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  1. Hey! Thanks for reporting, I've sent this off to your Forum host to have a look at and hopefully fix to improve readability.
  2. Forum Update Feedback

    Hey guys! Try clearing your cookies/cache, that ended up working for me on Chrome :)
  3. Upvotes count 6 times on profile

    Hey guys! Thanks for reporting, sent the report to our Forum host for investigation.
  4. PS4 Chains of Harrow Remaster Build

    You do NOT need to delete Warframe. The Update download will do all the work! :)
  5. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Hey! This was an issue yesterday as well, I replied in this thread: I do believe this is still the case, but I have contacted our Forum host again just to be sure :)
  6. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    I'm seeing this as well! Thanks for reporting, I'll see what I can do.
  7. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Hey guys! Quick update on the progress we've made based on your feedback/reports (thanks for those!): Fixed the pixel line cutting across the background near the top header. Fixed line spacing issues with the mobile version of the Forums. Fixed several readability issues in the Warframe Dark Theme due to font color. For those of you experiencing the "login loop" (switching between a logged in and logged off state when browsing the forums/Warframe website), please clear your cache/cookies.
  8. Hey guys! We noticed that there was some confusion in having the PC and console "Conclave Players helping Players" forums as a sub-forum under its parent "Players helping Players" forum. For the sake of assisting you guys with posting your Conclave topics in the right sub-forum, we have merged the "XB1 and PS4 Conclave PhP" and "PC Conclave Php" sub-forums together into this new "(Conclave) Players helping Players" forum. Unlike the previous sub-forums, this forum is not platform specific, so you are free to post your Conclave questions regardless of whether you're PC, Xbox One, or PS4. The merging process is still underway, which is why you will notice that the "XB1 and PS4 Conclave PhP" sub-forum is still clickable under "Players helping Players". This may take several hours to complete, so we appreciate your patience while it works away. We hope you feel this has made an improvement to how you navigate and post on the Forums Thanks!
  9. PLEASE NOTE! You do NOT need to delete Warframe. The Update download will do all the work! Here is some important information about the Chains of Harrow Update. The Chains of Harrow PS4 update is a remaster build. What makes this build so special, you ask? Well, we did a little summer cleaning and removed old game assets that are no longer in use to free up hard disc space (19 GB of disc space vs. 35 GB!). We also rearranged all existing assets into optimal locations to speed up load times. What does this mean for you guys? To bring you all these awesome optimizations, the Chains of Harrow update will require Warframe to be re-downloaded. The good news is that half the size means half the download time, and for all of you new to Warframe on PS4 this means the download will be speedy! And for all you existing PS4 players, the update will simply download in the background. If you're looking for update status you can keep up to date here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/817697-ps4-chains-of-harrow-status-sent-to-cert/
  10. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Nice! They will fix themselves over time, please be patient while it works its way through all existing links :)
  11. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    As mentioned in the OP, drag and drop from your desktop only works if the browser and OS you are using supports it :) See my previous post for information on links.
  12. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Our Forum host got back to me and said that the links seem to be correcting themselves automatically over time. It's likely due to the rebuild that's happening in the background. In other words, it's taking its time to get through all existing links :) You should see little to no issues with links in the next few hours as it works away on the backlog.
  13. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Thanks for the screenshots and info guys! Sent this off for review. Hmm, I'd have to check! Excellent question though. Thank you! I have sent this to our Forum host for review :) Could you provide screenshots of where there are currently readability issues with the Dark theme? Would help us track it down and fix a lot quicker! I'm waiting to hear back from our Forum host on this one, we've experienced this issue before in the past. I'll update you as soon as I have a solution. Should work just the same as before today's update! It is still tied to the reputation system, so 1 "like" or "upvote" reaction = 1 reputation I'll see what I can do with our community sigil (because I love it too!)
  14. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Could you share some screenshots so that I may send them to our Forum host for fixes! Thanks :)
  15. Forum Update + New Features (LIVE NOW)

    Yes! These were always available to you guys because we cannot limit who uses tags per group. So we use the honor system :) Those who use them just 1. I had to turn on reactions manually :) They are available now! 2. I believe it is only 1 reaction per post per member, which includes "Upvote" and "Like" 3. As mentioned above, these were always available to you guys since there is no way to restrict their use per group currently. 4. I changed the ordering of the reactions to make it easier for the mobile users out there :) "Upvote" is now the default reaction. 5. Could you provide screenshots? 6. I'll take a closer look at refining the Fluid View so that more content displays over pinned posts. Could I have more information on what you mean here? :) Hmmm, sounds like you're caught up in a login loop. I'll check in with our Forum host to see if there is a solution to this since it seems to be affecting more than one user. Thanks guys!