easily just run script for bugged rewards.
  8. As others have already said, the only possible use for universal medallion would be conclave. 5000 standings for 2.5+ hours of watching is laughable. You literally could make more in 5 minutes for any syndicate other than conclave. Although, let's make this drop for every week. It would be just hilarious. Just imagine - 12.5 hours of watching for one augment mod. What a deal!!!
  9. They do though. You need to manually claim drop and then new progression will start. And progression is kept between streams. There's 5 drops limit for this week though. I already claimed them all.
  10. You haven't lost progression though. You'll get your drop in few minutes after stream starts. As Meg had said there's 5 drop limit for this week, so it's not like you'll miss anything because of couple minutes.
  11. Not even that. It counts all the damage inflicted. Including overkill. So frames like khora could show 90% of group damage without even kill many enemies at all.
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