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  1. Hotfix is live with fix! Your Sigil should be back to normal.
  2. Heart of Deimos: Interim: Hotfix #2 Fixes: Fixed missing Daughter Naberus VO lines. Fixed some missing Otak idle VO lines. Missed Fix Note: Fixed Legacy Mastery Rank Sigil’s appearing as blank slabs.
  3. We are fixing this issue on all consoles in this morning's hotfix!
  4. Heart of Deimos: Interim: Hotfix #1 Nights of Naberus have arrived! The ancient festival of death and mischief has begun on all platforms! On Naberus, beauty is banished. Rot and monstrosity hold sway. And Daughter couldn’t be more excited! To get everyone in the Naberus spirit, she’ll be dressing up in Morbid costume and offering exclusive, limited-time rewards available for purchase through her special Naberus-themed store in the Necralisk. Listen to a gruesome tale narrated by Grandmother in the comfort of your Orbiter with a creepy Naberus-themed decoration, or en
  5. Hey Tenno! We're aware of this issue and are looking into it - thanks for reporting!
  6. Happy update day, Console Tenno! As informed in the Status Threads (PS4, XB1, Switch) and the Heart of Deimos: Interim Update 29.2.1 threads (PS4, XB1, Switch), we have begun running an Inbox Script across all console platforms for the following: Note: If you met the criteria above when we accidentally ran the script on consoles and received an Inbox message with broken file paths and the resources, congrats! You got the grab bag early and have hopefully been enjoying your new Helminth snacks before this script was intended to run. A PSA was posted to explain the above and to in
  7. The intention was for it to not be customizable, similar to the Harmony Ribbon, since the pink represents Breast Cancer Awareness month. Consoles missed the changes required to make sure it was not customizable when the community unlocked it, but those changes have since gone live with this Cert update. Hope that clears things up for you!
  8. “Heart of Deimos: Interim Update 29.2.1” is live! https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1231210-swi-heart-of-deimos-interim-update-2921/
  9. 10/14/2020 Status Update: “Heart of Deimos: Interim Update 29.2.1” is live!
  10. Heart of Deimos: Interim Update 29.2.1 This update includes everything from PC Hotfix 29.0.7 to 29.2.1. We have remastered our textures and lightmaps game wide! Warframe will go from ~41 GB to ~22.6 GB after it has completed the automatic re-download of the game in its entirety. This will appear no different from any other update, business as usual! It will download in the background as is expected with all updates. This is part of the first steps we are taking towards the “ensmallening” on consoles that we’ve seen over on PC - more details in the official dev workshop here. Keep
  11. Upcoming Xaku Changes: Round 2! It's been a little bit over a week since the first round of changes to Xaku went live on PC in Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0 (soon to come to consoles). Since then we’ve been keeping tabs on the usual feedback channels to read and review your takes on Xaku in their updated form. We have been pleased to see that generally these changes have been enjoyed thus far, and that we’ve taken a step in the right direction. But as many have expressed, and to which we have found ourselves agreeing, our work is not done yet on this Community Warframe! So here we
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