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  1. Actually no it wasn't. There were fewer frames less stupidly op weapons. Looking at you lenz and bramma. We had trials. Instead of removing them make them better. But it's clear this development team now is catering to the lowest skilled players to make them feel powerful while also making older players feel absolutely useless cuz half the time enemies have been absolutely nuked or you bullet jump through an entire level skipping enemies and completing missions in under 2 minutes. This game has nothing to offer me any more. And yes destiny is exactly where I went back in Ju
  2. This game has finally lost its way. Fully embracing power creep ..... its no longer just a power fantasy its a full on wet dream. The game isn't challenging anymore, it hasn't been for a long time - its literally an afk clicker mobile game. If you enjoy it more power to you. But after 8 years - its over. There isn't anything for long term players. and you'll get there eventually and have the same complaints as me. its just taken you longer to get there. OoOOOHHh another free roam to mine, fish, conserve...... cuz that didn't get boring af with fortuna......
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