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  1. The 2 is scaling, like the ennemy does But the scaling of ennemies weapons is really weak because Tennos have thousands of HP, so they can't hit 20K or they would OS frames There's a scaling, but it's lazy and badly done, they just copy-pasted the actual ennemy scaling, and as story told many times, it's S#&$ in all of it's aspects. And I see "Range for GOL please" everywhere, range alone would not save this ability Even with 11(!!) guns, you start killing ennemies really slowly when they're past lvl 60, better go for melee then. It need to be changed, from scratch
  2. DE be like "Let's nerf those 6 abilities, so that they'll now use Ice Wave, we're definetely too smart" Replacing a trash tier ability with another trash tier one will not make it useful...
  3. That's how it worked, how it works, and how it'll work "The Needs of the Many Outweigh The Needs of the Few" Xoris nerf was unnecessary, but that's another confirmation of how they just play the game when they're on stream
  4. Again, steel path, Great Idea, Great Mode, pointless rewards You should really think about putting something useful when you ask players to do something "harder" rather than an armor, a random relic pack (wtffffffff) and other things that I don't even remember because I don't care (and I'm not the only one)
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