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  1. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200092259-Trading-FAQ-Safe-Trading-Tips
  2. heavy attacks with hammers are amazing. I hit a 34 million crit with a heavy slam, fully charged combo (12/220) LIFESTRIKE on arbitration last night. I think it could have brought back Elvis.....
  3. lol that catchmoon balance really ticked you off huh?
  4. wow you're a bit special aren't you ? "Go back and re read them because obviously you're too dumb to understand, or just accept what i am telling you is true? " regardless of the fact i did read them and STILL think you're idea isn't new and is still dumb. /shrug
  5. what needs to happen - is status needs to mean something again. give us a reason to use status based weapons over crit weapons other than stacking CO damage. make enemies have proper weaknesses. corrosive is the only status effect thats actually used regularly Fire has had a recent overhaul with the ember rework but more needs to be done on status
  6. i did and what you propose is dumb. sorry but it is. I've heard this argument several times over. You propose to buff everything including enemies and their health and armour pools to match the overpoweredness of our weapons.. There's a thing called differential. This being the damage output of our weapons and the effective health of the enemies if a weapon does 100 damage against an enemy with 100 eHp and you buff BOTH you buff it to 200 damage and you buff the enemy in response to 200 eHp ITS THE SAME AMOUNT OF DAMAGE you have achieved NOTHING
  7. ahhhhh gotcha. thats why i dont notice the difference much as i'm either twirling my sexy space baton or in dual wield glaive mode.
  8. the fact that we're HOLDING our melee weapon instead of a gun isn't enough of a clue ? what am i not understanding ?
  9. remove base damage mods ....... *sip* difficulty UP !
  10. if thats the requirements for joining - i'd walk right on by lol
  11. that sounds FAR too shady for me to even give the time of day. Proof of certain activities ..... WOW ...... are there actually clans out there that are THIS serious. jeebus ! its a game. not a job xD
  12. TBH ..... unless they do something about the weapon power creep...... these melee changes will be moot. Can you say Catchmoon? why even bother with this new fancy stuff when i can just delete stuff with catchmoon ? GIVE ME A REASON
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