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  1. I believe to some extent the reasoning behind them not fixing the effects of "unique" gear is that without it we would basically all be done with railjack within two months, however ether way it dousnt justify it imo.
  2. P sure there are more broken things in railjack than just the intrinsic farming methods...
  3. I think we all understand this, however it still dousnt cause me to believe innocents should be punishd in the way they are, i simply believe they can go about it in a better way and consider the consept of being innocent untill proven guilty especially when considering that they may be loyal players.
  4. Intresting to see that all they had to do was reverse cosmetic purchases for you, however i find it strange that you would end up in that situation, i supose that its possible they actually have a problem with detecting illegitimate plat and so it may be possible that some detections of it are incorrect? Ether way the fact tha they give the possibility to revert cosmetic purchases to offset the negative plat balence makes me beleive that i was correct in saying that it depends on the person who you have dealing with the ticket on the other side. Thanks for the info :D.
  5. Sorry that i didnt speicifcy but i was simply pointing out @notlamprey 's post i thought you may find it intresting based on the relation to the topic, rather than using it to disprove your point. On the topic of what them doing being illegal, i simply inferd that since all content on the account was technically ownd by DE and thus never ownd by us, meaning they were never obliged to give us access and the monotizing of gaining access to the account would be fully legal, however i believe a seperat contract (or TOS agreement) may be required at that point. Basically all the things on your account would be considerd an asset of DE rather than yourself since when you pay for things or work towards them they would be considerd services rather than objects or assets since they are an intangible thing which are technically fully based on the tangible object (that being the Warframe servers) which are a tangible object ownd by DE. Basically all content you have on your accounts would be considerd ownd by DE and so since you are paying or working towards those things, paying to regain access to those things would possibly fit under the same consept. I could be comepletely wrong ofc but it obviously depends on the laws, how they are interpreted and any external factors such as agreements between the player and DE. Thank you for your input, im not saying you are wrong or that i am right, im just trying to give my input towards the situation as i assume you are, so thank you :D.
  6. Technically it wouldnt be considerd intimidation since they are giving you an option to pay money to regain access to a service (the game) and because the TOS permits termination and removal of your access to your account it would technically bypass the consept of intimidation through the loss off an account since thye technically own and have full power over the account. This being said i do agree that what DE is doing is quite dodgy and could possibly be illegal or atleast verging on being illegal, id recomend looking at NotLampRey's post on the first page of this topic since he had some intresting stuff to say in the hidden tabs :D.
  7. Blood kittens idea may not be perfect but you have to admit that there should be a better way to deal with the issue, and i appreciate the input from both of you 😄
  8. Agreed, i hope they can atleast acknowledge the problem and possibly make it easier for those effected to regain their accounts if nothing else although i do understand the trouble can and would have with the situation.
  9. in theory they lose no tangible assets, however the recomendations i made at the end of the post are all ive thought of as solutons personally, in general i dont have a problem with them removing the plat, i simply have a problem with the removal of plat from people who unkowingly recieved the plat from somebody who illegitimatly sourced it causing these unkowing victims to have their account banned/suspended (i think the suspension is about 4 years? not sure) and then having them pay to return their accounts after doing nothing wrong in some cases. Should unknowing players be punishd for another persons missdee?.
  10. That is a good point, however i personally dont think it should be a problem in the first place causing people to resrict themselves from trading within the game.
  11. I wouldnt go that far... I wouldnt go that far... i fully disagree with this S#&$ty system they have but in general warframe is much better than other F2P games when it comes to forcing micro transactions onto you, i can see that warframe probably charges money to stop people from repeat offenses or to regian money lost from illegitimate plat, but its simply the fact that the wrong people are getting punishd and nothing is being done about it (as far as i know)
  12. The first link given is verry intresting thank you for linking it, however given the amount of people that have had this problem in the past year i would say that ether the contense of that post is out of date, or as you said the people i have talkd to may have bit appeald in the apropriate way, however having to appeal in the first place is something i think is a bit problematic due to the fact that simply implimenting a proper system to deal with the situation would both save the time of pllayers effected and the DE staff (atleast in my opinion. Given the second link all i can really say is that there have been cases of this problem within the past year possibly making these comments invalid, or simply that there may be specific conditions for the people i have talkd to about the situation that i do not know of. The case considering the $50 charge to regain an account that i mentiond was within the past year and was an issiue experianced by somebody living in vietnam (which may be a reason behind it if there are different conditions depending on region) and i was informd they this contact support with a ticket, although even if they did not i find that fact that DE would take $50 from a person for the purposes of regaining an account after being suspended without looking into the situation to some extent first. The comment on loggd transactions is fully true however the concept that so many people would have this problem even tho this is a posibilitie makes me question why DE dousnt make this more accessable due to the fact that in some cases i have heard that people were simply ignored and offerd no help in returning their accounts via the normal means of questioning, accessing trade history etc. which i would suggest might just be a worker problem depending on the person who recieves your support ticket.
  13. I completely agree and understand the trouble with it, but in my opinion i still dont think that warents the charging of up to $50 to regain access to your accounts, this is why i recomended possibly temporary trade bans and possbile tracking of those accounts (although i can understand that may also be an extionsion of more work for DE) so i welcome any other suggestions for solutions :D.
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