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  1. This is a known bug, annoying as you can't pick up purple salvage apart from guns. It means you cant upgrade any Zetki components apart from weapons until it's fixed.
  2. Also having issues with crewships being destroyed but not registering as being destroyed in voidstorm missions. Blew up the reactor, left the ship but after the explosion the ship remains. If you return to the ship the reactor is destroyed but you can pilot the ship. There is no way of completing the mission if this is one of the objectives prior to the main objective as the game doesn't spawn in another crewship.
  3. This is the issue I'm having also. It's not actually picking up the rewards, it just bounces the marker around the map when you try to pick it up and no reward is given at the end of mission.
  4. Don't know if it's the same for all, the trophy statue for this event is broken. The left arm of the operator is missing from the shoulder and the hand is floating in mid air. Put a few up in our dojo and they are all the same.
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