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  1. Having a negative also boost the three other stats, so you might want to look at having one as well
  2. This is a CIG promotion shown in theaters Not a movie of some sort
  3. Avoiding death is not RNG, RNG is the bonus The passive seems pretty powerful actually
  4. I've basically stopped trying to get those 10 after 200+ runs of the profit taker I got 100+ gyromags 50+ repeller And only 4 atmo
  5. The teralyst is easy to do, even with a pub group And people know that if they tag they'll encounter some players that are not used to the eidolons Don't go solo tho, you'll not be able to take it down with your actual stuff The tridolons however are harder to do with a pub group, so find yourself a team first that is willing to teach you the basics of it before going for the trio
  7. 1- Fortuna was never advertised as an End Game content 2- They actually said that they just created more hardcore ennemies for lvl 30+ corpus
  8. Login failed, check your info
  9. Debt bond can be bought from an NPC
  10. Since your "Fashion dojo tourism thing" I can no longer invite people into mine in order to trade. Their games are crashing each time.
  11. And that's surely why It's been almost 8-9 months I think since they announced the release of melee 3.0. I don't think It'll be that much changes in the damage, but you'll surely not be able to spin2win anymore, and that's not really a bad change actually. I think It'll give a lot more challenge to players that kept their whip and just rushed while cutting everything with no efforts.
  12. What about Rev, any plans for him ?
  13. I'm excited to see the stream ! I just hope that we'll have news on Garooda, and that you'll not make the same mistakes as rev...
  14. I really really really hope you've fixed most of the bugs defection have, because playing these with enhanced ennemies will be a pain in the ash
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