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  1. I’m literally drowning in every part but engines. I even somehow have 20 Scintillant (picked up a few from vaults, but most were from Necramech drops). It sucks farming for something that has roughly a 3% drop chance that you need to access new game systems. I was so happy when I read that we would be able to trade them but was crushed that consoles still can’t. I would have had my mech yesterday morning if we could trade parts but I’m still stuck with nothing. And I’ve even had my Kavat and boosters on the entire time. I understand lower drop chances for stuff that’s already in the game
  2. My bad if this has already been mentioned, but having the hover be a toggle instead of holding the “A” button would be a huge usability improvement for controller users. The only way for me to fly and shoot is by using a weird claw grip, which makes my aim bad enough that it’s not worth doing in a fight. Another alternative could be giving the Necramechs their own customizable controls, that way I could put the jump button on a trigger or bumper instead.
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