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  1. Hotfix 20.2.4 Changes: Sorties with “dense fog” will now always take place during the night. Dark Sector nodes Coba and Tikal will now always take place during the night. Updated Zenith’s description to better explain its functionality. Fixes: Fixed a script error possibly related to when the Zenistar disk is launched but the player dies before it is recalled. Fixed new Augments released in Update 20.2.0 (Pyroclastic Flow, Piercing Navigator, Negation Swarm, and Beguiling Lantern) not appearing in Codex and not able to be linked in chat. Fixed Equinox’s front cloths from clipping. Fixed “dense fog” condition in Sorties not being dense or foggy enough as per: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/66d6ga/dense_fog/?st=j1ql578v&sh=18a34cb9 Fixed the Redeemer not properly alerting enemies when fired. Fixed clients not able to bring their Companions in or out of the Rift when they dash as Limbo. Fixed Titania’s passive description appearing in Limbo’s. Fixed Octavia’s Resonator sitting still and not interacting with Mallet if cast in an unreachable location. Fixed a script error. Fixed Mallet damage originating from where it was spawned instead of where it currently is. Fixed Relic reward screen in Endless Fissure missions not updating after each round with the most recent Relic picked by each Squad member. Fixed Itzal Fighter Escorts causing camera issues. Fixed minor graphical error on loading screen.
  2. Hey Tenno! The Easter holiday has come and past, and it's time we say goodbye to our floppy Lepus Headgear. To be honest with you all, we only acquired rights from the Easter Bunny to use his likeness for a limited number of days in the year, and we want to stay on good terms with Mr. Bunny so that they can return next year! The stylish bunny ear accessory will be hopping away from your inventories today at 2 p.m ET, so be sure to get into Captura for a last minute photo-shoot!
  3. Fixed in 20.2.3!
  4. You'll be cleared to attempt to log in again after 24 hours :)
  5. Hey guys! This is a bug! We have a fix for this coming soon, apologies for the trouble.
  6. Here's the full Tenno Tunes Vol. 2 playlist if you're interested :) These are all the songs we play on the live-streams: https://soundcloud.com/warframe/sets/warframe-tenno-tunes-vol-2
  7. Try uploading the picture to imgur, and paste the link here :)
  8. Hey Tenno! Item list fading was added in Update 20.2.0 as a means of improving performance for older or less powerful machines. This was not a UI design decision, but rather a necessary change to help prevent fellow Tenno from experiencing crashes caused by texture overloading. We understand visual changes may be a bit jarring at first, so we thank you for your understanding in light of performance improvements for others.
  9. And we're live! The new Menu Scale option is now available under Options > Interface (was previously HUD) in Update 20.2.0 along with these other UI changes: ‘Full’ Menu Scale scales to match your resolution. ‘Legacy’ Menu Scale will appear similar to pre Update 20 except diegetic screens(Mods, Foundry, etc) scale as well. You will only see the difference in resolutions larger than 1080p. ‘Custom’ Menu Scale is set and determined by you. Thank you all for your patience!
  10. Hey Brachion! Support will be contacting you again about this request. Apologies for the confusion! Please also remember not to share your ticket number or URL on the Forums. Thank you :)
  11. This ^ Also, be more mindful of how you call players. Players of lower MR or time spent in the game are new, and might not know everything about the game as you. Respect your fellow Tenno. Thank you!
  12. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.1.1 Conclave Changes: Reduced Sonicor Clip to 8. Reduced Miter Clip to 10. Reduced Panthera damage and Clip. Changes Re-enabled PhysX Effects for the very latest NVidia drivers (381.65, released April 6th) as they seem to have fixed the memory leak discussed here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/782377-performance-and-the-future-of-physx-effects/ Enabled IPv6 for some servers to resolve login issues in certain regions; we do not anticipate this causing any problems as we've been testing for months as discussed here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/765481-pc-ipv6-soft-launch-february-22nd-9-am-est/ Significantly reduced load-times for slower systems running DirectX 11 (Note: consider Optimizing your Cache under the Launcher Settings for even more speed!). Attempted to improve Graphics Card detection in the launcher after some people reported their card becoming "unsupported" after updating their drivers. Reduced hitches caused by loading Mandachord songs in the Relay/Dojo. Disabled the minimap at certain times during The War Within quest as intended. Fomorians & Razorbacks now use the Tactical Alert format in the World State Window. Updated the Mandachord art & added some optimization improvements. Fixes: Fixed Captura camera bugging after going into free cam mode with Operator and then transferring from Operator to Warframe. Fixed Clan rank calculation which sometimes would not include the Affinity from decorations in a duplicate room. Fixed a nasty memory-corruption bug that would lead to crashes in the strangest places. Fixed Nodes and extra buttons showing after completing a Junction. Fixed a UI bug caused by host migration in Sorties. Fixed various localization issues. Fixed inconsistencies with upper and lower case in Sortie descriptions. Fixed dimensions on the Stratos emblem icon. Fixed a Void Rift not spawning in Lua Spy. Fixed timer and extraction transmission being out of sync on Mobile Defense. Fixed a bug in endless Fissure missions that would prevent selecting a Relic if a host migration occurred. Fixed hud & mini-map markers not always pathing correctly in some Archwing missions. Fixed the Baro FX showing behind the Provvok Shoulder Guard. Fixed pausing and unpausing the game causing Octavia music to not start back at the paused position. Fixed players showing as “ghost Excalibur” in the dojo if they load in and don’t move.
  13. 4:00 p.m. ET Status update: A script has been run to accomplish the following things: All Rivens that were dissolved past the time server issues started (~11:45 a.m. ET today) have been refunded to players’ inventories, whether they were corrupt or not. All corrupt Riven Mods were then removed for anyone who has logged in during the last 24 hours. Your Riven Mods and Endo should be back to their original value before these issues started at ~11:45 a.m. ET today. If you are still seeing discrepancies in either, please relog. We deeply apologize for any frustration or confusion. Thank you for your patience while we cleared this up.
  14. We are keeping you updated on the Riven duplicates issue here: We apologize for the sudden trouble, a script is being run to remove the duplicate Riven mods. If more than your duplicates were removed, please let me know. You might need to log out and back in.
  15. 3:10 p.m. ET Status update: Script is being run.