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  1. Yeah right, let's hope it's just because they're fully committed on delivering New War in time and not because of other things :p Gn !
  2. Well, they have a trello board, but it seems that they can't even keep that up to date It was a step in the right direction tho, too bad. Here's the link, in case you don't know about it https://trello.com/b/jKHMPANy/all-platforms-sisters-of-parvos-bug-feedback-tracking Yeah, they stopped touching it after the Sister Of Parvos update, but they did everything you wanted to see in your post, it lasted 2 months.
  3. I'm interested in it just to see if it's because of that quest taking so long that we have poor "big" updates with rushed core features in them or halfed assed content. Or if it's just what's DE wants now.
  4. I leave and then come back 3-6 months later to see what's changed and eventually farm the new stuff in one week. Then I repeat the process.
  5. That's also why practically everyone wanted Inaros's abilities to be redone or touched a bit when it's prime came out It's a useless frame, only HP, nothing else And it's the same for Yareli, only passive, nothing else (even it's passive can be outmached by Harrow's 4 and it's actually a great frame to play) People don't ask for nuke frames, Sevagoth don't have any nuking capacity, just tankiness and splendid CC and everyone is liking it. Yareli can't CC, can't nuke, can't tank. And if her passive is the only thing worth using then just go play something else, you have better alternatives out there. They didn't thought her design the way you think, they just did her because they had to, that's it, that's why the warframe is useless and will stay that way until they decide to properly redo her abilities to be worth using together in one build while also being usable alone. they didi that for Protea, Lavos, Sevagoth... What the #*!% happened with Yareli ? Plus, that's not like they're left without clues on how to improve her, the community here has typed some great ideas on how to make her viable. Yes it takes time to dev, but if they did things right the first time, with only little downsides (Likle Protea's turrets when it came out), things would have been easier for them. Now some people paid real money for something useless or that can be outmatched by any other frame in the game.
  6. Like other said, they have to die (don't look at the augment, it's S#&$). What I would like, is the capacity for beta thralls created by pillars or hits from alpha thralls, to be able to create enthralling pillars. This way it would be a lot more simpler, you enthrall one guy, and the chain keeps repeating until the ability runs out of duration. You could have pillars everywhere and Protea's shrapnel nades are now a thing, so yeah, it's no harm to the game at all. I don't know why that isn't already a thing. And an up on his 1 duration too. I also don't like the counter synergy where 4 detonate pillars. You need pillars to stop babysitting you thralls everytime they die, why would I want the pillars to be detonated by my 4, only to see the explosion deal 4K damage to lvl 5K ennemies ? Again, a mystery, they should stop testing things in god mode and at lvl 1 Aside from that, he's fine since he's invincible, I guess. You need to play it around it's wall thing to deal damage. Thralls are just the fuel for mesmer skin, that's it, they have no other purpose.
  7. Let's just hope they increase the hit RADIUS of the blades and not the max orbiting distance Either way, it would be a a lot more simple for everyone if range could be modded...
  8. Yeah, you can cast Condemn while airborne And sometimes it'll pull you to the ground. Maybe it needs some tweaks for the abilities to be casted on Merulina, or some specific code, I don't know but this is their exuses on their Trello Board. And if they really don't want Yareli to be good, then why making her in the first place, but I have to agree with you, it's a bit strange for them to tweak her abilities so low and not redoing one of them practically entirely like they did with Xaku's 4/ Truly a mystery, I just hope that this isn't the last pass on Yareli, because as a lot of people already said, her flaws are a lot more anchored in her design and some number tweaks will not make her anywhere near good nor playable on some HL content They could at least allow primaries/off hand melee while on Merulina.
  9. They said that this is not planned anytime soon as it would need a complete animation revision and code of all the 50 abilities helminth has to offer and they don't have the time for it right now. Maybe one day, if they don't forget about it. But yeah, I agree, it sucks.
  10. Yeah, like I don't get it How can you allow the DR to be increased on every frames that possess DR and suddenly say "Well, this one will be less tankier and have it's DR stucked at 75 percent no matter what". Like wtf. It's a bit like the Ambassador farm, it took me 27 hours to get all the parts because bad RNG, and the weapon is dogS#&$ compared to some of the easiest weapons to farm (or some 60 pl prime weapon on warframe market to have) Like, what's going on inside their heads ? "Let's make that thing a pain to farm - It'll be powerful ? - No, pure dogS#&$ with no innate polarity, just a pain to farm - Ok" I just don't get it, you can't make powerful items easy to obtain and then make S#&$ tier ones a pain to farm. It's the same for Yareli, you can't make top tier warframe with the same mecanics and just let Yareli as it is right now, that's just not possible. I quite frankly think that they should release new things in a busted way, then just tune them down. (They used to do that) This way they would be playable instantly, not 1-2 month or even years after their release.
  11. Then they should stop making this kind of abilities. They need to know that "preventing ennemies from coming into melee range" in warframe is completely bs, nothing comes in melee range since it gets nuked from a random AoE right outside it's spawn area. WoF worked because it was designed with range, aquablades without range are trash and can't even be replaced since Helminth don't work with K-drive. Range is goind to be added, we'll see how it turns out, damage scales with viral since it's slash, but since it can't touch ragdolled ennemies, you can't make a grinder with her 4, it removes a big synergy potential. If it's not enough, then it needs to be redone, but it'll only be like that if they have the time to do so (I think not) But WoF like abilities can't work without range, it's a waste of a slot. As for the Dash, it's nice but useless at the same time, it looks like it goes far, inside tiny tilesets it'll create collisions bugs. Plus, speed and evasion is not what K-drives need, they need to have a better turn radius when they move, right now it's a pain to turn when you have speed, it seems like you're driving a #*!%ing truck.
  12. Nice, we'll se how it plays in game. Is the fix for aquablades not hitting ragdolled ennemies also included ? And I think her first will need more than that, since it sees through walls but explode while impacting them and since most of the tilesets have, well, walls, it's not really practical you know. I hope you're still looking at her even after that, but that's a nice start. And yeah, as said above, Yareli could need a speciality where she could equip primaries on K-drive. Melee would need animations work I guess, but maybe off hand mêlee like Single pistol + Glaive could be added and it would look really nice Don't forget to add a synergy between her signature weapon and her, she's the only "new" warframe to not have that gimmick. Oh, I almost forgot. Merulina's damage reduction isn't high enough and I don't know why you guys didn't made it scale with pwr str, like all the other warframes with DR Currently Yareli is the warframe the less affected by mods out of all the roster, that's strange and sad.
  13. Aquablades can't hit ragdolled ennemies, it's a bug And it has been adressed in the past for some warframes suffering from the same problem, I don't know how it keeps happening everytime
  14. So, we can finally dig that frame and never hear from it until it's prime ? Just to see that it's prime will not include any improvements ? (much like Inaros) DE realising that the messed up with Yareli:
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