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  1. War Cry also doesn't gain Eternal war time with Excal's Exalted blade. Thought I may add that here rather than making a new topic for it. 😁
  2. Settings have a FOV slider, put that upto Maximum. Other than that, Not much else to do. 😕
  3. DE really couldn't give us MR28+ players a break.. could they... I feel real screwed here.
  4. They are a huge development company with millions in the bank and a LOT of talent at the wheel. I Think they can handle a few ability tweaks and changing numbers from 1 to 2.
  5. Don't agree with nerfs. We don't need them.
  6. "Had the potential to be the overwhelming choice" With this phrase in mind specifically... Why does that shock DE at all? Yes, Roar is going to be super popular because of it's functionality. Yes, Larva is going to be popular because it's a very reliable crowd control. Yes, Dispenser is going to be popular because Energy is useful, Shocking right? When compared to the list of Other possible options.. Why would I choose something like Pocket-Sand over Roar when it's placed on Valkyr, for example? The list goes on, and this is surprising? Who the hell would choos
  7. So..... DE is making the only useful and viable abilities..... Much less useful than they could be... DE needs to Stop listening to the whining babies that cry out "OmG, ThIs iS OvErPoWeReD" The fact that Steel Path exists proves that things being "Overpowered" is a bloody myth. This is a terrible change and just makes the whole system look bloody useless. What am I gonna do, Put Mind Control on a frame? Or just do what everyone else is gonna do and put Firewalker on Grendel for the memes? Way to ruin the hype.
  8. DE, You seriously don't Get it. You just don't get it. You........ Don't...... Get...... IT...
  9. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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